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Dwane Casey Thinks a Heavier Andrea Bargnani Can Be an All-Star

After a calf injury sidelined him for 35 games last season, Andrea Bargnani went home to Italy and packed on about 15 pounds this summer (thanks to “grandma’s cooking”, claims the big man). Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey believes Bargnani is ready to take the next step in his evolution as a player, and reach All-Star status. Per the CP: “With the reputation as being a soft player, his attention to the defensive side of the game under new coach Dwane Casey was dramatic and impressive. ‘Last year, definitely,’ Bargnani said, when asked if last season was the best basketball he’s played. ‘Not much for the offence because I always play good in the offence, but I was playing very good on defence, that’s why it was the best.’ That made his season-ending injury even tougher to take. ‘It was tough mentally, because I had to sit out and watch my teammates play,’ he said. The seven-footer went home to Italy in the off-season and has come back healthy and strong. ‘Really happy that he’s come into camp in great shape, 15 pounds heavier, stronger but he’s playing at that high level that we saw last year and I’m excited about it,’ Casey said. [...] The 26-year-old took a rare summer off from Italy’s national team to fully heal his body and mind, a much-needed break for someone who’s played professionally since he was 18, and Casey said Bargnani is back even better than he was to start the season last year. ‘When he plays at that level, he can be an all-star, one of the most talented players in the league when he plays at that level,’ Casey said. ‘And I have all the confidence in the world that he can do that.’ The extra weight, said Casey, will help his physical play and his stamina.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    I’m getting tired of all this losing weight, gaining weight news. I just want someone out there to come out and announce that they are coming into this season with the exact same weight…

  • JR

    I’m not totally sure, but wasn’t it just last year that Bargs was “down 15lbs” and ready to embrace the power forward role? Even if that isn’t the case, I’m no biomechanics expert; but unless he gained 15 pounds of calf muscle, wouldn’t the weight gain be a potential detriment to his calf health/ability to stay healthy in general? I certainly hope I’m wrong.

  • Max

    Lol, imagine that 15 pounds of calf muscle..

  • timbo slice

    it doesnt matter this guy is downy soft
    get him outta ere and get us a big man who doesnt want to float around the perimeter on offence

  • JR

    It’s possible, he’d just need Ray Allen’s calf routine. Right?

  • Max

    If you go from KD’s calfs to Rays its possible.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    He could put on 50 pounds of muscle, but nothing will change unless his attitude changes. Marcus Camby is/was a defensive force and can’t benchpress 225lbs. I’d take Barg’s in a foot race over Dirk, yet Dirk pulls in twice as many rebounds. Bargs’ shortcomings on the defensive end have little to do with numbers on a scale, it has more to do with his unwillingness to grind it out on defense and until recently, a lack of reprocautions for his lack of intensity. He has been the definition of a Majestic Galloping Unicorn!

  • MackAtttack

    Bargs is much better on defense now that Casey’s talk down to him about it, but that’s like saying a baby can now walk from the couch to the TV; he’s still not as good as they need him to be, but offensively he’s already one of the better Power Forwards in the NBA, something the Raptors NEED big time this season. I think the shortened season did not help his health so this year should be a breakout for Il Mago

  • spit hot fiyah

    does he have to pay money to slam for using the 15 pound TM?

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Aw HELL NO…. FUCK! The last thing the Raptors need is another coach who believes in this waste of $10 million a year. Jesus Christ, I think I’m gonna puke… if I was in Dwayne Casey’s presence I’d do it on his goddamn shoes. This is a starting center who grabs less than 6 rebounds a game and shoots 43% from the field! This is why the Raptors suck, and I was born in Toronto!!!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    As in, I was born in Toronto and even I know that’s why they suck… I see a bit of a double meaning there in that last sentence… there ain’t one.


    only an Ontarian like myself know where you coming from. in 2010 i remember someone from the raptors organization was saying he might be as good as Bosh or better(lool). 6 years in and how many all start appearances? knowing what I know now, i would’ve still taking Roy cause bargnani has absolutely no drive. pathetic


    i seriously need to change my facebook name (Il Mago) cause bargnani really has no magic

  • LakeShow

    Dude isn’t bad, he just needs to be a 2nd or 3rd option…

  • danpowers
  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Big co-sign! I remember arguing with someone over drafting Bargs or Roy. Roy has been all-nba second team, multiple time all-star, and lead his team to the playoffs. Even though he’s been plagued with injuries, he’s accomplished more in his first 5 seasons than Bargs will in his entire career.

  • RKJ92


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Co-sign that too. I would rather have the Brandon Roy post-injury than the current and healthy Andrea Bargnani. Bargs really sucks balls. Giant pasta meat balls, that is. He is the worst starting center in the league and putting him at power forward won’t change shit. I would rather they start Ed Davis and bring Bargnani off the bench. Or, better yet, trade him for someone slightly more useful–which is the most logical thing to do, except logic isn’t really Brian Colangelo’s forte. All he seems to care about is geographic origin and the lack of melanin in a player’s skin. I don’t know any other team that would have given him a $50 million contract besides the Raptors. That is just sad.