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LeBron James Adding a Hook Shot to His Game

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

LeBron James admits that ten years into his NBA career, he has yet to develop a signature move. Part of the reason being, of course, that he doesn’t really need one.

James is looking to add to his offensive arsenal, though. LeBron — who is dedicated to spending more time on the block — is looking to incorporate the hook shot into his evolving game.


And no one in the gym is more ecstatic to see James continue to add to his low-post scoring arsenal than longtime Heat assistant coach and Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo, who knows a thing or 20 about finding different ways to score around the basket. Especially old-school ways. So when a sweat-soaked James spent nearly 30 minutes alone after a recent practice working on his sweeping hook shot, on some levels it was déjà vu for McAdoo.

“I’ll be down here even more this year,” James shouted through near exhaustion as he wrapped up the extended workout. “Might as well keep getting more comfortable.” James vows to add the traditional hook shot to his game, and he could test it out when the Heat play a pair of exhibition games this week in China against the Los Angeles Clippers. McAdoo proudly acknowledges that James is continuing to build a foundation of post moves that took root two summers ago in Houston with [Hakeem] Olajuwon.

You may recall that over the summer, LeBron James clowned around with his Team USA pals by showing off an “unstoppable” hook shot type of move.

I suspect that the hook LeBron is working to refine will be much more traditional, and of course, deadlier for NBA defenses.

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  • pposse

    damn every article i have read about lebron is making him sound more and more deadlier!

  • retloc

    Making the transition to old man game, a good look considering he’s getting ready for decade number two

  • shutup

    I’ll believe it when I see it

  • bigA

    I love it. That was the move I had to get to beat my big brother in 1 on 1 back when I was 14.

  • Karl

    It’s definitely looking good. The more he stays down on the low block the more he’ll preserve himself for a higher level of play for an extended number of years. Credit to Lebron on improving his game at this stage of his career. Most players would be ecstatic with the skillset he has already.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Just continues to add to the arsenal. What’s wild is that he can improve every part of his game and the best part will always be his vision and passing that he has naturally. Jordan/Magic hybrid.

  • Fat Lever

    Cool Breeze approves of this. My 90′s hip hop heads will get this reference.

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    Diggin’ that Digable Planets reference, gotta do what you feel

  • bike

    If he can develop a traditional hook with either hand, that will about cover it.
    LeBron has the potential to be the G.O.A.T.

  • RobbieJay

    watched the pre season game in china today. the heat look so in shape its ridiculous.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    They looked great. Wade was rusty, but he looks ready to go.

  • uqk

    He actually is ambidextrous…

  • Max


  • spit hot fiyah

    i hope it’s the one where he goes between his legs and then banka it in with his left

  • danpowers

    the abdul jabbar of the small forward position

  • charliewinning

    Dungeon Family

  • Conor

    Why is this being announced as though it has never been accomplished by another great player, before James?

    Though this will pay dividends for him against the more modern, perimeter-orientated teams in the League. It won’t, however, be as consistent an aide against each Los Angeles franchise, Memphis, Indiana, Boston (in order of defencibility).

    This isn’t entirely serious, but New York may also – hypothetically – disturb the Heat’s ambition. That is, if the former’s offence could achieve systematic efficacy & harmonize. And, obviously most importantly, whether or not their international scouts achieved Dolan’s most fervent objective & discovered the Fountain of Youth.

    Ultimately, this concentration is meant to accentuate Miami’s marksmen: Allen, Battier, Chalmers, Lewis. Although their variety of talent may not be matched by many in the League, those teams that I mentioned & perhaps others

  • Conor

    *and Boston.

  • Conor

    … could slow them down. If Hasheem Thabeet & their rookie, Perry, develop swiftly, they’ll have this tool to choose more consistently, as well.

  • Conor

    Do you really think so? In terms of form & fundamentals or raw ability?

  • Nike_rep
  • Onions Baby Onions

    Will be unstoppable if he gets it right.. Most power forwards simply won’t be able to get through 270ish lbs of LeBron to negatively alter a properly executed hook

  • danpowers

    jus a joke referring to the sky hook

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    James is def one of a kind

  • Conor

    *”Though this will pay dividends for him against the more modern, perimeter-orientated teams in the League, it won’t be as consistent an aide against each Los Angeles franchise, Memphis, Indiana, Boston (in order of defencibility).”

  • roscoe

    stop it… he is not a jordan/magic hybrid… good lord. talk to me when he gets 4 or 5 more titles. not to throw mcgrady under the buss, but ppl use to hype him, just like dwade, and a long @ss list of others. that was direspectful to magic/jordan and someone on this board has to keep you check. next thing your going to say is that kd is a top 3 greatest player ever to play. Sh*t.

  • roscoe

    just curious… does anyone think bron bron uses peds?

  • BadBluue

    my version of the Heat – Clippers game :

  • http://www.facebook.com/BadBluue Czakó Balázs

    the Heat was really scary! those triples man… and Chalmers – Haslem – Miller – Anthony didn’t played yet.
    which NBA team can defend LeBron, Wade & Bosh and the triples at the same time?

  • A.

    Because having similar skillsets as someone else automatically means you’ve achieved the same things they have or that because he hasn’t won as much as those guys that means he can’t the same particular skills? So the fact that he’s 6’8″ and passes as well as a point guard, should we stop saying that it reminds us of Magic, who, as you know was, 6’9″ and passed as well as any PG in NBA history? All because he didn’t win 4 or 5 more titles? OK. Makes perfect sense.

  • Q-butter

    ok so kobe is jordan because they have the same skill and kobe has 5 rings and jordan has 6

  • roscoe

    saying bron bron is a magic/jordan hybird is a popular catch phrase at the moment & is not the truth. In 10 years you will remember my words and yours & you will say to yourself, “sh*t, roscoe was right.”
    bron bron is amazing, no doubt, but he ain’t a magic/jordan hybrid, guaranteed. I bet if jordan/magic/bron bron were asked if that question they would say no. comparing the mental side of the game for bron bron vs. mj/magic is no, i mean, no comparision. u think jordan or magic ever went to a sports pysch? they would have laughed that sh*t out the gym.
    Stop believing the hype ppl r spreading.

  • roscoe

    kb24 is not jordan. they are both termendous players. one changed the basketball world while the other filled d’biggest pair shoes better than anyone else in the league has to date and has recieved the criticism of not being mj who is beloved by the basketball world. Also, the basketball world does not embrace kb24 for many reasons but imo the general bball world dislikes kb24 for copying his game from the greatest better than anyone else, as crazy as my logic sounds, no one likes a copy cat, and originals are always embraced if they are great.

  • danpowers

    no never but he might go down in history as second to mj

  • A.

    Dude, when people compare they are usually mentioning the physical gifts. Notice that NOWHERE I mention LeBron’s mental makeup. I used a simple example by using his passing talents. Which is why people compare him to Magic, and the fact that he always seems to be having fun on the court. And also the PG ability despite being a 270lbs Mack truck. And IMO the Jordan comparison comes from him just dominating athletically and just being a monster and being flat out better than everyone currently. Everyone knows that the mental part of the game was where LeBron lacked (let’s see how he does after getting the monkey off his back). None of what I said had anything to do with seeing a sports psych. How do you know those guys never saw one? Do you think they would ever admit it? Chances are they are just lucky that twitter and constant media access didn’t exist back in the day. Except maybe MJ. That dude is a psycho. But right now you’re just reaching. I actually commend LeBron for trying to get better and doing whatever it takes to reach that highest level, be it by working with legends or seeing a sports psych.

  • A.

    Or maybe no one is Jordan (he has Nike’s brilliant marketing campaign from back in the day to thank for that also), but Kobe’s skillset closely resembles (or even copies) MJ’s, hence the comparison. What is so hard to comprehend? You don’t say that a son and his father are the same person simply because they strongly resemble each other and behave the same way? Or that twins are the same person because, well, they look alike? Why is it such a complicated concept to grasp when it comes to basketball? Is it impossible for people to use logic when discussing the sport we love and its players? Please try to help me understand.

  • roscoe

    everyone has a right to compare players. that is why we all enjoy this forum, but imo, saying someone is something vs. saying someone has a game similar to someone else is different, again imo. I ain’t reaching for sh*t. I agree, let’s see what happens w/ bron bron as he goes into his prime. The jury is out and I am interested to see what happens too. He is an amazing player and I agree bron bron and anyone else who seeks mental help should be commended. But if we are comparing apples to apples, the mental side of the game is just as important, imo, as the physical abilities, which btw the way bron bron is an absolute beast.