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Jose Calderon Says He’s Happy to Play Behind Kyle Lowry

Jose Calderon’s agent sure made it sound as though his client wanted out of Toronto over the summer after the Raptors acquired Kyle Lowry. But now, Calderon claims that he’s fine with his new role off the bench. From the Toronto Star: “Jose Calderon has been around too long, seen too many guys come and go and has answered the same question so many times that another trip down Point Guard Controversy lane — imaginative as it may be — isn’t going to bother him. ‘I’ll be happy, I’m always happy,’ the veteran Raptors guard. With arrival of a younger point guard in new teammate Kyle Lowry, and the chance Calderon will be asked to come off the bench in his eighth season in the NBA, there is sure to be some segments of the fan base who’ll look for contretemps were none exist. To Calderon, it’s a fabricated issue that will have no impact on the impending season. ‘I don’t know if we have to use that word (controversy) before even training camp,’ said Calderon before flatly denying a summer report that he was put out by the acquisition of Lowry and wanted a trade from the only NBA team he’s ever played for. ‘I think we are just two more players for the Raptors team, we’re going to try to win games for the Raptors. I think it’s just wanting to make a big thing before anything has started. It doesn’t matter, we have to win games, we want to make the playoffs. If he scores 20 points a game, I’ll be happy; it’s helping us win.’”

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  • Hursty

    It’ll be an absolute travesty if Lowry doesn’t start for the Raptors.

  • spit hot fiyah

    if he said anything else it would have been an indirect trade request


    Calderon you’re cool and all but your time in our beautiful city has ran out. but i still want him backing up lowry instead of jl3

  • timbo slice

    agreed, toronto in a lot of cases has not put the best man in for the job aka Jay Triano (everyone knows he was the coach because he is a Canadian)

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    There’s NO WAY he’s starting ahead of Lowry. That being said, 10 million/year is A LOT of money to be paying for a backup pg.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    To be honest, Calderon has been professional about this the whole time. One of the longest serving Raptor, played hard and never complained about his playing time. As ecstatic as I am about Kyle Lowry, it’s going to be weird the day we see Calderon on another team..

  • Mike From Spain

    I like Calderón, but Kyle Lowry , at this point of their careers, is the better player. Calderón is old and expensive. A sad thing to say about the 1 time FIBA world Champion, FIBA Eurobasket Champion, two time silver medalist at the Olympic games… The Spanish national team owes a lot to Calderón.

  • R32

    Starter? No. But Calderon could easily be the best backup PG in the league.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Lowry will start, don’t stress.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Lowry should be playing 35+ minutes a game, imo.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    raptor fans should want this team to TANK and get a high draft pick