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Boston Celtics Happy the New York Knicks are Now the Oldest Team

The Boston Celtics have borne the brunt of most age-related jokes in the NBA for quite some time now, but the baton was passed to the New York Knicks this season. And Doc Rivers couldn’t be more pleased. Per the NY Post: “Boston coach Doc Rivers is happy the Knicks have the distinction of being the league’s oldest team, replacing Boston. But Rivers wouldn’t go as far as saying the Knicks are their toughest challenge in the division. ‘I think they’re good moves,’ Rivers said of the Knicks’ additions of Jason Kidd (39), Marcus Camby (38), Raymond Felton (28) and his former player Rasheed Wallace (38). ‘They surpassed us as being the oldest team. We enjoyed that — being called the new, young kids on the block. But all of them can play, all have great knowledge. I think they’ll help them.’ Does he consider the Knicks their toughest Atlantic threat? ‘It’s a deep division,’ Rivers said. ‘New York’s one of them. Philly is improved when you add an [Andrew] Bynum to your team, you’re a better basketball team. Brooklyn has improved. It’s going to be a hard division. We preferred the way it was two, three years ago. Now you got to fight to win this division.’”

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  • zogs19994


  • M Cho

    “have beared the brunt”? Shouldn’t that be “borne the brunt”?

  • nana marili

    I vote for born without the superfluous ‘e’ tacked on meself…but then that’s just moi

  • nana marili

    i think you’re right about ‘borne’ but I hate that e on the end for some unknown reason…

  • nana marili

    now that’s confusin

  • RedDragon10

    Nobody should be afraid of the knicks. And that’s coming from a New Yorker

  • LakeShow

    Man, your a fuck-tard.

  • zogs19994

    I EAT

  • MikeC.

    The Knicks will be interesting this year. Solidly in the upper range of the contenders that don’t have a real shot. They’ll be good enough to get bounced in round 2.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    thats cold!

  • Caboose

    You know that those are two different words right?

  • Caboose

    So you like using different and incorrect words?

  • Mac

    Once Bynum gets in game shape the 76ers are going to be scary. Jrue’s gonna have a breakout season.

  • nhm

    i think NYK has a chance to get out of the 2nd round IF melo gets fireball hot in two games, then amare on the other 2games that they’ll win. that’s assuming that they can stop the other team from having fireball nights as well…

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    actually if you use born it’s still correct. step your grammar n@zi game up, yo.

  • Caboose

    Really? I weep for America.
    Borne: synonymous with carried, participle of bear
    Born: synonymous with resulting or arising from
    Therefore, it is correct to say “The Boston Celtics have carried the brunt of most…”
    And it is incorrect to say “The Boston Celtics have resulted from the brunt of most…”
    Nice try, genius.

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    cool. someone’s gotta do it!!

  • RowdyTexan

    burned the blunt

  • ernieD

    I made the mistake of thinking Bynum (Philly) was on the Knicks as well. I mean, what’s another big man with injury risks? No certainty that Sheed makes the team, so that probably tips the age meter back to Boston. Misleading anyways.