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Mark Cuban Not Impressed By New-Look Lakers

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

With the acquisitions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard over the summer, most people now consider the Los Angeles Lakers very serious title contenders for the 2013 crown.

There are legitimate concerns about the experiment working — aging superstars, chemistry concerns, injuries, and coaching — but the overwhelming public opinion surrounding the Lakers is that of a scary, super-team.

One person who claims to be undaunted by his new-look, longtime Western Conference rival is Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Cuban isn’t so sure things will turn out so well for the Lakers next season, despite major roster upgrades.

Per the Sporting News:

“The Lakers have done this before,” Cuban said. “Remember Gary Payton, Karl Malone and Kobe and Shaq were all together, and it didn’t work. It takes great chemistry, like coach (Rick Carlisle) alluded to, it takes guys wanting to be there — I don’t know if all their guys want to be there — it’s going to be interesting.”

“Look, (the Lakers are) going to be a great team, but I remember when we made our run,” Cuban said. “We weren’t supposed to win any series. The Lakers were defending champs when we swept them, and they had everybody back. A lot of teams do a great job winning the summer, but I never get so antsy about what happens over the summer.”

The comparison between the current Lakers and the 2004 version has proven to be a popular one among naysayers, but there are clear differences (back then, Kobe was dealing with sexual assault allegations, to say nothing of the simmering beef between Shaq and Bryant.)

Mark Cuban can shrug off the Lakers’ offseason bonanza all he wants, but to discount them would be beyond foolish.

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  • Conor

    Once he realizes that Howard isn’t forty, Nash isn’t washed up, and Meeks is killing them from distance… Cuban will learn.

    Also, I’m strongly inclined to believe that LA would have won the chip in 2004 if Malone had been healthy.

  • spit hot fiyah

    Lakers probably aren’ t impressed with oj, kaman, collison and brand

  • Max

    Good one Cubes, good one..

  • danpowers

    cuban often says “sometimes the best deals are the ones you dont make”. well cubes, sometimes the best statements are the ones you dont make…

  • bike

    He’s right, actually. In a jealous, bitter, green with envy kind of way.

  • 4sho

    I think he meant to say I’m jealous, but not intimidated.

  • JML-G

    Cuban needs to drop this 15 year old kid attitude and act like a grown man – yea sure DWill, Nash, Howard, Kidd and any other player who didnt sign with Mavs isnt anything special all of a sudden.. that why the F u was trying to sign them until they rejected u?! stop being salty about your franchise having some dark times ahead of yall, fool.

  • Junior Taylor

    It’s one thing to be bitter about a conference rivals piling up HOF talent and another to be downright stupid.

  • dru

    Hey CUBAN….just watch how the LAKERS captures their 17th title this coming season….sour graping kid!

  • Superman24

    When dallas swept the lakers, the team is different the previous 2 seasons. I think they lost farmar, brown and vujacic. Those 3 guards were great off the bench. Cuban is just jealous the way the lakers handled their off-season. The lakers in ’04 went to the finals despite Malone not playing much in the finals due to injury, old payton. And remember it’s their first season together. Cuban talks alot of sh*t. Someone needs to shut him up.

  • http://twitter.com/SURCALISFInEST SURCALISFInEST

    He will be when the Lakers beat thatass!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/miamijd1 Joseph Davis

    U people think this old bad back group of guys can get pass the young guns in OKC get real

  • LakeShow

    He’s not impresses, he’s depressed.
    Seriously though, the Mav’s made some nice moves this summer.
    I don’t care if he’s not impressed with the Lakers I actually am impressed with the Mav’s.
    Marion/Dahntay Jones
    That’s a solid team. I hadn’t realized their upgrades until recently. They will be a force.

  • LakeShow


  • Zuretti Carter

    Yo Cubes…ANTE UP!!!!!!

  • LLC#12

    The majority of the basketball world not impressed by new looks Mavs

  • Redd

    They killed brother Malcolm, THEY WANT US TO BE ENSLAVED BY PIXAR. Say no to drugs. Peace.

  • DaBopper

    Dear Mark Cuban: You better be concerned! The Mavs have only beaten the Lakers once, when it mattered, in their playoff lifetime. Furthermore, the team with Gary Payton and Karl Malone went to The Finals, and without Karl Malone (his only major injury in his career) and in the midst of the Kobe rape allegations, and played valiantly. Finally, we are gonna kick Dallas’ ass every time we play your sorry team, from now on!

  • RKJ92

    completely agree! that front court of dirk and kaman is scaryyy

  • jesus

    b’tch just mad cus his “lets get rid of all long contracts n sign a couple of superstars” master plan fell the f’ck through. his mavs aint sh’t

  • shockexchange

    Well the Shock Exchange sure is impressed – Pau Gasol / D12 at the same ____ time, two skilled 7-footers at the same ____ time, postin’ up, callin’ for it at the same ____ time … Aww ya’ll know the rest.

  • NYer


    Regular season Lakers 101-31, playoffs Lakers 3-1, Dallas isn’t in our league!

  • Nicolas Fleming

    He also thinks the Mavs are better off without Deron Williams…sooooo

  • madman jp

    Cuban is not impressed he is shutting in his pants that’s all

  • LakeShow

    Das front court scary indeed.
    They will be vunderfull.

  • LakeShow

    Dwight Howard is 6’11″
    Get your facts straight.

  • http://twitter.com/natsthecat M Joelle Mahan

    Dallas has a way better coach. Brown is not going to be able to win a championship ever.

  • http://twitter.com/natsthecat M Joelle Mahan

    Same could apply this year re: Nash, Kobe, even Howard…

  • http://twitter.com/natsthecat M Joelle Mahan

    Cubes is a smart guy. Watch..he is most likely right. And I am neither a Laker or Maverick fan. I do think Carlisle is a better coach than Brown.

  • Dagger

    “I don’t know if all their guys want to be there.” Wait, what?

  • Dagger

    It’s solid, it’s deep, but not a contender. Dirk and that coaching staff will make the most of their pieces though. I’m curious to see what Mayo can do this year, but I’m not sure Kaman can actually make a team significantly better.

  • http://twitter.com/natsthecat M Joelle Mahan

    possibly even shorter now post back surgery. His new nick name…shrimpy

  • Dagger

    For once Shock has a decent point though. If the ball is in Kobe’s hands it’s hard to see the Lakers making the most of their big men on offense. That said, in public Kobe has said all the right things about playing off the ball.

  • ken

    talks cheap when u win as many titles then maybe laker fans might listen but we know that will not happen

  • RKJ92


  • LakeShow

    Why wouldn’t Kaman make them better?
    He’s not the near 20-10 guy he once was, but still can give you 10+ points with 7 or 8 boards in less than 30 minutes of action.
    I don’t have them as a legit contender, but they can beat any team not named Thunder or Lakers.

  • drizzle

    Y do u keep saying that? Besides the perfect storm championship, Carli hasn’t done crap! Outside of the championship, brown’s resume is better.. do some research

  • http://twitter.com/Denimourson Dejon Watson

    I Don’t think any would proclaim Scottie Brooks or Eric Spoeltra the second coming of Phil Jackson or Doc Rivers but the talent on there teams got them there.

  • Egres

    2004 is 2004 . the present is what matters .
    the Lakers just might win it all ;the only visible weakness would be dwight’s free throw shooting .

  • shockexchange

    Hey, close enough for government work.

  • Dagger

    Well there’s an ongoing debate between the basketball stats crowd and the more oldschool observers of the game about Kaman’s worth. I don’t know how you feel about Wages of Wins, but this article pretty much summarizes things (the comments section has responses by Mark Cuban):
    http://wagesofwins.com/2012/09/03/attacking-the-center-ari-caroline-reveals-the-nbas-blind-spot/. I think quantitative data should always be tempered with qualitative analysis, but in this case the statistical evidence does overlay nicely with the success of Kaman’s teams. Neither the Clippers nor the Hornets were exactly talented, but I’m not sure if Kaman made them much better. Cuban has said that the Mavs – in particular Dirk – have a history of maximizing players’ strengths, so we’ll see how it all turns out. Just bear in mind that Kaman only hits 39% of his fieldgoals in the paint, and I don’t think his love of taking jumpers will mesh well alongside Dirk. Ultimately I think that Chandler was a much, much better fit with Dirk; letting him go was, in my opinion, a serious mistake.

  • laiksho

    Cuban is a staight out idiot! I bet he could take the lakers roster over his anytime, nuff said!

  • shockexchange

    “For once” Dagger? Co-signing the Shock Exchange and dissing him at the same ____ time?

  • LakeShow

    Well duh he’s not Chandler.
    Chandler is a top 3 defensive center in the L.
    Kaman makes them better than their front court was last year, that is for sure. They dude plays defense, but had a down season offensively being “the guy” in Nawlins.
    Now that he is being asked to do what he can do (play 25 mins, focusing on defense, and playing 5th option on offense) he is going to play better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cora.mariano.9 Cora Mariano

    Who cares what he says…Cuban is an idiot!!!

  • Dagger

    Will Kaman make the Mavs not just a bit better but “significantly better?” Will he and Dirk be “vonderful?” That’s what I’m asking, and that’s what I’m responding to. Sure, statistics aside I think Kaman will probably be mediocre in Dallas, but I don’t think he’ll have a breakout season, I don’t think he and Dirk will be a great tandem, and I still see the center position as a weakness on the Mavs. We’ll see! Obviously this stuff is hard to predict, or it wouldn’t be fun to debate.

  • MPS

    Cuban thinks there are players who don’t want to be there?? NBA players who don’t want to be in LA…Cuban’s in denial

  • LakeShow

    And… Kobe’s tradition of shooting hard fade aways unnecessarily.
    Nash’s ability to run a half court offense, despite having his most success in the SSOL system.
    Pau Gasol’s spirit, or lack there of.
    MWP’s lack of Ron Artest’s ability.
    Back court defense.

    Those things also could be their undoing.

  • Mr. Wet

    Didn’t kobe, gary, karl, and shaq make it to the finals?

  • hernan

    well,see you in 2013 championship…. you will not champion again ..look at your team this 2012 you loose!!

  • Vince Mai

    To everyone who brings up 2004: Revisionist forget that Karl Malone got injured that year and never fully recovered. And that team was still in the NBA Finals. So yes, a super team does not guarantee a championship, but we will beat The Mavericks. I guarantee that.

  • LakeShow

    Awh hell naw. He just helps them more than the terrible front court they had last year.

  • guy

    Hey Dru, watch the thunder sweep the Lakers…

  • pposse

    MWP and Dwight Howard will be a defensive tandem like no other..ofcourse one KB24 will enjoy the fruits of their labor and receive all the praise from the media

  • LakeShow

    Hmm, so you think that if the Lakers are successful on defense that Kobe will get the credit for that?
    I just don’t see that happening.
    Howard will get 90% of the credit for the defense on this team. As he probably should.
    I would love for you to pull up an article next season when they credit Kobe for the teams defense. I just don’t see that happening. You have 2 former DPOTY on this team. Defense will be on those guys.

  • BBall Guru

    uh yeah i remember the gary payton shaq and kobe and malone team, no where near a bust they went to the championship game and if it wasnt for malone getting injured during the championship game they would of won also aside from the starters theyre wasnt any depth off the bench and thats the diffrence between the old sqaud and this one dumb ass they are deep

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    yeah Lakeshow is right. Howard (and Mike Brown) will get the lion’s share of defensive credit. Kobe might get initial credit as the “defensive leader” but that would be as much true as anything. He will be the teams leader in every way aside from conflict resolution.

  • lakerfan

    Who cares about him. You won the one and only ring, rip Mavs

  • BigShotRob

    The 2004 team still made the finals and may have won if Malone didn’t get hurt in game 1!

  • LakeShow

    K, I can go for the Kobe isn’t the best team mate gig, but really, you think he doesn’t care if there is strife between players and he would do nothing to try and patch the ship? Say Howard called Pau a b*tch. Kobe wouldn’t say or do anything to Howard or Pau?
    I don’t see it working like that anymore. Kobe has changed. He isn’t the young punk he use to be. He knows it’s his job to keep the clan happy.
    He won’t let this team fall apart like that AGAIN. IMO.
    Or if you were just making a joke then NM…

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    it was more or less a joke. But in reality, i think Nash will be tasked with conflict resolution. Not because Kobe can’t or won’t help, but because Nash is better at it. But it was definitely a joke.

  • justin05

    go crawl back under your filthy bridge, troll.

  • Dr Stephen T Colbert

    Sounds a little bitter. Nash and Dwight are two players Cuban wanted but did not get.

  • Dr Stephen T Colbert

    Let’s see how many point, rebound, assist and blocks the coach contribute on the floor when the Lakers wipe the floor with the Mavericks this year.

  • Dr Stephen T Colbert

    Right? He won 1 title. If he was right wouldn’t he have won more?

  • Dr Stephen T Colbert

    He is becoming the Donald Trump of the NBA.

  • Dr Stephen T Colbert

    Yep. And won the first 10-13 game out of the gate (don’t feel like doing research at the moment but I remember them winning a lot).

  • kc

    doc rivers is a very good coach

  • kc

    Jodie Meeks is terrible

  • Thinker Bell

    Of course he’s not ….until they get that ass….. that is.

  • LakeShow

    Yeah definitely Nashty for that job.
    He’s a pro’s pro at getting guys to work together.
    Kobe use to not give a S, but nowadays he truly seems to care more about his team than yesteryear.

  • Thinker Bell

    Hey mark they made the finals. You have to get there to have a chance to win it….Dumb ass

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i absolutely agree.

  • Brion

    Staying healthy will be the only “if” for the Lakers..Nash and Howards backs?

  • http://www.facebook.com/cross.crude.3 Cross Crude

    Lakers and Celtics franchise did not become great franchises over night. It took a lot of time to gain experience and finding the right management and coaching staff and players to win 16 and 17 titles. They learned how to crawl first before running.
    Mr. Cuban you need to be more patient and learn from the NBA vets. Your time will come for 2 or 3 peats. Maybe!

  • dru


  • The Seed

    This is why I hate the choking Mavericks, they are living and dieing by Dirk the one hit wonder. All of the years the Lakers killed them, not Mark excited by the one year of greatest by his team, which included clutch-JJ Barea, Jason Terry and the defense of Tyson Chandler. He let all of these players leave for nothing thinking he was going to get Howard or Williams. Cuban is left with pie in his face in the Lakers shark tank.

  • Mr. Wet

    I realize in La La land that’s not a success. But, for like 22 teams in the league that’s a huge success. It’s a bold statement to say it didn’t work.

  • The Seed

    Slam when you going to post the Kobe articles about Kobe Bryant continuing working to eradicate homelessness in L.A.

  • pops

    7-8 against the Bobcats all time .467% winning percentage LOL

  • juce

    the 2004 comparison is actually an example of why this will work, that team made it to the finals in first year together IN SPITE OF Shaq and Kobe’s feuding hitting a climax. the only thing that stopped the winning of that title is that Shaq and Kobe did want it to happen, not because of malone and payton.

  • roscoe


  • roscoe

    I agree

  • roscoe

    Oh, how I miss PJAX & Q-Bano going back and forth.

  • Dagger

    “Do some research” . . . are you serious?

  • Dagger

    To be fair, the article title is misleading. He never said he wasn’t impressed. He said it’s one thing to have talent, and another to use that talent to maximum effect. It’s one thing to be great on paper, another to win a championship. Hard to deny that, especially coming from Cuban.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001563715785 Devin Green

    so you think, but we’ll see bro! we shall see

  • https://twitter.com/#!/GametimeWeezy Gametime

    yea didn’t they lose to the Pistons that year?

  • Johnnybegood

    The 2004 Pistons were a great defensive team and would have beat the Lakers that year, even if Malone wasn’t injured. However, this year’s Lakers are a lot more well balanced than the 2004 Lakers. They have a really good chance of winning it all. But like Cuban said, it’s gonna depend on how much chemistry they develop.

  • philipe

    you all suck! Dallas is just a wanna be. How many titles does Dallas have to back-up there shit. Cuban why don’t you spend money and get yourself a high caliber TEAM. Dallas has nothing to compare with either the Celtics, Chicago, Detroit and the Lakers. Dallas will always be a wanna be, paper weight and will never have there championship era like the Celtics, Chicago, Detroit and the Lakers. Mark Cuban is a funny guy, a show man, and without having his team there wouldn’t be entertainment in the NBA. Keep up the entertainment that’s the only thing you & your team have something to brag about.

  • FTexass

    Cuban is famous for making petulant little boy statements. He is what he is, a billionaire who thinks his man parts got bigger because he’s now a rich little boy. Little Lord Cuban
    still in short pants.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SGWhiteZ Gary White

    Not to say that he is “right ON”,, or that he is “wrong” (and way out in left field) but come to think of it, Mark Cuban MIGHT have a good point here! After all, the current Lakers (even WITH Dwight Howard and Steve Nash) are not exactly the “dream team” of the 1992 Olympics,, OR the 1995-1996 Bulls (who went 72-10 and launched their 2nd 3-peat over 8 years). Many MANY holes (let alone questions) STILL EXIST in regards to this upcoming Laker team! As it may be “kind” of “nice” that the Lakers managed to acquire both Steve Nash and Dwight Howard over this past off-season,,,,the Lakers are still a LONG ways away from being closely COMPARABLE to ANY of the “ShowTime 1980s” Laker rosters (or even to the 1971-1972 Laker team that had a 33 game winning streak and went 69-13 enroute to that championship) !

  • shutup

    You forgot Kobe’s vagina might get torn too. But really Kobe is getting up there in age and he has been worse for wear.

  • SirGrey

    Congratulations for winning the 2011 NBA Championship, must we tell you again? Nobody had the Warriors destroying the 67-win Mavs in the 1st round of 2007 either. It all comes down to match ups. Each of these 4 stars have led a team to the playoffs as the main guy. There absolutely cannot be subtraction by addition here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bertma Cindy Fernandez Bertematti

    Well Mark, Last year you dumped most of your team, than sever starters jumped ship. Mark, this was for $ for Dwight and Deron, well Dwight is with the Lakers and Deron stayed with the Nets. What did you get? Dirk was pissed off at you for destroying a championship team. Talk he may retire! Mark keep flapping your lips, you maybe right. Lakers may not win the Championship, but we got the Big Man you wanted. Lakers out-smarted you……boy that feels good! Let’s see what you do this year, with the team you got over the summer. Laker’s also picked up a few pretty good assistant coaches! Got to admit, Mitch did a good job this summer! What did you do…take a long vacation. lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/bertma Cindy Fernandez Bertematti

    Yea, Malone hadn’t been injured in 18 seasons and in mid-season injured his knee, I believe, and was out for the play-off! BIG LOST!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bertma Cindy Fernandez Bertematti

    Remember, Malone who had not been injured in 18 seasons, was injured before the playoffs and didn’t play in any of the play-offs. Had nothing to do with Kobe and Shaq not wanting it. Are you kidding me. Not wanting another Ring!

  • danpowers

    to me brown and carlisle are both good coaches. just because brown didnt win it all yet doesnt mean that he doesnt have what it takes on the big stage. plus, at the end of the day its mostly about the players on court who perform. e.g. phil jackson wouldnt have changed much about the bobcats winning record last season. the only thing the lakers are missing at the moment to be a “perfect” team is just one athletic wing to get stops at the perimeter. but i get your point, this statement he made wasnt that controversial. but i still got the statement he made before in my mind when he said that the mavs dont need deron williams and that not getting him was a case of “the deals you dont make are sometimes the best deals” or smth like that. leaves a bit of the impression that he tries to let his squad look better than it actually is.

  • danpowers

    “vonderfull”? in germant thats “wundervoll” ;) kaman probably wont play another all star season but dirk n him know each other very well from playing for the german national team. these two will gel straightaway. brand is still a nice backup or if needed also a solid starter. carlisle might help mayo to be a bit more efficient and the rest of their pieces dont look too bad neither. its a nice playoff team they got there, just not really a contender. they are also not comparable to their 10/11 squad as the overall talent level is nowhere near this squad.

  • danpowers


  • danpowers

    6’11” is the new 7’0” as small ball is the new twin towers. and please, use the metric system guys ;)

  • danpowers

    kobe might be a score first player but he is also intelligent. plus, he knows that he needs to rest his body for the post season. you can really count on that he is going to work off the ball more than he ever did in his carreer. kobe ball is over, nash is distributing the ball now anyway. it would be a big suprise if the lakers wont use their pivots as their primary weapons.

  • shockexchange

    @danpowers:disqus You must have been “surprised” for each of the past four years then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    It really makes me laugh Laker lovers using the 2004 Karl Malone Kobe Bryant Shaq team as a good thing. I dare say even with a healthy Malone the Pistons were getting it that year. I love the NBA because of that reason… it’s the only sport where given the right circumstance any team can beat any team if you play it right. Defence equals offence. There , I said it. But I’ve seen it. I’ve seen how adversary makes you better. As far as I can remember in 89 the Pistons lost to the Lakers in 7. They then learned how to beat them which they then did two years running. Same with MJ’s bulls. Believe it or not most people said LA was going to win that. But before MJ got to LA he fought, and lost to the Pistons two years running. To me, that loss showed him what he needed to do to win. IMO Piston D tought MJ to win. They taught him to beat LA. Defence creates offence. Flip to 2004. Listen to the commentators in game one just laud the Lakers… it’s sickening. Especially Bryant. Listening to them Detroit had no chance. But D won the day. Again with Boston/La, again with the SA Spurs (multiple) titles.
    OKC will learn. If they play D and utilise the 5 spot in a running game they can win.
    Go defence. The essence of basketball.

  • danpowers

    bynum was still developing and not half as reliable as he is today. you cant compare the last 4 years to the situation now with howard.

  • grade A laker fan

    F*#k mark Cuban!!!!

  • philipe

    Dallas is SHIT! All they have is an owner, Cuban who is a funny man.The owner and the team both complement one another. They are the epitome of is a comedy act or entertainment in the NBA. The funny thing thing is that’s all the team will ever be. I think Cuban prefers reality TV more than winning the the Larry O’brien Trophy or making a Dallas into an era of champions. When next Cuban?

  • http://twitter.com/Denimourson Dejon Watson

    I said that by saying Scott Brooks or Eric Spoeltra is not the second coming of Doc Rivers(won’t have the coaching acumen or resume or a Doc River) and that the talent of Scott Brooks & Eric Spoeltra’s teams would of got to the Finals regardless this year due to the determination they show from the beginning of the season.

  • anonymous


  • danpowers

    totally different situation now as they have nash running the point and a whole new offense.if kobe wont pass the ball down low, nash will