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Mark Jackson Refuses to Guarantee Playoffs Again for the Warriors

Going into his second season with the Golden State Warriors, Mark Jackson won’t be making the same rookie coaching mistake again, by guaranteeing a Playoff berth. Jackson, though, is optimistic about his team. Per the Mercury News: “Training camp opens next week, there are talented new Warriors players, big hopes, tickets to sell, and renewed signs of life. Hey, isn’t it time for Mark Jackson to promise a playoff berth this season? ‘No, I’m not going to say it,’ the Warriors coach shot back quickly and seriously as he sat in a team conference room Wednesday. ‘Not because I don’t believe it, but ultimately there comes a point where, enough of the talking, go out and do it.’ Maybe this is a signal that things are clarifying for Jackson, who opened his rookie coaching season by loudly and inaccurately claiming that the Warriors were set to make the postseason. [...] But given the additions of Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, Jarrett Jack and others, shouldn’t the Warriors be playoff-worthy this season? ‘I certainly hope so,’ Jackson said. ‘Certainly hope so.’ And that was the general theme of Jackson’s 55-minute pre-camp session with several local reporters: Everything is trending to the good, but not so good that the coach is ready to guarantee anything.”

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  • Sws

    the commentary on sundays aren’t the same without you mark!!!!!!! Best of luck to you though

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    i wonder how many seasons till he gets fired…

  • nick

    Most improved coach coming up…..the dude will find a way for his team to win this year

  • Utah LoverBoy

    GSW tanked to get lottery. I hope he get fired.

  • pposse

    MarK Jackson should have stayed away from the guarantees after he famously guaranteed the black mamba to go down as the greatest ever over MJ on an ABC telecasted game.

  • pposse

    never in a million years. When Andrew Bogut gets dunked or gets confused on a screen roll Mark Jackson’s mind will immediately say to himself “momma there goes that man!” Instead of yelling at his players and telling them to get back on d

  • shockexchange

    Don’t get mixxy if you can’t stand the mix

  • j

    it sure is tough being a warriors fan..

  • roscoe

    Nothing wrong with “not talking.” For the sake of the passionate GSW fans I hope they make the playoffs.

  • Andrew Yeager

    LOL…..in order to get fired it means Mark got the job……shhhh to all you barbershop commentators and coaches…

  • nick

    jackson is one of the most respected people to be a part of the nba, HE WILL FIND HIS NITCHE