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Kings Held Players-Only Meeting After Loss

The Kings called a players-only meeting after the team was blown out by the Hawks on Friday night. The idea was nice, but the Kings simply are not very good. Via Cowbell Kingdom: “After another embarrassing loss in front of their home crowd, the Sacramento Kings are beginning to show major cracks. Just nine games into the 2012-13 season, veterans Chuck Hayes and Francisco Garcia called a players’ only meeting last night while media members waited anxiously outside their locker room door. ‘Very frustrated,’ Hayes told Cowbell Kingdom following the loss to Atlanta. ‘We came in with a good mindset, but things are going bad right now and we’re starting to break and we can’t have that.’ The Kings have had a rough 10 days. Suspensions to rookie Thomas Robinson and third-year big man DeMarcus Cousins left the team short-handed and the losses have begun to pile up. ‘Obviously we want people to know that we’re not satisfied with what’s going on,’ forward Jason Thompson told a group of hungry reporters. ‘So we thought it was only right to make each other accountable and say what was on our minds because at the end of the day, when we put our hands together, we say ‘family’ and we mean it.’ Family or not, the level of tension in the room was palpable. ‘We’re tired of losing,’ said Tyreke Evans. ‘(Atlanta) came in here and did whatever they wanted, got easy baskets. We worked hard on defense in Colorado and then we come out here at home and in front of our home crowd, we (lose) by 15 or 20 every night.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    seems like they have no leadership at all on that team, and a bunch of guards that seem more worried about getting their shots up that moving the ball on offense. i was really hoping for tyreke to have a bounce back year, so far it hasn’t happened

  • Guest

    I’ve been a kings supporter since the CWebb days but man….They Stank. The GM or whoever is ok’ing (<yes that's a word) the roster moves needs to be fired ASAP. They sign mediocre or questionable talent and Draft on potential rather then common basketball sense. smh

  • BuenoWayno1

    The most frustrating team in the league. i think fans will alwalys have a soft spot for bad hardworking teams i.e cavs and bobcats, but these guys are a mess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    maybe learn how to shoot tyreke….but the idiot coaching staff should be blamed more for developing

  • justin05

    The hard-working teams are more like Houston, Minnesota, and Utah. Cavs and Bobcats are at the bottom for a reason.

  • isiahone1

    I think tyreke needs to get the f*ck out of there. On another team he might do better because he has talent

  • 23

    Cavs and bobcats are at the bottom because their management sucks.

  • Shifty

    Last I saw Bobcats are currently the 8th seed in the standings. They are rubbish but nevertheless they are 8th in the east.

  • christianbullen

    Yeah.. he’s on my fantasy team – __-

  • Datkid

    Cavs are at the bottom bc they just don’t have enough talent yet. the wizards and sacramento are at the bottom bc their management and coaches are just awful. The wizards are actually worse off bc they traded some of their best young talent for mediocre players. At least Sacramento still has a tremendous amount of talent.

  • 23

    Cavs suck because they lost the best player in nba history. They thought playing alongside (starters) Anthony Parker, antawn Jamison and mo Williams would get Bron to stay. Remember amaré for hickso didn’t go down because hickson was untouchable?? The same hickson they traded for casspi??? The only reason Cavs are decent is LITERALLY BECAUSE OF LUCK! As in the luck of winning the nba lottery.

  • 23

    Any team that gets rid of Javale McGee is on the right path in my eyes. Sacramento is suffering because no coach can deal with tyrekes struggles and cousins’ immaturity.

  • Datkid

    Javale Mcgee was horrible for so long bc they didn’t develop him correctly. Denver did more for Mcgee in about 2 months than the wizards literally did for him in years. Mcgee has amazing potential. Sactown is a similar case… all the young talent and firepower in the world and no way to focus utilize and develop it. are reke’s struggles and cousins immaturity problems? sure. but I don’t think they’re the main problem

  • Datkid

    well obviously they lost the best player in the league. I don’t know about the best player in NBA history yet, that’s a tad premature. and yeah the front office was unquestionably incompetent in the past. no question. but their recent moves, from grabbing Kyrie to copping Dion Waiters to play w/ him (tristan thompson aside, he’s not a bust but they could’ve gotten somebody better) makes me think they might not be as stupid as they looked before. Plus they hired Byron Scott… excellent mentor to young PG’s. although he does wear them down.

  • Guest

    what happened there

  • 23

    I agree they’re on the right path. But I don’t think its due to management. They just got the luck of the ping pong ball. Without kyrie, this team would’ve continued to be historically bad.