Thursday, October 11th, 2012 at 9:30 am  |  17 responses

Kobe Bryant Will Call Alex Rodriguez to Console Him

The New York Yankees won Game 3 of the ALDS in dramatic fashion last night, largely due to the fact that Alex Rodriguez wasn’t on the field. Raul Ibanez pinch-hit for the superstar third baseman, and his two homeruns secured the victory. Kobe Bryant (A-Rod’s friend), wants to make sure Rodriguez — who seemed to take things in stride — isn’t too distraught. Per Arash Markazi and Greg Beacham: “Kobe, a Yankee fan, didn’t crack a smile when told of the Yankees finish tonight. He considers A-Rod a good friend. ‘I don’t like that. That’s not good for the chemistry of the team. I’m going to have to call A-Rod.’ [...] ‘I’m gonna have to call A-Rod, talk him off the ledge.’”

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  • Comment_System

    A-Rod should have been traded years ago. 2009 was an exception to the rule of his wackness in the postseason

  • shutup

    Just make the call if your going to do it. Don’t tell the media first, I mean if you are really his friend and all.

  • Omar

    Yes, Kobe console him on the win?

  • Fat Lever

    This may be the headline of the year. I don’t use the term “LOL”, but in this case I will make an exception. LOL.

  • bike

    I guess Kobe is also implying ‘God help the bastard who tries to bench me in that type of a game situation’.

  • Kap

    Arod and Bron have parallel careers IMO. The hype and then the struggle in postseason with exception for one championship year.

  • T-Money

    not really. check bron’s playoffs averages.

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    Kobe: A-Rod, I’m so sorry for your loss, the team won without you, huh? Yeah I know, that feeling when you didn’t get to dominate the game, your team had to rely on each other to win… that sucks, it’s chemistry destroying when they don’t have to rely on one player to win…It’s okay you’ll make it through it…
    A-Rod: Bu-but it was soo dramatic, and it wasn’t me *breaks down crying*
    Kobe: I know, just forget about it and move on… it’ll be okay

  • Kap

    Eff the stats. He disappeared in big moments in huge games. With last year the exception. Dallas, Spurs, and Boston. His teams were favorites in two of those series.

  • justin05

    The superstars on teams always get all the flack when their team loses. On the other end, they do get most of the glory when they win. Kobe has done more for the Lakers franchise than any of you commenters have done for your own mother’s so show some respect. I can’t stand Lebron or Wade but I don’t talk crap about them every chance I get. Ley Ley is the besty basketball player in the world but he’s still a party boy, not a man just yet..

  • justin05

    Kobe has done more for the Lakers franchise than you will ever do for your own mother. Show some respect as a true basketball fan. Kobe is the shit so he can say whatever he wants about other players’ talent, or lackthereof..

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    Clearly the idea of “satire” just flew over your head to infinite and beyond…

  • spit hot fiyah

    it’s called a joke


    Damn, tell em why you mad son!

  • pposse

    omg Kobe is going OD, this fool is getting waay too excited

  • justinmartinez05

    I’m not mad I’m just tired of ppl hating on Kobe so much. He’s a baller, not an orator. He just says what he feels and wants to talk trash. First Ballot son, he’s one of the few players that the NBA will beg to join the hall.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    last nights game was wild