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Roy Hibbert Started MMA Training This Summer

Roy Hibbert’s dedication to fitness went up a notch this offseason, as the Indiana Pacers’ center began doing MMA training. An Indy Star reporter tells a funny story about joining Hibbert for a workout: “Hibbert’s body – and his game – has improved each season because of his offseason workout dedication and desire to eat healthy. The big fella took it to another level this offseason when he started doing MMA training at Integrated Fighting Academy on the Southside of Indy to help his conditioning. Hibbert and I have had countless conversations over the years about his workouts. But rather than talk about what goes into his MMA training, Hibbert invited me to participate in a session so I could get a first-hand experience of the sweat and pain he goes through. Hibbert and I have had countless conversations over the years about his workouts. Pacers rookie Orlando Johnson and Hibbert’s nutritionist Mike Roussell also took part in the workout on Wednesday. We started with four, three-minute rounds of sparring with a trainer with only a minute break in between each round. I was good for the first two rounds, but that’s when reality set in for me.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    he did MMA last summer too, this is about a year late

  • PippenAintEasy

    Slam, Slam, Slam. You reported this last year.

  • STK

    He did muay thai training sir.

  • GanjahLuv

    Some day were going to see more cats like him choose MMA over boxing,bball extra..Im actually looking forward to seeing ultra athletic(not that hibbert is) brothas getting into cage. Love to see someone like Ron Artest with years of training fight. Need more African Americans into mma.

  • Saku 39

    Can he do a gogoplata?

  • Max

    Talking bout a sport that doesn’t fit a personality lol.
    Can you see Hibbert punching the ish outta someone?

  • LakeShow

    They got a 7 footer named Stefan Struve in the UFC if your looking for a fight big boy.

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  • Marcos Garcia

    he shouldve just taken classes from metta world peace

  • bike

    By now he should have a nickname… like the Meticulous Python.

  • Hot Stylz

    He needs to train with Hakeem and Shaq, not Hendo and Rampage, haha

  • Impala Tee

    Well he gets his ass beat for a living in the post now, sooooo wont bee that big of an adjustment if he wanted to switch over to mma