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Contest: NBA Fadeaway Collection Giveaway

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Want to win? All you have to do is drop a comment (be sure to input a valid e-mail address) in the section below telling us who your favorite Miami Heat player of all time is and why.

A winner will be chosen by Friday, November 9.

Best of luck!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/juan.c.aragon.7 Juan Carlos Aragon

    Glen Rice!!

  • Scott N.

    Alonzo Mourning for not only what he did on the court but off the court as well.

  • Dom

    Tim Hardaway aka “Mr. Crossover” because of the Killer crossover! A fierce competitor that was fearless in the clutch and led MIA to successful seasons. He ushered in a new era of yo-yo ball handling that had all the kids at the playgrounds imitating his moves.

  • http://twitter.com/MakNBA Енес Каракаш

    Alonzo Mourning, cause he gave his all every night on the court. It didn’t matter to him that he was undersized for the center position, something that he used as a motivation to succeed. He even played when he was ill, playing thru a sick kidney, never saying something to the media about how hard it is, He played with all of his heart, and in the end even returned and played a big role on that team with only one kidney. A true Champ.

  • ZelenakP

    Dwyane Wade, because when he was drafted, everything changed, he gave shape for the franchise, and lead it to it’s first World Championship. Even after this he is still a leader of the team and he is a role model on and off the court.

  • Bsharpe1972

    Was at college in the early ’90s and saw the home opener in 90-91. Gotta love the smooth stroke of G Money baby!

  • deez

    Of course the King LeBron James! Simply because he is best all-around player who ever played for this franchise and brought back the title to Miami!

  • TomC1023

    Tim Hardaway because he simply had THE best crossover of all time. Tclark1023@gmail.com

  • Drew Chapman

    gotta say big Zo , he was the heart of the 06 championship!

  • Mujeeb Ahmed

    My favorite Miami Heat player of all time is Alonzo Mourning. A total beast defensively. All those blocks & the Heat basically have always had a great defense historically because of players like Alonzo. Defense wins championships, proved it in ’06.

  • Andy Le

    Alonzo Mourning is my favorite heat player of all time because he wasn’t flashy and did the dirty work for his team. His work in the community and his battle with his kidneys has been an inspiration to us all


    I would have to say my fav heat player of all time has to be Dwayne Wade. Mr. Flash has changed that franchise in so many ways, without D.Wade the big 3 in Miami prob wouldn’t have been assembled. The thing that impresses me most about Wade is that he Carey’s so much passion of the sport no matter where he goes. He has that championship swag that players in this league can’t sustain.

  • Mike ricci

    Timmy Hardaway easy! Insane crossover with a smooth jumper! Trick shots before games too!

  • http://twitter.com/NorthWest19 North West

    I was thinking Glen RIce too!

  • Josh Martin

    I have been a Heat fan since I could even watch basketball. Flash has been my favorite Heat player since the beginning. I even have his poster from the ’06 championship SLAM issue on my wall still. Adding my overall favorite player in LeBron just added to the cause of me supporting the Miami Heat!

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexander.joenathen Alexander Joenathen

    Dwayne Wade baby !!! Going for the 3-rd ring SAAAN !!

  • Danny McCarthy

    Dwyane wade because he has two rings and is super athletic, one of the best athletes ever.

  • Krzysztof Olczyk

    Even though he’s mainly connected with LAL, my favorite one is Shaquille O’Neal. Not only because he was a great player, but also because of his personality.

  • AdamW

    Bimbo Coles- just for his name

  • G

    Michael Doleac

  • MichaelSanchez22

    Zo is my fave.

  • Kevin Henry

    My favorite Heat player of all time is LeBron James. I know he’s fairly new as a Heat, but ever since arriving and teaming up with Wade he’s definitely re-established the franchise as the top contender. After Wade’s injury a few years ago there were some struggles and now Wade doesn’t have to carry the load all by himself. I see more team work within the personnel. Plus winning a ring always helps!

  • Young buck

    Pj muthapphucken brown lol

  • conah caple

    its got to be Chris bosh i love they way he play and just the he approaches every game.

  • Tucker9806

    Tim Hardaway is my favorite Heat player of all time and is also my idol!!!

  • Will

    Alonzo Mourning

  • JCAS0691

    My favorite HEAT player of all time has to be Alonzo Morning. When he got traded from Charlotte to Miami, he immediately changed the culture of the team. Along with Coach Riley and a couple of other key pick-ups, they established a great defensive squad, ancored in the middle by Mourning. He was a great scorer with his back to the basket, expetional rebounder on both sides of the court and wreaked havoc on the defensive side of the ball. I was really happy to see him finally get that championship ring in ’06.

  • NB

    Alonzo Mourning for his dedication, motivation and greatness on & off court

  • http://www.facebook.com/salathiel.merritt.1 Salathiel Lee Merritt III

    My favorite player is LeBron!!! I just became a heat fan when he left Cleveland taking his talents to south beach….

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Antoine Walker. “Because there are no fours.” — on why he shoots so many threes.

  • Lil_Stratboy

    Dwayne Wade is my favorite Miami Heat player of all time. To me he has been the best guard since he came into the league. He goes all out on both ends of the floor. He is one of those guys you just want to model your game after. And he is a winner and a champion!

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.blackburn.395 Justin Blackburn

    Eddie Jones is my all time favorite HEAT player! Did everything on the floor and one of the nicest players off of it to interact with! He also rocked the #6 with style and SWAG and his shoe game was unmatched.

  • Terry Donkor

    My favorite Heat player of all time is LeBron James gave mami heat

  • John Sparaco

    wade because he is so unselfish by passing the ball also he gave away his salary for the game against the knicks to help the victims of the hurricane. Also, he is just a great player while being A FATHER FIRST.

  • Daniel

    For me it was Dwayne Wade. His arrival had immediate impact on the Heat, which suddenly became a playoff-caliber team

  • Omer

    Timi Hardway, best crossover in the game! tough games against rival Knicks, Alonzo Morning as a big next to him! no doubt, T-Hard was the man !!!

  • Tal

    LeBron James!!!

  • http://twitter.com/NotThe2 TheMarauder

    Gotta be Glen Rice, microwave hot from 20 ft and out. Epitomised being a HEAT player, couldve been the mascot

  • http://www.facebook.com/jake.whitacre Jake Whitacre

    Sherman Douglas, because he helped carry the Heat through some lean years at the start of their existence.

  • http://twitter.com/beachbound11 Beach BUM

    Lebron James is my favorite heat player . He fought and fought and got that ring.

  • Gannon

    Gary Payton cuz of his ugly ass game winning jumper on Miami!!! The Glove does it all baby!

  • Adrian C.

    My favourite player is LeBron James, becouse I see on Miami’s games that he is so dedicated not only for his team, he is dedicated to basketball. He eats basketball, he dreams about basketball and that makes him the best player in Heat’s history. Last season, Heat’s wins were based on concetration of all the players, especially lebron.

  • Jason

    D-Wade… no one can zig-zig his way into the heart of a defense like him and finish a play the way he does. And that 2008-2009 comeback campaign – what an unbelievable season he had man.

  • jay chau

    Show some love to big man Rony Seikaly. Had some of the most consistent
    years in his Miami days, with great double-double averages. True professional.

  • IF

    D-Wade…. simply because he is the main reason why the heat got its very first championship… period!

  • Lexi

    LeBron James is my favorite Miami Heat player because he came back from losing NBA Finals in 2011 harder than ever and more determined to start off the next season with a better approach. Also, despite the heat and criticism he has taken since he left Clevland, he has proved his doubters wrong time and time again, having been the 2012 Regular and Finals MVP , First Team all defense, and even his impressive performance in the Olympics this past summer. powell.alexis@yahoo.com

  • Orkel

    Steve Smith. I remember him bringing more Magic to Florida dan Orlando.

  • lou

    LeBron James all the way!!! He helped Miami get their 2nd Title with his dedication and by raising his game and adding the low post in his arsenal. He can play the 1, 2, 3, and 4 and he can guard pretty much every position… #LetsGoHeat

  • http://twitter.com/whitehoteboy CCT

    Eboy-certified,there’s only one right answer to this: It’s Alonzo Mourning. He helped CREATE the Heat culture that is now among the most respected in the NBA. No, you may not like the team as it’s built, and may hate how it all came to be, but it was Zo’s fire, passion, intensity and reckless abandon that helped forge the enviornment that enticed Lebron James to sign the most controversial (and coveted) free-agent deal in all of sports history.

    Zo came to the Heat and instantly made them a contender for the Eastern Conference crown. If not for Mr. Jordan and the Running of the 90′s Bulls, the Heat may have well had their first title 10 seasons prior. He gave the Heat something they NEVER had from their very beginnings….an actual franchise level player. A dude to be feared. A player that played each possession like it was his last. He teamed with Tim Hardaway and a gritty group of guys that made playing the Heat one of the toughest tests you’d have to take if you were a 90′s ball club.

    When he had his health problems, and left the game for a time, then moved on to other addresses to get his game back, Miami lost it’s soul. When the realitization came to be that Zo was going to be back in Dade County, and to this team as the most dominant back-up center the league had seen, he finally made his way into the history of champions teaming up with Shaquille O’Neal and a young D. Wade to be a definitive piece to the Heat’s first title. The most deserving warrior got his just desserts.

    And then, even as he limped off the court in Atlanta, the night he blew out his knee and ended his storied career (what else, trying to catch someone’s dunk) he walked off on his own power, refusing to be carried off in his final journey to his locker room. The warriors way.

    Now, he lends advice to the Heat’s young players and is a constant presence at Heat games, home and away in his new role with the team. Pat Riley knew what he had to do when he made the trade for Zo all those years ago. It paid off handsomely as you look back on it. If Pat Riley was able to see that, true Heat fans should too, and all bow to the true King of Miami, Alonzo Mourning.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jamar.m.owens Jamar Maul-Fresh Owens

    My favorite heat player tim “2 step” Hardaway. Killer crossover, threes, dimes, clutch,and the nike air bakin……..nuff said

  • lou
  • FB

    LeBron – because he can play every position.

  • Brent milligan

    Shaq, he won everywhere he played

  • http://twitter.com/MarvinSison08 Marvin Sison

    My favorite Heat player of all time has to be Dwayne Wade. I like his moves and his circus shots.

  • linda

    D wade, because he chose to stay with miami and he believed in his team. I salute.

  • KC

    Eddie Jones, took D-Wade under his wing when Wade was a rookie and shaped him into the player he is today

  • Simond

    Norris cole. His flat top is dope

  • Chuck

    Tim Hardaway

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    just give the man ^ his clothes.

  • http://twitter.com/CFitzgerald19 Chris Fitzgerald

    LeBron James. He may not have been here for long yet, but his legacy in Miami will go down as one of the best in NBA history because of him. LeBron is not only my favorite Heat player of all time, but also my favorite NBA player of all time. miamifitz19@gmail.com

  • Jboogieman

    My fave of all time is Tim Hardaway man was the creator of the “Killer Crossover”

  • http://twitter.com/1baconfart Jarrett Ragon

    Mourning is the best ever Heat player

  • Josef Mounahi

    My favorite Miami heat player is Dwayne wade. He blew up so fast, his a team player that is not selfish. His athleticism is magnificent with plays that maybe could not be done by someone else. He is the heart of the heat nation, he has put so much into the team, and also his charity work also inspires me. Much love from Sweden.

  • Charlotte

    The James of course! I wonder if that even needs a reason?! I am a twelwe year old girl and i had my first training in the official team of Hamburg today. Super proud!! Anyways, Lebron Had inspired me in sooo many ways! All the love -Charlotte

  • Trailpossum

    Harold Miner – ‘Baby Jordan’ put the Heat on the map, worldwide. He was a big reason I started to become obsessed and play basketball.

  • Madubbs


  • Ronnie Ragins

    Rony Siekley is my all time favorite Heat player because he is and FOREVER WILL BE reconized as a player that got the ball rolling and gave us that BLUE COLLAR stamp as an undersized center at 6’10 Alonzo is the man because RONY WAS THE MAN FIRST(canesnationu@yahoo.com)

  • http://twitter.com/whitehoteboy CCT

    If I get lucky enough….ctjv23@aol.com.

  • Gab

    Since i’ve only been alive for 18 years i obviouly havent followed the Heat since the begining.But my i’ve been a Dwyane Wade(And i spelled his name right.) fanatic since he hit that game winner against the Hornets in 04.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.oday.142 Sean O’Day

    Of course, my favorite Miami HEAT player of all-time is Dwyane Wade. He’s clearly the greatest HEAT player in franchise history and he has helped bring the winning culture to South Beach. There has been great players in Miami’s history (Hardaway, Mourning, O’Neal, Walker, James, Bosh, and my boy Udonis come in mind) but D-Wade has contributed to the HEAT’s success like no other player in Franchise history. 3 Finals appearances and 2 rings from 06-12 is pretty awesome. He was the big behind the scenes conductor in getting the King and the 2nd (yeah I said second) best PF in the Game in Chris Bosh. But the MAIN reason D-Wade is my favorite HEAT player of all-time is that he introduced me to the great game of basketball. Now basketball has consumed my life and it’s virtually everything I do nowadays. Dwyane’s dedication and commitment on the court as the same off the court to his family. Please take a look at this when going through the entries, because I really love the Miami HEAT franchise and it would be awesome for me to win free merchandise. 2013 NBA Champions, my Miami HEAT.

  • Max

    08-09 DWade, because he was out to prove he was back from his injury and had some of the most incredible moments in the 2000′s (This is my house, Andy Varajoa,…).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1848766351 Brock Russell Hopkins

    My favorite Heat player of all time is Dwyane Wade. I became a fan of the Heat back in the 04-05 season and enjoyed watching Wade use his euro-step, and loved it when he made the crazy acrobatic shots. I’ve watched him grow also, and his role change over the years. I hope to one day see his last name raised to the banners at the American Airlines Arena.

  • Kevin

    Favorite Miami heat player is a no brainer, Zo. From when he had the flat top to when he went bald he always played D and gave it everything he got. It was great to see him finally become a champion.

  • Boston Fan

    Ray Allen

  • @joshjayallday

    Most people will probably say their favorite Miami Heat player of all time would be Alonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway, Dwayne Wade, Shaq, or even go as far as to say Dan Majerle (haha)!!! However, without a questionable doubt my favorite Miami Heat player of all time is easily Anthony Carter!!! I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and as many people know we do not have a professional sports team. Because of this reason many locals enjoy watching our University of Hawaii teams, especially in volleyball, baseball, football and basketball. Growing up in Hawaii you are in taught about “ohana”, which means family, and in Hawaii family is not limited to your blood relatives. Quite often you refer to your mother or fathers friends as aunty or uncle and their kids as your cousins. Or when your friends introduces you to their parents you greet them as aunty or uncle and they return that show of respect with a warm embrace. Hawaii locals take tremendous amount of pride in those who were born here or spent time in Hawaii and have gone on to be successful because we feel like they are all part of our extended ohana (i.e. former UFC champ BJ Penn, surf legend Andy Irons, actress Kelly Hu, NCAA stand-outs Manti Teo & Marcus Mariota, Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Clay, and of course our President Elect Barack Obama). Anthony Carter played for the University of Hawaii for 2 years went undrafted, but through hard work found himself in the NBA. Carter’s freshmen season in the league coincided with my freshmen year of high school and as a member of the JV basketball team it was inspiring to watch a former UH athlete make it to the “big show”. Carter didn’t just make it to the NBA he would also find success in Miami. Who could ever forget his behind the basket over the backboard game winning shot to defeat the New York Knicks in Game 3 of Eastern Conference Semi-Finals ’99-’00?!?! Anthony Carter is part of Hawaii’s ohana and it has been honor to watch him play in the NBA and be able to have a career that extends pass 10 years in the league. Anthony Carter without a questionable doubt is my all-time favorite Miami Heat player and one of my favorite NBA stars of all-time.

  • ABI

    Dwayne Wade 4 life.

  • justin05

    Lebron James. He’s the best in the game and could go down as the GOAT. He’s Miami’s most important player moving forward so he’s my favorite Heat player.

  • http://www.facebook.com/levi.vaupel Levi Vaupel

    I’m gonna go with Jeff van Gundy my favorite coach ever

  • 李楠


  • Julian Gonzalez

    My favorite Miami HEAT player of all time is the unsung hero of both of the HEAT’s championships: Udonis Haslem. He is a Miami native who went to Miami High School and even stayed in the state of Florida to play college basketball. Haslem was an undrafted free agent and was given a chance by the great Pat Riley to play professional basketball in his hometown.

    In the 2006 NBA Finals, Udonis Haslem was given the tough task of guarding future Hall-of-Famer, Dirk Nowitzki. He was praised for playing great defense all series long. But what most people didn’t notice, Haslem went 20 and 10 in the series closing game propelling the Miami HEAT to its first ever NBA Championship.

    When LeBron James and Chris Bosh signed with the Miami HEAT, Udonis Haslem was offered the mid-level exception from many teams. However, he signed for minimal money to stay and play in his hometown of Miami with his best friend, Dwyane Wade, and former college roommate, Mike Miller. Haslem’s loyalty to Miami and passion for the game is why he is my favorite Miami HEAT player of all time.

  • Nick Burt

    Dwayne Wade, his athleticism

  • Aheat631

    My favorite player of all time is probably Alonzo Mourning or Lebron James… Alonzo Mourning and Lebron James is an all time Heat sensation because he made a comeback after he had a kidney transplant and later winning his first NBA Championship with the Heat. On February 28, 2009, the Heat announced that they would retire Alonzo Mourning’s number 33 jersey, making him the first Heat player to be so honored.

    Lebron James is also an honorable player because in his season of 2011-12, he had a 30.74 rating, the highest mark for a player other than himself since Michael Jordan in 1990-91. After just winning an astonishing win to be crowned NBA champion and MVP 2011-12 Lebron James is a sensation. The part that makes Lebron such an astonishing player is that he wasn’t always a star… He once had a career low 2.4, when after that became the amazing man he was. After the loss against the Dallas Mavericks to win the NBA finals Lebron became a bigger man.

    So I cannot decide whether the greatest Lebron James or the all time sensation Alonzo Mourning is my all time favorite heat player let alone my favorite player(s) throughout the NBA.

  • kvonkreisler

    My all time favorite Heat player is LeBron James. I might get criticized for this, but I am a loyal fan to him. I have been following LeBron, and this made me a huge Heat fan. Just ask my friends! I am crazy about the Heat!

    LeBron is a great scorer, rebounder, passer, defender, and is a dominate person in the NBA. For six seasons LeBron has averages 27 points per game, 7 rebounds per game, and 6 assists per game.

    LeBron dominates statistically especially with his superior season last year winning MVP, becoming a champion with the Championship MVP, and winning a gold medal with the 2012 U.S. Olympic team. LeBron has been honored by being on 4 All-First Defensive teams.

    Last season LeBron led the Heat with points, rebounds, assists, and steals per game.

    LeBron has been unselfish, humble, understanding, a great teammate, and a great leader. LeBron can also give other people a chance, and listen to they’re ideas and plans. He defined his importance to the team last season. Before that, people questioned his talent. I think he really distinguished himself from the others while becoming a greater teammate.

    I think the summer before last was LeBron’s summer. He really found out who he was as a person and as a player. LeBron refocused and set his bars high for him to achieve, and he definitely came out a winner. Before the 2011-2012 NBA season, reporters were putting a lot of pressure on LeBron saying that if he doesn’t win a championship that year, his significance will go way down. Well LeBron sure did step up that season performing his greatest he has ever done.

    In the 2011 playoffs LeBron received a lot of criticism by the way he played. So he vowed to come back next year, better and stronger. His statistics for the 2011 playoffs: 21 G- .466 FG%, 23.7 PPG and 8.4 RPG. 2012 playoffs: .500 FG%, 30.3 PPG and 9.7 RPG

    I think LeBron changed how the Heat played, the way the team act, and the focus of the team.

    LeBron is not only my favorite Heat player, but my favorite player ever! I sit in excitement seeing what he can do this year. I watch in suspense to see what the Heat can do this year. Hopefully another championship! And hopefully another MVP for LeBron! Keep silencing the critics LeBron. Close the gap on Jordan! LBJ 6!!! LET’S GO HEAT!

  • Adam

    My all time favorite wheat player is Alonzo Mourning. He epitomizes the Hear franchise and made it what it is okay through hard work and dedication. He did not always play glory ball but that is what made him so great because he did what it took to win.

  • DMagnuson

    champ sports is sick!

  • DMagnuson

    baby jordan- Harold miner. hard to say why

  • TSB4

    LeBron James Is my favorite player on the Miami Heat because he can do it all score pass rebound you name it he does it also he can guard/play all five positions…. nuFF said

  • Paul

    Shaq. He was the main man in their first championship. Without him, theybwouldn’t have the ring. Wade can’t do it by himself. Thanks to Shaq.

  • eXtReMe eNigMa

    For me it’s Lebron James… the great footwork, the best nba player xD…

  • Travis

    Besides from the obvious … Zo, Rice, Shaq, Wade, James and now Ray… My favorite player would have to be Harold Miner… His dunks were amazing and won 2 Slam dunk titles.

  • Edmund

    Tim Hardaway. He was mixteam before there was mix team

  • Alvin Francis Adeva

    Baby Jordan. Harold Miner because he repped the Heat in 2 dunk contests and put them on the map…

  • alvin

    d-wade because he is a good player he always play with passion and determine to win the games..i remember when 2006 finals he came on a surge to beat the mavs so for me he is the best.

  • C Da Tyrant

    LeBron James is my favorite heat player of all time because he is my favorite player of all time. I’m what many would consider “green behind the ears and was too young to remember Jordan on the bulls thus, the closest thing I’ve seen was LeBron in this past season. Also the way he rebounded from his first year in Miami is worthy of the highest order of respect not as a player but as a man. Many would’ve just given up but he opted not to and likely had the greatest year in his career!

  • http://www.facebook.com/makhi.hamor Makhi Hamor

    Alonzo Mourning because of the fire he brought to the heat, no pun intended. Then Dwayne wade because he joined the team and instantly turn the heat into a much better team, and championship team. Now the combination of Lebron James and Dwayne Wade is too much for any team to handle!

  • http://www.facebook.com/omar.j.guerrero Omar Josef Guerrero
  • http://www.facebook.com/omar.j.guerrero Omar Josef Guerrero

    My favorite Heat player of all-time is LeBron James. If he wasn’t on the Heat I would’ve picked Tim Hardaway but LeBron is it for me. He’s the best in the game today and one of the best all-time.

  • Rob Stewart

    P.J. Brown because he was a strong solid vet that prided himself on dirty work and rebounding. Oh yeah, he tossed Knicks starting point guard Charlie Ward into the stands. That was hilarious

  • al jordan

    First thing I want to do is give Rony Seikaly a shout out for being the first ever draft pick of the Miami Heat.

    But, I would have to say that my favorite Miami Heat player of all time is Alonzo Mourning. I know that a whole lot of people say Zo, but, I have a really personal reason for choosing him.

    As a young boy growing up, I was told the legend that Alonzo Mourning was a student at my school as a child, and that he was always so good at basketball, and a wonderful child. That gave me a whole lot of confidence, to want to be just like him.

    I watched him at Georgetown, then my mom bought me his jersey as a Charlotte Hornet. I would sit at home every weekend and hear “Charlotte Hornets are going to take it all! The bugs are back and playing basketball.. here we go here we go!” And, it would just get me so hype saying Alonzo is going to win the game this weekend!

    Then, as a high school student, I saw his jersey hanging up in the school.. and it made me say, i’m going to achieve in life just like Alonzo. I watch him have his ups and downs in Miami, bounce around the NBA, and go through the kidney situation.. But, he worked hard, made his way back, and with the help of new friends, won a championship ring.

    What a strong man, with a great story.. and just like him, I took his story as encouragement to work hard, never give up and achieve in life.

  • Sprewell922

    Udonis Haslem he’s been there forever, won two finals and worked hard for his right to be there. one of the most underappreciated memebers of the Heat especially for what he did in the Finals.

  • LA3

    My Favorite player of all time of the Miami Heat is Dwade. He is the reason why i like the heat. I remember when they won their first championship and how they won it, it meant a whole lot to see dallas lose “a big Houston rockets fan” ! So i will always remember him destroying them in those finals !!!

  • el reyno

    Alonzo Mourning. One word “Fighter”. We all know that he struggle not only in injuries but also health but all his passion, intensity and love for the game never stopped.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jake.j.brennan Jake JoeyTribb Brennan

    My favourite Miami Heat player of all-time is the man that promised the people of Miami a championship, and delivered in a way that no other superstar could. Shaquille O’Neal, one of the greatest centers the games ever seen, arrived on South Beach (before it was the cool thing to do) in 2004, the season after his Lakers squad lost the NBA Finals to the underdog Detroit Pistons. His first press conference with the Heat was a parade in itself, with Shaq firing a “Shaq sized” water gun on the thousands of fans in attendance. He followed that up by grabbing a mic and declaring that he would one day lead the Miami Heat to championship glory. Shaquille O’Neal’s renowned and unique style fit perfectly with the people of Miami and his leadership style on the court helped elevate the Heat to a top contender in the Eastern Conference. An automatic birth in the NBA Finals was not in the books for the Miami Heat right away, as it took the Miami Heat and Shaq two seasons of failure to finally make the NBA’s highest stage in the 2006 season. After finally defeating the same Detroit Pistons squad that hampered O’Neal’s fourth championship with the Lakers, the Miami Heat defeated the “bad boys” from Detroit, the Heat had moment going into the Finals. The story however would shift from Shaq’s dominance, to a young player’s rise from top draft pick to elite player. In the 2006 Finals, the Miami Heat played the Dallas Mavericks, which would prove to be a tough challenge for the champs from the East. However, Dwyane Wade would come through big by averaging a Finals high 34.7 ppg, which was the highest Finals points average since O’Neals 38 ppg with the Lakers during the 2000 Finals. Even with the Heat strong showing, the Heat found themselves in a whole following the first two games of the series. After being down 0-2 in the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat battled back, largely due to Shaquille O’Neal’s elite passing out of the constant double teams the Mavs through at him, to give the ball up to open sharp shooters, and superstar to be Dwyane Wade. The Heat would close the series out in six games, giving the Miami Heat their first championship, delivering on O’Neal’s declaration, and show casing the future of the franchise in Dwyane Wade, who hailed Shaq’s leadership and encouragement as a main reason why he was able to achieve such success. Shaquille O’Neal is a one of a kind player, who talked-the-talked, but always walked-the-walked on the biggest stage, and for his unique style and dominant career, Shaquille (Superman, Diesel, aka too many nicknames to list) O’Neal is my favourite Miami Heat player of all-time.

  • Jawaad

    My favorite Miami Heat player of all time would have to be Tim Hardaway! He had a nasty crossover and was one of the greatest point guards in his prime. He had a crossover which was known as the killer crossover and just killed the defender off the dribble. I have only watched highlights of him but wish I could have been there during his career prime time years. He is an inspiration of mine and watching him just makes me wanna get on the court and ball up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/canyoufinddoublej Joey Nelson

    My favorite All-Time Miami Heat player has got to be Shaquille O’Neal. The most polarizing player in the game, the Most Dominant Ever, the Big Aristotle; Shaq was the man in those days and was fresh off of an LAL squad that said they were tired of him, so what does he do? Goes out and wins a ring with a young D-Wade and a frail old Zo. As soon as he walked off the plane chanting he was gonna bring a ring to South Beach I was sad, my most beloved NBA player of my youth was gone from the team I loved the most. Shaq is and forever will be the greatest player to ever play in Florida.

  • Jai

    Without question, my favorite Miami Heat player of all-time is Alonzo Mouring. (With Dwyane Wade a close second) I was really inspired by Zo when he still managed to play in the 2002 All-Star Game despite being diagnosed with a kidney disease. On the court, however, I especially admired and appreciated all his efforts on defense. His scoring decreased in his second stint with the Heat, yet he still blocked shots with ferocity. In his prime, Zo managed to win two Defensive Player of the Year awards, further proving that he was a tenacious defender. Towards his last few years with the Heat, I really appreciated the fact that he accepted a reserve role behind Shaq, he did not think much about his ego.

  • Danny N.

    I live in Florida and it is my one and only dream to meet Shane Battier.
    First of All, I know he isn’t an all star or hof er but, this is my story so bare with me. 7 months ago I wrote Shane a 2 page letter and told him that I’ve followed his career my whole life, I always shoot 3′s with him in nba2k, and that he was a hall of famer in my world. A month later he sent me back a signed card and he put on it to Danny, Dream Big! with his autograph on it! It made my day and made me feel special! When the NBA finals were on in the summer I couldn’t wait to see what Shane would be doing and I was jumping for joy (not really) when he made all those 3 pointers and it just made me feel special again! I know the prize consists of a Lebron James jersehy but wearing the Lebron Jersey actually represents not Lebron, but how big of a Heat fan I am and it would be the first contest I would have ever won on SLAM online ever since I found out about the site. Well go Shane and Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    Zo Mourning. Easy.

  • RR

    D-Wade. I´m a Celtic and i hate the Heat. Or i don´t hate them unless they play some other team… Anyhow I´ve always had the utmost respect for those players who play their whole career for one team. And him to win it firstly without James and Bosh and get the MVP honours along the way. Where he is from and the things he had to go through from a very young age, his mom and all that. I can relate to that. And then there is that style, swag or whatever you wanna call it Do i need to say more?

  • http://twitter.com/whitehoteboy CCT
  • http://twitter.com/whitehoteboy CCT
  • Sebby

    Dwayne Wade- When the road was tough after his first finals win he didn’t demand out. He stayed true to his team and waited until the pieces around him built up a legitamite championship contender. He wouldn’t Leave the Heat making him the true franchise face despite the other players being more publicized.

  • John

    When considering my favorite Miami Heat player,

    I’ll think back to a time when Suarez was mayor,

    When my team crash landed on south beach,

    Long before the 20 twelve chip was in reach.

    We didn’t have much, except our 9th pick,

    Seikaly making moves that made players sick,

    The spin doc needed help to make some incisions,

    And G-Rices smoooth j’s soon added the precision

    His stroke and his hot ex-wife were no joke,

    And when he’d hit a trey I swear I’d smell smoke.

    Along with Smitty our early ‘90s team was nice

    Getting us to into the playoffs at least twice.

    But although I loved it, it never really felt legit,

    Until we snatched the Hornet’s number 2 pick.

    Mourning gave us the identity we all craved

    A two time DPoY who fought like he played

    battling the boards, his Kidneys and the Knicks,

    A true warrior right down to his signature kicks.

    Him and Timmy crossover had got me believing

    Even if the GOAT + Pat Ewing left me screaming.

    Still, Zo must remain near the number 1 spot

    His fire still burning on long after he stopped.

    Then out of the Darko came no.3 Dwayne Wade,

    Who maybe the greatest so far in our player parade

    Flash out of Marquette, I saw Mike Jordan at times

    Crossovers, dunks, getting a double nickel in 2009

    And sure enough his MVP performance was the reason

    him and Shaq dominated the league in the ‘05 season.

    Converse said he falls down 7 times and get up 8

    And it was D-Wade’s heart that made Miami great.

    Now we’ve got Bron an MVP who might end up GOAT,

    But he doesn’t yet put the biggest lump in my throat,

    Sure he’s got talent and video game type numbers,

    But he’s only been with us for the last two summers.

    So I’m picking Dwyane Wade as my favourite baller,

    There’s no other Heat player to me who stands taller.

    He’s electric on court, and off it a great father figure

    and he still plays in a way that gives me the shivers.

  • http://twitter.com/DaNextBigThing8 Frank

    While I may have watched the Miami Heat for a long time, I can easily say that LeBron James is my favorite Miami Heat player of all time. I’m a fan of Shaq & Wade’s tandem, Alonzo Mourning & Tim Hardaway, Jamal Mashburn, Dan Majerle, and even Caron Butler, but LeBron is my clear favorite. LeBron James has stepped up his game like no other once he stepped in that Miami Heat court. He has shown why he’s the best NBA player today and doing it in an unselfish way. Always been a LeBron James fan, but I’ve never seen him as great as he is now. The Miami Heat will become a dynasty and LeBron James will win the MVP award every year. Heat’s culture will be built. A dynasty/a championship team for years to come because of him. After LeBron James leaves, the flood gates will open and more players will want to join the Heat and carry the load that he once carried.

    I have a lot of respect to other Miami Heat players, but there hasn’t been a team and a player that has carried and ever will carry the Miami Heat franchise.

    Thank you Slam Magazine for the giveaway

  • World B. Free

    alonzo mourning. jeff van gundy riding his leg is the icing on the cake of a pretty epic career

  • Iliana R

    I love Dwayne Wade! :) )))

  • helija

    Man, i want these

  • hoodsnake

    why no love for Harold Miner

  • kvonkreisler

    Bro I met him and he is an awesome guy! Such a nice person

  • http://twitter.com/ShempGames Shemp DeYoung

    My favorite, given all the options, is Shaq. He may not have been the best overall player, but he’s an interesting character. shempgames [at] hotmail

  • blizzardman

    Oooohh…tempted to say beasley, but gotta say Dwyane Wade. Dude was basically all the Heat had for the past 10 years. He loves the city of Miami and would do anything to get more titles.

  • Mario Mendez

    D WADE! The D Wade of today is good, but i miss the way he used to play, the FLASH, breaking dem ankles and dunking on anyone that got in his way (im talking to you Anderson V., Better luck next time) When D Wade was a valid MVP candidate and reporters had the balls to say he was going Jordaness on the D, thats when Wade was my favorite, and he still is, just miss the explosiveness he used to have…Like this -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oNO7yrZ094&feature=related

  • Jon

    Tim Hardaway…when you look in the dictionary and see the word “Crossover” you’ll see his picture

  • Milos Sotirovic

    This is an easy one. Before the “Big Three” there was only one…Dwyane Wade. D.Wade made the franchise what it is today, single-handedly. Wade averaged 34.7 points per game in the 2006 Finals, and rightfully named NBA Finals MVP. Without Wade, the Heat franchise would be where it was in the early 2000s, before the arrival of Dwyane Wade, who in my opinion, has completely changed the landscape of basketball in Miami. The guy is just a fierce competitor, and has the drive and determination to win…plain and simple. Although Miami may be the “Big Three,” without Wade as the centerpiece, there would be no “Big Three”…he is the glue that holds that team together, now and since he put on a Heat uniform.

  • kevin

    Mr Crossover Timmy Hardaway.

    After the Heat acquired Alonzo Mourning, they needed a floor general to help lead their new team against their nemesis, MJ and his bulls. They trade basically nothing to get Timmy Hardaway from the Warriors who was part of the famous Run TMC crew. Hardaway comes in and leads them to some of their best seasons in their short history. He even made First Team NBA in the 96-97 season.

    To top it off, the Heat retired his jersey so no one can ever floss the number 10 jersey while with the Heat.

  • Danny N.

    Ikr! He is also one of the smartest athletes! Thanks for sharing!

  • Peter Walsh

    A winner has been selected, thank you to everyone who participated!!

  • John

    Who won?

  • mvv

    My vote has to go to The Glove and his marlin-fishing-boat-crew…

    …all equipped with customary tracksuits, Timberlands and woolie hats…

    …you can´t get more Miami than this!



  • J Sev (jordan severns)

    *sigh* … I’d hate to say this…but, my favorite HEAT player of all-time is Ray Allen. Simply, because I’ve been a fan of Ray Allen since he was in college. I’ve followed him and have been facsinated by his style. Once I found out that he was born just up the road from my hometown I liked him even more. Now, the reason I sighed is because it’s only his first real season with Miami and will know be known to many as an old head chasing a ring. However, I love to watch the HEAT play. I love watching LeBron and Dwayne Wade alongside Udonis Haslem (who I think represents what the HEAT stand for more than any active player on the roster.

  • Brickshooting J

    I’m surprised that there’s only one comment for Steve Smith. No old-schoolers out there?

  • Jacodiob

    My fave heat player is of course is ray Allen (sugar ray) because I love how he catches and shoots straight away. I don’t like how he left the celtics but I think it was the right thing to do. So plz read.

  • JTray

    Dwayne wade he has a lot of style and really loves basketball he played for marquette one of my favorite college teams,he really knows how to play the game