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World Anti-Doping Agency Says NBA Has ‘Gaps’

With the Lance Armstrong saga dominating the news cycle this week, it was only a matter of time until the media glare turned to the NBA and the way it deals with doping. The director of the WADA was critical of the League and its program. From ESPN: “The director general of the World Anti-Doping Agency says the NBA’s anti-doping program is insufficient. ‘They’ve got gaps in their program, between what they do and what we suggest would be better,’ David Howman said. ‘They know what we would suggest,’ added Howman, who calls for the NBA to test for human growth hormone, among other things. ‘And I would just hope that they would be discussing all of those things rather than just putting them on the side table.’ The NBA declined comment. [...] Howman’s concern is that practices that have evidently been effective in other sports are not all being deployed in the NBA. In the past, including in testimony before Congress in 2005, NBA officials have made the case that performance-enhancing drugs are unlikely to be effective in basketball. ‘They do not feel they have such an issue as the other major leagues and therefore haven’t addressed it in quite the same way,’ Howman said. ‘I just think you’ve got to be very careful when you start saying performance-enhancing drugs are not beneficial in any sport, because you’re going to be proven wrong. And you’ll be proven wrong when you’re not expecting it.’ At present, HGH is banned in the NBA, but the league does not test players’ blood for it. WADA strongly recommends the test, deployed by many sporting organizations, including the Olympics and, in limited ways, Major League Baseball. The NFL is interested in implementing the test but faces hurdles from the union. The NBA and its Players’ Association have formed a committee to explore HGH testing, but no progress has been reported. As of yet, no major North American leagues have adopted WADA’s full code of recommendations. Howman said there has been progress in football and baseball, but noted basketball is a laggard.”

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  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    Lance Armstrong you messing it up for everyone.

  • i_ball

    So pre-game handshaking is a problem but drugs are not…

  • shutup

    If you had to name the top five guys that might be doping who would you put on that list? 3 of the current Laker roster is on mine 1)Howard (the huge jump in weight gain from his rookie year) 2) Steve Nash (much like Armstrong and Roger Clemens he is defying father time) 3)Kobe along with anyone else that has had that “German” procedure . 4)Dirk (because I think he was engineered in a lab like that dude from Rocky 4) and 5) Ray Allen ( I respect Ray’s hard work and his work ethic is well documented but something about him makes me believe that he would be real sour about losing his athletic edge)

  • JR

    I agree with Howard, since he’s an absolute freak, but what he did is definitely possible, especially since we’re talking about a world class athlete; these guys have the potential to put on a lot of muscle fast if they put their minds to it. Steve Nash, Ray Allen and Kobe are absolute beasts when it comes to taking care of their body in the off season, nutrition and other types of pre-/rehabilitation. Dirk’s German, so you can never be too sure about him and PEDs; his country is just too shady!

  • http://twitter.com/KingofKushSmoke PimpMaster of yo Hoe

    Doping doesn’t give you an advantage in the NBA. Just ask Oj Mayo.

  • bike

    I can’t believe that NBA officials have made the statement performance-enhancing drugs are unlikely to be effective in basketball. How many times do we hear of guys who packed on ’15+ pounds of muscle’ in the offseason? PEDs, such as HGH or steroids, would provide a big advantage for some players. The NBA needs to get their heads out of the sand.

  • Caboose

    Why the NBA won’t: Dwight, Bron, Kobe, and Wade are all at risk.

  • roscoe

    What percentage of NBA-ers use PEDS? Vote up for over 50% & Vote Down for under 50%

  • Max

    KD is screwed!

  • Caboose

    Oh and Rashard Lewis. We can’t risk losing him.

  • bigA

    Germany is shady? Get your facts straight you hater. What has Gmany done that is shady in the last 20 years? Max, back me up here! They are on to us!

  • shutup

    Also steroids are routinely used to help the body heal from injury and recover from strenuous activity, so absolutely PEDs would help basketball players.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i think Russell Westbrook is HGH. Literally. He was just left in a humid environment before they injected him into Barry Bonds or someone and mold got on him and he grew into what he is now.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    I guarantee there is a PED problem in the NBA

  • Kadavour

    lmao at “last 20 years” – lets not reference “shady” behaviour in any time period far beyond that

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    beasley too

  • daBIZ

    For David Stern, this story can’t exit the news cycle fast enough. The NBA has never dealt with serious PED use allegations, but, IMO, has had a PED problem for a looooong time. You all have named the obvious suspects in today’s game, but what about former players — players who, because of their playoff appearances, played more games than everyone else each season but physically dominated every single night, well into their 30′s. I’m referring to those players who had 2012-type muscle definition in 1996. I won’t make unwarranted accusations, nor will I whisper utterly blasphemous words. But you know the players I’m referring to. And those players, unquestionably, had really suspicious careers.

  • daBIZ

    I’m not trolling you, Bike, but you may have to raise your head from the sand on this one. The NBA brass knows their players are doping; that’s why PED testing is so lax. The league benefits from PED use. And, sadly, so do the fans.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Nick Tha Quick

    All the dope in the world wouldn’t make Smush a better point guard.

  • bike

    I have no doubt they know more then they let on. But to make a ludicrous statement implying NBA players wouldn’t benefit from PEDs after what is now common knowledge about the use and benefits of PEDs in MLB, NFL, and cycling is off the charts stupid.

  • danpowers

    we want this stuff in the nba! considering the lack of fundamentals among many players all we got is athleticism. imagine brons or dwights carreers without steroids, ehwww.

  • bike

    Lin is doping for sure. So far, it hasn’t translated into better b-ball performance but evidently he wants to screw everything in sight.

  • manhandled

    The only reason that stern and other nba officials don`t impose thorough testing procedures like those used in the MLB and NFL is because they know that most if not all of the “major” stars are using PEDs. If the nba really wanted strict testing, they would have strict testing despite the opposition from the Players` Association.

  • patrick

    tell the WADA to f*** off…don’t need to drug testing in the nba..

  • Jerome

    Aw, some poor wittow basketball fans thought their heroes were better than other pros. Nope! How big LeBrons fivehead this year?

  • anon

    didn’t they just force austerity on the rest of europe on their terms?

  • bjk

    nba know’s if they do what the NFL&MLB do then alot of the players that hall a famers and the ones plaing now will be lable cheats.and that will take a way the bigggggggggg money just ask UCI after the lance doping.

  • Mike From Spain

    The kind of player that would most obviously benefit from PEDs are the athletic freaks. But what about the hustle/energy players who bring it on every game? Perhaps they would benefit from higher levels of stamina. Also, the bigs benefit from lean muscle mass. And mostly everyone could benefit from anything which accelerates recovery in such a game-packed season. Look at the brawls, stare-downs and such. Are they the expression of the will to win of born competitors, or steroid rage?

  • Ugh

    Just say Michael Jordan and stop being a git.
    But yes, it’s possible. Most people don’t know that steroids are used to aid recovery in non-lifting periods, like during the season. Maybe Mike was on them. Maybe Isaiah was, too. (And there’s no point in naming Karl Malone because everyone’s thinking it anyway.)
    But those “2012 physiques” you mentioned are that way because, honestly, I think most of the NBA’s most athletic players are just straight up taking HGH, which the league doesn’t test for, or another untested PED – if the NBA isn’t just turning a blind eye.

  • Ugh

    Tell you one person from the Golden Age who wasn’t juicing- Larry Bird.
    Heeeeell no.

  • Ugh

    Bahahah. Not when you’re paying the guy a billion dollars to score 8ppg in the Finals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.brodes Jay Brodes

    great lets create more drama and fake rumors…good job!!!