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Keyon Dooling: Rondo is Second-Best In League; Garnett is a ‘Genius’

Days after announcing his retirement, Keyon Dooling is ready to talk about everything. In a must-read interview with Jessica Camerato, the 32-year-old discusses matters near and dear to him. He opens up about why he had to retire, about being sexually abused, and about his relationship with Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett. From Camerato’s chat with a courageous Dooling: “‘Rondo is my friend. I want my son to play ball like Rondo but shoot like me. That’s my brother. It pisses me off to see the way the media treats him because he’s strong. They’re scared of strength and he’s honest. It’s okay to be strong. What’s wrong with that man being strong? He’s earned his right. He’s come from nothing, he’s come from nothing. He’s the second-best player in the league. He didn’t make the USA Team, sometimes he’s a replacement for the All-Star Game. He’s the epitome of an unselfish player. He rebounds the basketball, he affects the game in five statistical categories. He shoots a higher percentage than all the point guards and they always talk about how he can’t shoot…. ‘[Garnett]’s a true intellect and he knows everything. We just get along so well and I’m so honest with him and I give him a different perspective. He gave me the last little lesson that I needed about toughness and being firm and how to empower people. Kevin Garnett is a genius. He is literally a genius. He knows everything. He stays up all night researching everything. The commitment that he has to the game of basketball is ridiculous.’”

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  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    he aint lyin, rondo & KG are still beastin

  • zogs19994

    Obviously Keyon Dooling ISNT a “genius”

  • fruizm

    Somebody likes KG a little too much. “He knows everything”….HAHAHA.

  • Francis

    I respect him for being so candid about the abuse he’s endured because I’ve had my share as a child… but as far as basketball, he’s a bit biased when it comes to Rondo… 2nd best??? I don’t think so… Rondo is talented just not 2nd best…

  • shutup

    KG is wise beyond his years…. OBV Dooling is a lil biased towards Rondo, but statistically a case could be made that only Lebron is better across the board.

  • Junior Taylor

    Actually CP and Wade (when 100%) are better across the board.

  • pposse

    i see where Dooling is coming from with his comments

  • black pinoy

    I love rondo but i dont think he’s the second best player in the league.. He aint even the second best point guard!

  • RedDragon10

    Guys go read the interview. He thinks Rondo’s the second best in the league….behind Durant. I hate him too, and I know he killed ya in game 6, but there’s only one man who can be called the best in the NBA.

  • fruizm

    haha what?

  • LobCity

    “I want my son to play ball like Rondo but shoot like me” haha

  • danpowers

    interesting read

  • pposse

    rondo is a ridiculous hooper. People so easily put CP3 and Deron Williams above him..the last time i checked Rondo was putting up 40 plus pts against the Miami Heat in the playoffs along with nearly triple double numbers..i dont see CP or Deron Williams EVER pulling that off. You can give them the same team Rondo has too. When Dooling talks about how the world harps on his shooting, i see where he is coming from because the fact is his shoots better than most if not all pg’s in the league. His jumper may not be pretty, but neither is Lebron’s but the argument for Lebron is that he is taking the wiser shots now. I also repeatedly said on this site, that if i have kids that want to play ball and are not atheletic freaks like Rose, i would show them tapes of Rajon Rondo and hope that they hoop just like him. There aint nothin too fancy about Rondo’s game, just hustle and heart. I just see where he is coming from.

  • Feez_22

    Behind Durant? Well that eliminates the statistical category across the board thing then since Lebron is clearly a better across the board than those 2. Rondo is literally a 10-10 player. He ups his game in the playoffs between 17-10 and 20-10 but unless he can at least get to a 15-17ppg and 10 assists per like a nash or prime kidd, I can’t take him seriously as the best PG in the game. It just shows me that he isn’t a threat alone offensively.

    You have to look at it like this. No team doubles rondo because he had garnett-pierce-allen. Hell, teams would back off as if they were playing a speedy receiver in the NFL forcing him to take the quick out route or dump off pass (in this case, a jumpshot). YET he still avg 10-12ppg… What happens when rondo becomes the primary offensive threat? What happens when teams cover him with a defender and shade with another like they do with other better PGs? Last year, rondo was clearly the leader of the Celtics yet wasn’t ready in the reg season to do so. That’s a problem when teams are daring you to beat them…

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.callihan1 Chris Callihan

    Interesting interview, but he lost all credibility when he said Rondo 2nd best in the league behind Durant. Were u not in the garden for game 5 Keyon? C’m on man

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003246310246 Jason Carter

    I hear your argument, I dont think rondo is 2nd best in league, but in terms of PGs, he does the most statistically across the stat sheet even if he only average between 10-12 ppg, and he does so many intangibles that do not show up on the stat sheet, unlike his other peers (pgs) that just score the ball (excluding cp3) , he effects the game in soo many ways even when having a bad night. in terms of his position IMO i think hes the best.

  • Redd

    Apparently D. rose gets injured and its open season on player rankings.

  • Feez_22

    Chris Paul put up 33-15-7 in a win vs the lakers in the 2011 NBA Playoffs(1st rd). He had a 25pt triple double in game 4 of that series I believe. If you look at numbers, Chris Paul is one of the best pure playoff point guards of this era (you can add reg season to it as well). He hasn’t played with players of the caliber of a Allen pierce or garnett. Dropping 40-10-8 as the third offensive option isn’t close to dropping 33-15-7 as the teams first option. The sooner people realize this, the better. Miami dared rondo to shoot and thankfully, he made shots. The lakers whole gameplan was to stop Paul and they couldn’t do it. Do not bring playoff points into this. Chris is a far better playoff performer in general than rondo. Look at their numbers and you will see. Look at their roles and it’s indisputable really

  • LobCity

    He doesn’t get the love he deserves, but let’s not take away from CP3 and Deron.

  • RedDragon10

    I totally understand you. And if Rondo can develop a reliable jumpshot (like in game 2 of the semis), then teams will start to double him. He’s a statistical animal in terms of dimes, but let’s remember who his assists are going to: Allen, Paul, KG; which I’m not taking anything away from him. But he’ll definitely improve and will become a DEFINITE top 3 pg in the league eventually.

  • pposse

    feez what you are talking about happened four years ago…smh freshmen grow up to become seniors in that time span..what I’m talking about happened 3 months ago. Let go of the past, and move on to the future

  • Feez_22

    2011 was 4 years ago? Someone doesn’t know how to count. Hint: Its you. That was 2 years a go. NOT 4. People bring up lebron’s choke in the finals from 2 years ago v. dallas yet i can’t bring up chris’ playoff performance? again, learn how to count dude.

  • Feez_22

    Im just saying that since rondo isn’t asked to score, he can do other things. If you put rondo in a situation like the clippers where they focus solely on the point guard due to lesser parts around that player (I’d say chris had talent around him but ungroomed talent in jordan-blake-young versus older but groomed guys like allen-pierce-garnett) that he wouldn’t be able to carry it. You put chris on the celts and they are still a perennial contender.

    If you look at last year, the only things rondo did better than chris paul were rebound and assisting. The assisting thing should be analyzed more because look at who rondo was passing to. He passes to garnett-pierce-allen whom consistently make shots. Allen was injured last yr but when he played he was 45% from 3, his best perc. of his career. Rondo basically avg 1.3 more rebounds than chris. Everything else, paul did better. more ppg, less turnovers, higher shooting and ft percentages, higher win shares, higher steals, tied blocks… Higher efficency, higher PER and led a lesser talented team than the celts to 40 wins in the tougher west versus 39 wins in the east with a better team (which rondo had).

    Chris elevates his team more than a rondo (since 06 Clips couldn’t sniff playoffs until he arrived, then they become 5th seed). Chris is typically a 20-10 player. Rondo is typically a 10-10 player. Chris on top of that is the more efficient player and accounts for a higher share of team wins as he is more important to the clips than rondo is to the celts. it shouldn’t be a debate but it is because rondo had a great playoff run. People have short memories…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShagWilburn Delmer Wilburn

    Rondo is an arrogant ass, and Garnett only picks on people smaller than himself.