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Paul Pierce Thought About Switching Teams During the Offseason

Paul Pierce has spent his entire NBA career in Boston, but he grew so frustrated with the Celtics’ Playoff exit and anxious about their future, that he seriously considered playing for another franchise. Pierce now says that he’s happy he stuck around Beantown. Per CSNNE: “It was difficult not only losing, but not understanding what was next,’ Pierce said. ‘A lot of that went in my head after we lost. It was like is [Kevin Garnett] gonna retire? Are we gonna rebuild? Am I gonna be playing somewhere else? A lot of things went through my head.’ Pierce said they weren’t passing thoughts, either. The questions and doubts lingered, and the Celtics captain wondered if his time in Boston might be over. ‘It really did cross my mind,’ Pierce said. ‘The way last year went with the trade rumors, the possibility of me being traded the possibility of us rebuilding, it was hard not to think about it, sometimes it wears on you mentally because you can’t know what your future is gonna be or what’s gonna be your next step. I’m in a position to where I really didn’t wanna be part of being in a rebuilding situation, especially after playing over the last five years on teams that were capable of winning a championship. At this point of my career, I only have a few years left, you want to maximize those years.’ But the Celtics decided to make another run. They kept Garnett. They kept Pierce. They added Jason Terry and Courtney Lee. Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green are back. They have a chance to make some noise in 2012-13, and Pierce can’t picture himself anywhere else.”

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  • JML-G

    Pierce should never ever leave Boston.. if he didnt do it in that season when they had the worst record, he should never consider it again – i remember how sad he felt seeing his old buddy Antoine Walker getting a ring, Pierce also wanted to move to Miami until Cs got Ray and KG…

  • Seth

    I’m glad Paul is sticking around. If he and KG continue to perform as they did last season, the Celtics will be tough. They have a great bench now too. Good draft and good off-season moves.

  • http://twitter.com/ayandaQb Ayanda Qb Vilakazi

    Paul is Boston with Garnett and Rondo, He should never leave because that’s where He ought to be..Salute and Respect to MR. Paul Pierce #33

  • danpowers

    what now? i thoght he said that he wouldve retired if garnett wouldnt have extended his contract and now says he considered changing teams? the headlines are more changeful than a pregnant woman

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    old news

  • Fat Lever

    Should have talked to Elaine Benes first.

  • 23

    Now Garnett will delete Paul Peirce from his contacts.

  • Junior Taylor

    Don’t have a clue as to what that means but here’s a thumbs up because I love any and everything Seinfeld related.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    does anyone know any of the trade rumors that he had his name floating around in?

  • Fat Lever

    J, check out the episode “The Beard”. It’ll make sense after you watch it.

  • The Mauve Avenger

    Why would you tell people this if you decided against it?

  • Junior Taylor

    Oh…..now I get it. Funny a** comment.

  • Joe Perrotta

    #34 chump

  • roscoe

    i think he is softening the rift in the media btwn kg and ray ray. those are his guys no matter what.

  • roscoe

    someone in internet land said the Bulls but i can’t remember any story related to pierce and other teams.
    Some players request their agents keep things under wraps while other players have their agents blast twitter of scroll bars worldwide.
    As time goes on you will learn yourself which agents are hyping players 24 – 7.

  • Seth

    “Someone in internet” – sounds legit!

  • Basketball iQ

    E xactly,,, pierce said this way back when they first signed kg,,, & he’s always debated his future with the C’s but always wanted to retire a celtic only having played in the green&white. It’ll add to his legacy.
    But if he was to ever play for another team, it would be for the clips bc he’s from la but obviously can’t be a LAKER bc he was a DIEHARD-Celtic 1st. NOT like rock fox either to you slam clowns.

  • Donte

    He didn’t wanna go to miami tho