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Mark Cuban Says Deron Williams Threw Nets’ Front-Office ‘Under the Bus’

Naturally, Mark Cuban fired back at Deron Williams following comments that the owner’s absence at a crucial meeting cost his team a chance at signing the star point guard during free agency. Cuban gleefully twisted Williams’ words, claiming that Deron threw the Brooklyn Nets’ front-office under the bus by implying that Cuban’s presence at the fateful get-together could have changed the course of history for both franchises. Reports the Dallas Morning News: “I’m a big D-Will fan, but I’m kind of surprised that he would throw his front office under the bus like that by saying that I would make a difference,’ Cuban said. ‘I would have expected him to say – like I’d expect one of our guys to say – ‘Hey I’m so thrilled with the front office and the moves we made and our team that it wouldn’t have mattered what he did.’ That’s what I expect our guys to say and that’s the way I feel about our team. Again, I’m a big D-Will fan, but it’s not about individual players, it’s about building a team. And I really think we put together a good team for the current team and the future. He’s a superstar point guard, but my goal is to build a team. That’s the important thing, to try to win championships. I’m flattered that he thought my presence would have made more of a difference than what the Nets’ management did.’”

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  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Mark Cuban is in total save face mode lol

  • Dutch Rich

    He should have said that he had a bowling match to attend if he really wanted to diss D-Will.

  • roscoe

    this is one time i agree with Q-bano. there is literally no need 4 dwill to make these comments. I mean sh*t DAL is a far @ss away from BKYLN & they ain’t in the same conference or division. focus on yourself dwill; no one needs to know what happened behind closed doors. this was pure gossip.

  • shockexchange

    Is it the Shock Exchange or are guys a lot more talkative this off season than usual?

  • redoct31

    His (Cuban’s) penchant to mix business with pleasure is nothing new under the sun, he’s enthused with building the Dallas brand both off & on the court through financial efficiency & marketing, but come on I mean really if both sides wanted to be in partnership they would be. Net’s might have offered more money but how much is guaranteed is what matters in the players minds.

  • M Cho

    Cubes should really keep his mouth shut here. He’s probably hurting his team’s chances at recuiting future free agents with this pettiness.

  • anon

    Cuban is just butthurt that deron didn’t sign with him. stop acting like a jilted lover; nobody really believes you when you tell us oj mayo and nick collinson are better pickups than dwill. just stop

  • LakeShow

    Darren Collison

  • LakeShow

    Is it the LakeShow or is it really douchebaggy to refer to oneself in 3rd person…?

  • Sheed

    Sheed unhappy with your opinions. Sheed angry. SHEED SMASH

  • Jon Woll

    Why is he always so full of sh*t!? It’s like taking the current political crap and putting in our sports.. For God’s sake DON’T. DO. THAT!!!

  • anon

    thanks lakeshow. shaq moment

  • Yi-Cheng Chen

    Mark Cuban, go read what Dirk said and reflect on what you build that team for. Even your star player is questioning your moves, c’mon.

  • danpowers

    cubes is really coming up with a lot of strange comments. but leave aside for a moment that this is cubans comment. i thought the same thing when i read deron williams statement. he is with the nets now, why should he imply he wouldve went to dallas because cuban didnt show up. what are the nets supposed to think of that? “we are his second choice”? anyway, i am happy he chose brooklyn. the nets will be a fun team to watch. maybe better than the mavs with williams on their roster.

  • Onions Baby Onions

    Did Cubes go to law school? Total lawyer move right here; it is technically a logical consequence of what D-Will said that Cuban’s presence at the meeting could have overshadowed the efforts of the entire Nets’ management.

  • Hatershateme

    Cuban butthurt huh??

  • taz

    Uhm. So did Dirk throw Cuban under the bus when in the 2010 offseason he told the German basketball magazine FIVE that he would’ve joined the Miami Heat if Wade and James had asked him to? That was after he resigned with the Mavs, I still have that issue here.

  • L Dribble

    The L Dribble was wondering this as well.

  • Jimmy

    i love it

  • Lorne

    Lorne thinks Lakeshow is douchbaggy all the time, so Lorne isn’t sure Lakeshow should ask such questions.

  • @cp3

    hey nbk you suck and have a shit fetish wanna bone?

  • shockexchange

    Previously people complained that the Shock Exchange did not know basketball, they “feared for the future of SLAM” and begged for a new commenting system. Well you got your new commenting system and nothing has changed — cats still tryna catch fade with the Shock Exchange.

  • Idioteque…

    Actually the context was different. He never confirmed he would, he said it’d be nice but things didn’t come down to that. He also admitted in the same article that his heart remains in Dallas and he considered other teams but dallas was seriously so no.

  • Clos1881

    It’s not gossip when you’re stating what happened

  • Clos1881

    To me d-will is saying if I’m not enough of a priority for the owner to come to the meeting why would I sign with this team

  • Onions Baby Onions

    Yup, that’s what I got out of it too, I’m just saying that Cuban is theoretically right too.

  • roscoe

    pure bullsh*t… haha.

  • roscoe

    @clos1881: you sound like a TMZ reporter justifying your purpose for spreading garbage.