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Gregg Popovich Called Spurs ‘an Embarrassment’ After Loss to Clippers

Head coach Gregg Popovich is never one to mince words, and certainly not following a tough home defeat. Pop ripped his team through the press last night, calling them an “embarrassment”. Per the Express-News: “The Spurs were already down one starting small forward before they even walked into the AT&T Center on Monday night. Eleven minutes and nine seconds into the game against the Los Angeles Clippers, they lost another one. No Kawhi Leonard, no Stephen Jackson, and the Spurs still battled one of the NBA’s hottest teams to the wire before falling 92-87. If the Spurs were looking to take comfort from coming close, their coach was having none of it. ‘I thought for a portion of that game we were an embarrassment,’ Gregg Popovich said. The Clippers beat the Spurs for the second time this season and won their sixth in a row, behind a brutal 29-14 second quarter in which the Spurs went 3 of 8 from the floor and committed seven turnovers. [...] Popovich allowed his team no excuses for a second quarter in which it managed just one field goal until DeJuan Blair’s baseline floater at the 3:05 mark. ‘I thought of all our games, this game was in the soft category,’ Popovich said. ‘We never had five guys who competed hard enough to win a basketball game against the Clippers.’ Before the game, Popovich mentioned the Clippers in the same breath as Oklahoma City as a team that could win the Western Conference. ‘Absolutely, they’re legit,’ Popovich said.”

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  • timbo slice

    gotta love pop, holding his guys to a high standard and letting them know about it when they dont meet that standard.

  • spit hot fiyah

    not happy

  • roscoe

    was anyone else surprised at both teams going small for last 6 minutes of this game? is everyone trying to copying the MIA model now?

  • Rainman

    Correction-the Phoenix Model

    Mike D’aintoni played”positionless”(other than the emphasis on the important of a point Guard in the system of course) basketball way before Spoelstra did, while in Phoenix.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    yea seems to be like the entire league will go small soon

  • Mariano

    The Spurs didn’t go small, they’re a small team and they lost both Jax and Kawhi to injuries, so they were forced to play small from the 1-3. Bonner and Timmy are both over 6″10′


    Hell, its pops fault the SPURS are an embarassment!! He failed to make additions which would make the SPURS more of a running and rebounding team. SOS..same ole Spurs. They wil win somewheres betwen 40 to 50 games ans bow out in the 1st round.

  • point guard

    typical trying to devalue clippers. why no mention of the clippers losing their starting small forward caron butler with a shoulder injury in mid first quarter. and how about their starting 2 guard biiiups who has been out all year coming back from injury. and not even has grant hill begun to play. clippers beat the spurs twice this season already. and why not mention that in last years playoffs griffin, paul and butler were playing through injuries that took a real toll on their effectiveness, and billups was out. and they kept it close most of the time.

  • pinoyblue

    Parker is not playing well.

  • alienboy51

    Because the article is about the Spurs not the Clippers…that’s why….