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Rasheed Wallace Officially Joins the New York Knicks

Retirement wasn’t sitting well with Rasheed Wallace, so he decided to join what is now the oldest team in NBA history. From Newsday: “Wallace, 38, signed with the Knicks on Wednesday for the veteran’s minimum, ending his two-year retirement. He walked away from the game in 2010 for personal reasons, but Knicks coach Mike Woodson helped bring Wallace back. The two have a relationship from their time together with the Pistons, when Woodson was an assistant on the 2004 championship Detroit team. Wallace said Woodson reached out to him to see if he wanted to return to the NBA and the four-time All-Star took him up on his offer. ‘I’ve been talking to Coach Woodson for the last six, seven months off and on,’ Wallace said. ‘He’s told me his ideas. He’s told me his plans. I just want to see if I can fit in there.’ Wallace will give the Knicks toughness and depth at the backup power forward and center positions. He’s a strong defender who can stretch the defense with his shooting. But Wallace has been away from the NBA for two years. He said he stayed in condition by playing pick-up games at his alma mater, North Carolina. But Thursday will be his first practice with the Knicks. Wallace said he expects to be ready for the Knicks’ regular-season opener Nov. 1.”

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  • zogs19994


  • bike

    I have no idea what to think of the Knicks anymore.

  • ai83

    Great news for all good fans basketball, Need for Sheed!!!
    Now Iverson has to return to the nba.

  • danpowers

    could be worse. have you seen lamar odom lately? compared to him sheed is in a great shape lol

  • gusisit

    now they must sign iverson, surely he is in better condition then sheed

  • danpowers

    i doubt his brain is nba ready. unfortunately he blew his second chance that he received. no gm wants to sign a guy labeled as a chemistry cancer and be responsible for whatever iverson does then to blow up his third chance.

  • LakeShow

    I have no idea why a champion would come out of retirement to play with a 5th seed.

  • danpowers

    5th seed? ill remind you by the end of the season ;)

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    yeah Lakeshow, they may be a 4 seed, or even 3! But still, his point remains, why does Sheed want to come back to a squad that doesn’t have a shot at the title?

  • Vince

    If he wanted a ring he would have better off with the Heat, they’re still relatively thin at C/PF.

  • danpowers

    sometimes you make me so mad that i cant sleep at night!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    So mission accomplished? I’m like Freddy Krueger but annoying instead of terrifying

  • danpowers

    today for sure. 2.34am over here and still too angry to sleep

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    My bad bruh

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    old ass squad

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    Man, I don’t know about you cats. But Sheed was underrated as an OG stretch 4 and is one of my fav iconic crazy nba players. Some get away with it (Iverson)… some don’t (Bryant)… Watching youtube with Wallace getting the flagrant for staring still makes me laugh 2012. I will also say prime Sheed (Portland) was the shit. Better than Garnett. I love that guys offensive swagger and Sheed was one of those guys who was gonna beat you with heart or something. Man, even as a Piston he was better as a team guy and he won so yeah… Sheed is HOF. No doubt. Anyone wanna dispute that?

  • 1982

    You should write for Usher, lol

  • Trueballer

    1 word sheeeeeeeeed!

  • roscoe

    Sheed is 6’10” & averages 6.7 boards. Unacceptable in my book. No doubt sheed gets hot and animated, but to say he is better than kg is debatable all day and i am not a celtics fan for one minute.
    kg has sheed beat in every important career per game stat w/ the exception of 3pt% & ft %. Not to mention kg had more to do with his ring than sheed did with his. DET in 04 had cbillups, rip, tprince, and bwallace in their primes. Not even debatable.
    During sheed’s prime he was responsible for the trailblazers historic 4th qtr collapse at staples center to the kb8 shaq34 lake show in the WCF.
    is he a HOF, i doubt it, 14.6 pts & 6.7 boards for a 6’10” forward. the HOF puts ppl in with attitude, but they have to have game better than most and from sheeds era there are plenty of forwards who match his stats w/ better team 1st attitudes, like kg btw.

  • roscoe

    @danpowers: iverson should play for CHA… at least then ppl would go to that arena and be entertained unlike the makeshift washington generals run team that mj so brilliantly runs.

  • danpowers

    i think they rather keep the fans attention on mkg, walker and bismack and let the young core grow together. if they sign iverson he draws all the attention, wont really improve the cats situation and might blow it all up again. i love ai, really, but he just threw his opportunity away when philly gave him another chance. thats really a shame. id love to see him play nba ball too

  • danpowers

    its all gud brah. 2nd seed anyway

  • nick

    ill cosgn that Dan, somtimea nbk pisses m off so much, but other times he says the perfect thing and im like yahhhhhhhh haha nbk the man

  • keyon dooling

    regardless of seed, Lakeshow’s point is that they’re not a contender

  • Mike From Spain

    What’s with all these players coming out of retirement?

  • danpowers

    any higher seed has a shot at the crown. dont forget the 2010/11 mavs, 2003/04 pistons, 1993/94-95 rockets, etc. happens every once in a while

  • danpowers

    youre right about everything in that one. as much as i love sheed, he was a “just” role player with all star potential and some great seasons while kg was simply a super- or allstar throughout his whole career.
    just dont call the wcf a blazers collapse only. i was neither a lakers nor a blazers fan and didnt care much about this series i am also not a friend of conspiracy theories, but it was obvious that the refs were either adviced to help the lakers win or had their own bets in this game to let the lakers come out on top. it just didnt look clean, same with the lakers-sactown series.

    or take what shaq said about the lakers’ title runs these days: they werent necesserily better than the kings or blazers in their series, they also had a whole lot of luck that added to their great play.

  • http://twitter.com/natures1stgreen JaM

    same reason anyone would.. all he has to do is hang out with friends, practice and play 15 – 23 minutes a night and he gets paid $1.7 million for 8 months of work. Yea, I have NO IDEA why he would do this.

    It’s crazy that people act like athletes and celebrities aren’t real people.

  • roscoe

    i can’t argue that ai screwed up. anytime i can put the cats down i try. mj should stick to coaching golf.

  • jay

    Don`t know about the knicks, but there other several other teams that should sign Iverson – atlanta, dallas, philly,.. Allen Iverson must be signed by an nba team

  • knowledge_is_power

    Though unlikely, this comment should near about 1000 dislikes within the next few months. “doubt his brain is nba ready”, “blew his second chance”, “guy labeled as a chemistry cancer”, “responsible for whatever iverson does to blow his third chance”. These phrases epitomize the IGNORANT modern-day lamb who allows the media and other external sources to control how they think and how they view others rather than develop their own truths from personal experience and/or research. There will never be a shortage of pushovers.

  • danpowers

    please enlighten me then, why is iverson out of the nba then if what i said is not reason?

  • ernieD

    My bad. I thought Bynum was with the Knicks too. “Both teams played hard.” “Both teams played hard.” “A’ight?”