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Kevin McHale Says Struggling Jeremy Lin Trying to Get ‘His Mojo Going’

The Jeremy Lin Era is off to a rough start in Houston, but Rockets’ head coach Kevin McHale thinks his point guard will eventually get his confidence back. Per the Houston Chronicle: “Rockets guard Jeremy Lin was given the night off Monday with Rockets coach Kevin McHale saying the rest was planned before the start of camp and that Lin has progressed well physically. McHale did, however, speak with Lin after Sunday’s game and again Monday morning about not letting his preseason struggles hurt his confidence. [...] ‘He’s finding his way, as always happens when you haven’t played in a long time,’ McHale said of Lin, who had not played since March prior to training camp. ‘He had surgery and took a long time off. He’s just getting his confidence back, trying to get his mojo going which is very common. I said, ‘Just go out and relax and play. It’s going to come.’ Anybody who has ever played and come back has gone through a period it’s kind of odd. All of a sudden, things click and he’s back to playing well and confident.’”

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  • JML-G

    more like Lin’s luck has ran out and he is back to his average (or even below average, judging from first two exhibition games) player ways. Rockets must feel real stupid to give him that big ass check for few good games he had last season. And i have to say Knicks finally made a really smart move by not letting hype fool them and keeping Lin.

  • timbo slice

    well said, this guy is a back up point guard on a non playoff team. When they played the heat shitty chalmers basically shut him down. get him outta here

  • hushabomb

    @JML. Give the dude a chance. Its only the preseason

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcos.zapater Marcos Zapater

    … aaaaand he’s back to reality.

  • GC6

    Everyone knew this would happen, he was just going through a lucky streak.

  • Mike

    What Mo-Jo? Jeremy Lin is a BUM.

  • elmaar

    this is gonna be a guy who might start on the next all star team with averages of 12-14ppg, 5-6 dimes and 3-4 rebounds. As someone here loves to say here – Book it

  • Impala T

    Whoops there goes gravity

  • spit hot fiyah

    at least they got machado, probably the best undrafted rookie this year

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    Oh there goes rabbity

  • A thought

    Oh, I am sitting here smiling, because I know you will feel like real idiots pretty soon. You don’t understand basketball (McHale is exactly right), you are blind and not very knowledgeable (you think “luck” can explain what Lin did last year until Melo ended his run), and you will need to find a really dark corner to hide in when Lin gets his confidence back. It will be fun to watch :-)
    Oh, and one last thing: Yesterday, Boston lost by 30 points. Rajon Rondo played 27 min, scored 4 points (at 2-7), had 4 turnovers, zero steals, two rebounds, and a very modest 6 assists. Any of you smart-guys going to trash Rondo? Didn’t think so…
    Some people, I tell you…

  • Ganjah

    Oh no you didint…dont even put lin and Rondo in the same sentence. STOP that.

  • Slick Ric

    He should hire mike d’antoni for his system that Lin performed so well in.

  • Fletch213

    Those stats are less than Brandon Jennings. Please stop the reaching!

  • biggieman

    I want to believe that he can be a good player, and worth all that cash, but I really don’t think its going to happen. But, It really doesn’t matter how he plays this year, he will be an All-Star starter, guaranteed.

  • JML-G

    i am sitting here smiling too, because you should feel like an real idiot right now for comparing Lin to Rondo like they equal.

    when Jeremy has a whole season as a leader of the team, ill become a believer he isnt just a lucky coincidence from last season.

  • Max

    Hey, it’s Linsanity.

  • nick

    your an idiot……Rondo won a championship, Lin started less than 15 games……..Rondo could retire and still be one of the best pgs in this era

  • A.dawson

    You idiot he’s just saying Lin is having a preseason slump like all the great point guards and we all know he’s not rondo or cp3 but hes not bad. I can’t wait till we see that Lin who played for the Knicks!!!!!!! And again he’s not rondo- we put him in a class of himself. Excellent!!!!!!!!!

  • A.dawson

    That was one game dude!

  • A.dawson

    Man obviously we have some dumb people (definitely did not go to Harvard) we are not saying Jeremy Lin is not rondo. I even admit rondo is better!!!!! It’s just that this kid is not bad either. If he works on his turnovers he will be great!!!!!!!

  • A.dawson

    You mean his talent ran out or is it luck because he’s Asian. You know that’s what you’re implying!!!!!

  • elmaar

    that’s the point. I mean that’s his ceiling, brother. are those stats worthy of a all star starter? def not! nonetheless he most prob will be a starter at the all star game and that will be upsetting. Get it

  • A.dawson

    I can see the hate now!!!! “what the dude is on the cover of GQ for what”!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/roselio.morillojunior Roselio Morillo Junior

    I believe that Jeremy Lin will be back in shape as to enter the season as the phenomena which he was in NY! He just had major surgery, so of all the critics, what would you expect out of him? He is only human. He needs time to recuperate and get well!

  • Datkid

    your Lin love affair is annoying bro.

  • JML-G

    everybody in NBA history except Pavel Podkolzin has/had talent

  • A thought

    First of all, come up with original words please… :-)
    Second, I was not comparing Lin to Rondo. Read my words again.
    I was saying that this is preseason, and EVEN Rondo has AWFUL games, and no one even whistles, so they should also not whistle about Lin (or anyone else, for that matter… Now, don’t go saying I’m comparing just “anyone else” to Rondo, ok? :-) ).
    Also, take a look at Nash and his numbers… No one should be measured by the preseason.
    Are we done dishing each other “idiot” tags?
    Thanks :)

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Let’s not bring Rondo’s ring into this argument. He was a distant 4th option/role player/rookie that year. Bring up last post season’s heroics, bring up his ability to play through injuries, but bringing up the fact that he’s a champion sounds like something Mario Chalmers does when trying to justify his “top 10″ status.

  • 1982


  • Michael McCray

    Sorry the clock has struck 12 and the basketball has turn in to a pumpkin. Linderella is done and the glass Nike’s are cracked.

  • Michael McCray

    Houston needs to trade Lin straight up for Nate Robinson.
    Because after this season you won’t get a 2nd round pick for him!

  • JML-G

    no offence, lil bro

  • Fletch213

    I get what you are saying and I apologize for the misunderstanding.

  • A thought

    none taken ;-) thanks

  • Mel Yellow

    LIN needs a girlfriend(s) or a few white women to relieve the PRESSURE of being the face of the franchise. Did wonders for Kobe and Tiger…. if you know what I mean.

  • lymsanity

    he is the best! he need time, he is not the type of person that will show you his best in the beginning

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-To/100003013197375 Ed To

    So is your hate annoying, Kido.

  • Datkid

    i’m being a real is tho. You’re just being weird. see how that works?