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LeBron James’ New Agent Reportedly Won’t Rule Out a Return to Cleveland

LeBron James changed representatives this week — going from CAA to longtime friend Rich Paul — and according to a profile of Paul on Sheridan Hoops, the new rep has told folks in Cleveland that James re-joining the Cavaliers at some point in the future isn’t out of the question: “For his part, Paul has largely been above the fray during James’ trials and tribulations over the past two years. A friend of James since he was at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School in Akron, Paul is one of the R’s in LRMR, James’ management and marketing group. While others around James opted to be reliant on him for income and opportunities, Paul chose a different path. Paul came from humble beginnings at Cleveland Benedictine, where he was a standout basketball player and played AAU locally. Several years older than James, Paul often has been a big brother to The King, giving him the most honest and thoughtful advice in his circle. It was Paul who urged James to not go through with ‘The Decision’ out of concern for the damage James might do to his brand and reputation. When Maverick Carter staged a coup to consolidate power in James’ decision-making circle, Paul left to join CAA and make his own path. [...] On the night of ‘The Decision,’ when most of James’ circle and handlers were busy with the production side and other image-related concerns, it was Paul who contacted the Cavaliers and owner Dan Gilbert to inform them that James would be leaving for the Heat. Sources in Cleveland say that Paul always was and has been the most respected member of James’ circle, and that his conduct that night further endeared him to Gilbert and the Cavs. While Gilbert’s late night e-mail rant was vindictive, he never cut off Paul – and that was evidenced when the Cavs selected Tristan Thompson with the fourth pick in the 2011 draft over Jonas Valanciunas. Interestingly, Valanciunas is repped by Rose, while Thompson was repped by Paul. [...] While Paul’s new venture is just beginning, there is no doubt he is well on his way to building a successful stable. Moreover, with the summer of 2014 looming large for many NBA teams, – and considering James, with an ETO in 2014 and an opt-out in 2015, could headline an outstanding free agent class – Paul will be in great position to get a max long-term deal for his friend. While James’ decision is two years old, Paul has urged many in Cleveland and around the NBA not to rule out a return to the Cavaliers for LeBron. Paul, who lives in the Cleveland suburbs, has long said that a reunion can happen.”

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  • shockexchange

    Open mouth *insert shoe store*

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.brodes Jay Brodes

    he should just concentrate on a repeat…drop a retro of his 1 or 2..period!

  • John Doe

    I like how Slam Magazine re-posted 80% of the SheridanHoops article
    here. At some point, this is becoming straight plagiarism.

  • Ismael

    Stop teasing Cleveland LeBron. We all know your not coming back.

  • JML-G

    just focus on Miami.. media needs to stop making these kind of rumors, leaving Cleveland was the smartest decision Lebron ever made in his career.

  • Paul

    Back to your home lebron

  • danpowers

    you cant rule out that the world is a disc being carried by elephants standing on the shell of a turtle neither

  • Fat Lever

    If this guy had the foresight in 2010 to advise Lebron against The Decision, then he should have the common sense to realize that when it comes to this topic, the best answer is, “We’ll see what happens when the time comes”.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Doesn’t understand how the media works.

  • Ghini Grizz

    Really. What does LeBron have to do with this. he isn’t saying this. his new agent said it’s possible

  • Pj

    Stay in south beach the cavs are just coming back after that guy left this is about 100% bs

  • cassandra livanis

    He has much love here in Miami and all of Florida……Why leave to the people that hate him so much,and burned his jerseys when he left????? Is this a joke????

  • spinach

    this cleveland baby sure got his hopes up! he’ll sure be such a whisperer for LBJ to go back. good luck on that, but for me, James made the right decision coming to miami,though perhaps not the best way to reveal it.. he’s got a ring before the cavs did, remember the epic letter??? duh!?

  • ab40

    So much love? 80% of the games arn’t sold out, it’s pathetic to see.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pablo-Diaz/100001073365680 Pablo Diaz

    Miami is not a team that wants half hearted players on the roster. If he wants out now, or ever, he should get the heck out now. Otherwise, keep paying for the rental property, and keep scheming to vacate D. Wade’s team.

  • TReal

    Here’s the thing…If LeBron somehow does decide to return to Cleveland,The Cavs would be a legitimate Championship contenders. Only because when LeBron was with the Cavs, he didn’t have a future star pg…however if he does go back to the Cavs, I would love to see Kyrie Irving and LeBron James playing together!!!!

  • htown713

    O my God he left Cleveland already get fu**en over it already why would I want a sellout back if i’m Cleveland that like being stuck on the trick that cheated on you.. Wtf smfh

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Max-Forstag/706995181 Max Forstag

    Please be real Cassandra, the Heat have no fans. LeBron still means more to Cleveland than he does to Miami.

  • janice

    Lebron should Stay where he is, cleveland fans talked about his mother and boo him at every game..the media had a field day with what dan gilbert had to say…lebron you Dont owe cleveland any thing, leave those no good fans in the dust..

  • janice

    Who the fans that put up a bill board caling him the whore of akron, Dont go back lebron to those haters…mad men and woman…Stay in south beach..gilbert will trade you just to get back at you, and remember no body wants to play in cleveland….

  • Clevelandkidd

    The Q would be sold out everygame to see this man play… when the heat are playing its like going to see the Marlins nobody goes BUT YOU LOVE YOUR TEAM yeah right you guys act like you deserve the ring idc im not mad but dont act like he is one of your own he held everything down in the playoffs last year.. LEBRON RETURN TO CLEVELAND with Kyrie i would love it come home Lebron South Beach isnt the place for you if it was DWADES team then why didnt he get the finals MVP or regular season mvp cmon now

  • Clevelandkidd

    you dont know shit about sports ctfu whore you get railed by Lebron take his cock out your mouth

  • Guest

    to be honest unless Lebron wins 5-6 titles with Miami (3-4 of them back to back) it is very unlikely he will never get the love he deserves. The only other way is he returns to Cleveland and wins a couple of rings there.

  • TV63

    Ha Ha That’s pretty good!

  • TV63

    WOnder whatever happen to Maverick Carter??

  • http://twitter.com/NaijaAdditude E.Meezy

    Mav still in the mix, he just oversees everything from a broader perspective- more branding and marketing

  • armel

    shut the fuck up why would you believe an article posted to anger heat fans , don’t believe this bullcrap

  • armel

    pablo diaz

  • armel

    pablo diaz

  • Untouchable_06

    Lebron and irving, what a match. Those 2 can take most teams on 2 against 5. Kyrie will break the ankles, lebron will throw it down. Get ready for everyone to get back on the cavs bandwagon once again.