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LeBron James Strongly Favored to Win 4th MVP Award

The safe bet for NBA MVP this season, according to Vegas oddsmakers, is (not surprisingly) the guy who won the award last year. LeBron James is the odd-on favorite to collect a fourth Maurice Podoloff trophy. Per the Palm Beach Post: “Not a surprise, but Bovada has LeBron James listed as a strong favorite to win his fourth MVP […] LeBron James (MIA) 9/5, Kevin Durant (OKC) 15/4, Kobe Bryant (LAL) 12/1, Russell Westbrook (OKC) 16/1, Dwight Howard (LAL) 16/1, Steve Nash (LAL) 16/1, Chris Paul (LAC) 20/1, Kevin Love (MIN) 20/1, Dwyane Wade (MIA) 22/1.”

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  • JML-G

    a toast to another mvp pack for Lebron and third championship for Miami Heat

  • rd

    The only thing that can keep him from getting the award would be another team having a better regular season record, cuz at this point I think miami’s only focused on position

  • Lil Wayne on bath salts

    Hard to tell for this season to be honest

  • Easy bake oven

    My vote is for Dwight Howard

  • LakeShow

    Naw, KD coming for that #1 spot.

  • 2chains = 2necks

    Mines is Jeremy Lin. He can really be an all star

  • Dymez

    He CAN do it, he’s the best player in the league, hands down. I don’t think he’ll get it this year though, because his minutes will be cut significantly. LeBron has been playing basketball for almost 2 straight years, nonstop. Miami is going to want to avoid a burnout injury by resting him during the season and unleashing him for the playoffs — especially since he’ll be playing a lot of Power Forward this season it seems.

  • Redd

    I suspect it’ll be someone we would never expect to win it this year.

  • Junior Taylor

    Winning 4 puts him in rarefied air. Only 4 players in League history have won 4+ mvps (Wilt, Kareem, MJ, Rusell)

  • pposse

    if lebron and co. wins 65 plus games and he averages the same type of career numbers he will get the MVP..if they even win one less game than 65 and the Thunder have 60plus victories the award will go to KD

  • bike

    I can’t believe he’s up for number four. And he’s entering his prime. KD will fight him for it though.

  • danpowers

    jr smith?

  • Junior Taylor

    Bath Salts gone Wild?

  • justin05

    It could be Dwight or Durant this year depending on how the season shakes out. Lebron is still the clear favorite however. Nobody is more valuable to their team than Lebron is to the Heat.

  • danpowers

    you think i was actually serious about that?

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    The only other player I see who could realistically get it is Durant. It will be that way for a few seasons unless D-Rose returns to form and the Bulls go back to being the best regular season team. The Heat are good enough to take a few nights off and still get the best record in the East since the gap between them and everyone else is pretty wide. I don’t think anyone else will be in the discussion unless the Clippers end up being even better than most think they will be and CP3 plays out of his mind. If the Thunder get the best record in the West and LeBron doesn’t have another almost historical season like he had last season, Durant will get it. I’m still not sure that the media who vote on it have really embraced him again fully since the summer of 2010. His play left them with no choice but to give it to him last season.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    When isn’t he strongly favored to win any of the major awards?!

  • MLK

    a little dramatic there, Malcolm X
    D-Rose is dead.

  • roscoe

    MVP Award = Certified Joke Award

  • Junior Taylor

    It’s a “certified joke” until your favorite player wins one.

  • Conor

    MVPs mean nothing.

  • Conor

    The award itself, that is. Not the players.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that you thought that that comment was clever enough to type it or the fact that someone actually voted up on it.

  • Rick Jamez III

    Give me a break.. the season hasnt even started!! they should write an article: Kobe strongly favored to win his 6th chip.

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    In related news, water is wet, the sky is blue and Kim K is a hoe.

  • LobCity

    @b6cc40356d744ebaf41d094b676b34b8:disqus Give me a break…..The season hasn’t even started!

  • TR

    Best in the game, one of the best ever.

  • Redd

    You stupid lol.

  • LJ

    While I agree that LeBron is the most likely to win, and Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and Kevin Love are all other great candidates, Russ, D-Wade and Nash will not win it. Personally I think Rondo is being seriously overlooked. RR with a jumpshot? That’s an automatic MVP award right there.

  • shockexchange

    After mastering the Shock Exchange’s “Lebron Rules … Keys to Stopping LeBron James,” the MVP is a virtual lock. The Shock Exchange hasn’t written any rules for Durant, D. Rose or D12 … sorry.

  • roscoe

    the only mvp award that matters is the finals mvp. a regular season mvp w/out the ring is a joke.

  • roscoe

    The award is primarily decided by the sportswriters who have strong educated opinions, but taints the award selection process imo. If I made the rule I would allow the nba players & head coaches vote for the MVP, because they know better than any sportswriter or fan, like me, who the MVP is every year.