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NBA Admits Refs Blew a Call at the End of Raptors-Bobcats Game

It doesn’t change anything for Andrea Bargnani and the Toronto Raptors at this point in time, but the League admitted that the big fella was hacked as time expired on Wednesday night, but no call was made. Per the NBA: “On the final possession of Charlotte’s 98-97 win over Toronto on Nov. 21, the game officials missed a foul by Charlotte’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist against Toronto’s Andrea Bargnani on a jump shot. Bargnani should have been given two free throws and the clock stopped with approximately 2.4 seconds remaining in the game.”

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  • i_ball

    I really like how the NBA admits mistakes like this.

  • rd

    We’ve been getting screwed over since the tim donaghy days

  • Dagger

    You cannot expect to get that call at that point in the game.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    It’s great that they admit it, but it doesn’t change the fact that Raptors still got the L. And it hasn’t just been this game. Plenty of missed calls in the last few games. Blame Ed Malloy. The Raps have lost their last 8 games officiated by Malloy.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    I completely agree. There may have been slight contact, but you can’t expect that call on an off balance 18 foot fadeaway on a game deciding shot. Fans always complain about there being too many whistles and needing to let the players play. If you want a call, get to the rim and make the refs blow the whistle, don’t rush a desperation heave in hopes of getting bailed out. And this is coming from a Raptor fan.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Malloy never gives the Raps any respect. I didn’t have a problem with the last second no call, but the Raps (mainly Derozan and Lowry) aren’t getting any calls when getting hit at the rim.

  • RapsGuy

    I…don’t agree? An admitted mistake on a game deciding play? uh…similar to the Lakers-Raps “I-didn’t-see-you-there-calling-for-a-T.O” oversight. Happens to every team for sure, but file it under “nobody fights for the raps, even their own fans” syndrome. It’s gotta be pretty demoralizing to an already demoralized team to be rushing the basket all game in the hopes refs look your way, only to have a no-call continue to stall any chance at momentum in the standings. DD and even Bargnani have been getting hacked non-stop.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    You’re entitled to your opinion. I will be the first one to argue that the Raps have not been getting the benefit of the doubt on numerous occasions when DD and co are getting hacked at the rim. I’m saying don’t expect touch fouls to be called on 18 foot desperation heaves with 2 seconds left in the game. Regardless of who gets screwed, be it a Raptor, Bobcat, or any other player. Refs swallow their whistles on the last play of most games and rightfully so.

  • Pais

    I’ll start by admitting that I didn’t see it, but your rationale is shaky at best. When the clock is running down, of course a shooter is going to opt to shoot and 18ft ain’t nothing, fadeaway or no. By your thinking, if anyone has the audacity to try and win the game from 18ft out or more, then I can just slap his arm? That’s silly. Fans aren’t gonna like it? So refs should only call the fouls that fans are going to be ok with? Said it before, it’s worth repeating ‘that’s silly’.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Yes, that’s exactly what I said, Pais, just slap jump shooters in the arm. Players that attack the rim get to the line more. It’s not rocket science. I get it, Raps fans are emo because their bleeding hearts are hurting as a result of demoralizing loss after demoralizing loss. I understand the clock was running down, which is why Bargs had to shoot when he did, but that doesn’t negate the fact that you’re not gonna get that call 9 times out of 10…silly.

    And while we’re at it, rather than focus on officiating, lets focus on the REAL reasons why the Raps are 3-9.

    1) Their best player has missed half of their games – Lowry
    2) Their starting power forward is averaging 4 rebounds, more turnovers than assists, and 0.7 blocks and 0.6 steals per game on 38% shooting – Bargs
    3) One of their key acquisitions from the offseason is either averaging 2ppg and 1apg or not playing at all – Fields
    4) Their coach insists on closing out games with 2 players that are hands down the worst defensive players at their respective positions
    5) Casey isn’t playing Valanciunas nearly enough
    6) Amir Johnson, Landry Fields, Jose Calderon, and Andrea Bargnani are taking up well over HALF of the team’s entire salary.

  • R32

    Demar’s been disrespected by the refs this whole season.

  • http://twitter.com/AjpDos Allen Powell

    Number six is a killer

  • Pais

    Forgive me I’m simple. I understood that fouling a guy while he’s shooting is foul. But what you’re saying is, it’s not a foul if that shot is in the dying seconds and might win the game? You’re right it’s not rocket science. What it is in fact is an article about a foul that wasn’t called on a potential game winning shot (perhaps you missed the title?). Now were the title of the article… “Why Raptors aren’t very good and their fans are all emotional and should see a Dr. about their heart condition”, well, I think your comments would definitely be valuable.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    If you refuse to acknowledge that refs are less likely to call a touch foul on a game deciding play or that refs are less likely to call fouls on jump shots as opposed to layup attempts, then you are clearly missing the point. You’re acting like this is a new/foreign concept.

  • RapsGuy

    …all true things. that i can agree with.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    big time. The kid sbeen much improved and has been attacking hard, but has been getting no calls.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    The Raptors have Lost 5 games (As i’ve counted) possibly 6 games aftr being up 10 points. The raptors start attacking the rack and start getting no calls and then they’re out of rythm and frustrated, gvie up the lead and lose. They really should be 8-3 and not 3-8 if u do the math, whether u blame the refs or not, if ur up 10 you SHOULD finish the game with a win. But thats a learning process good teams have to go through i guess. They’ve been the most improved team without the record to really show for it, lol.

  • Pais

    With 2.4 on the clock do you try to draw the foul or hit the shot? That’s rhetorical, you take the shot. If you are trying to draw a foul then sure drive the basket, better chance of getting the call, mostly cause you got a better chance of getting fouled. All those game winning shots by Kobe, Magic and the like, should they have gone in for the layup? I’ve played ball for more than 25 years, and on the rare occasion that someone was dumb enough to foul the guy attempting a game winner, I never once thought “I can’t believe the ref called that”. A questionable off-the-ball foul is one thing, but there is no such thing as ‘a touch foul’ on a guy shooting the ball particularly when it results in an airball. (Now I’ve actually seen the play in question and frankly your comments seem even more detached from basketball reality, no disrespect intended).

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    1. The number of years you’ve played basketball mean absolutely nothing to this arguement. You don’t want to compare and contrast basketball pedigrees with me.

    2. You agree that there are FAR LESS foul calls on perimeter shots , hence, a lesser likelihood to get the benefit of the doubt on that call. Again, this isn’t new. Elite players get preferential treatment. Elite teams get preferential treatment. And at no point, in the history of basketball, did refs call more fouls on jumpshots than drives to the rim. So when Bargnani (an average player), from the Raptors (a below average team), shoots on off balance jumper from 18 feet out, there’s a good chance that the whistle won’t blow in the Raps favor. If Derozan isn’t getting calls after being clobbered by 2-3 players on a layup attempts within the first 3 quarters, the likelihood of Bargs getting that call is slim to none.

    3. So now the result of a shot attempt should be the main precursor on a foul call?

    4. No disrespect taken, I, unlike you, do not get butthurt when someone doesn’t see things my way.

  • patrick

    I saw the game, and i didn’t think the refs made a mistake..i don’t think Gilchrist hit has hand/arm at all…i was surprised that the NBA made this revision..i think its inconclusive at best to conclusive that it was not a foul

  • christianbullen

    “Desperation heave”?.. nah homey that’s his shot.

  • Mackenzie

    Being from Canada the Raptors are all we have and we have been the laughing stock of the League for quite some time. Dwane Casey is the best coach we’ve had in a while in that he wants to become a contender. We’ve got future all-stars in the backcourt with DeRozan and Lowry, and Valanciunas is going to be a beast within 3 years. As much potential as he has, Bargnani has been nothing more than a poor man’s Dirk Nowitzki, and Andrea makes Dirk look like 1st team all-defense at times. We’ve got some semi-serious contract issues but I’m really hoping Toronto can pull this mess together. And I still don’t know why Colangelo traded James Johnson then signed Landry Fields… smh.

  • Mackenzie
  • Pais

    1. Number of years was meant to illustrate the rarity of fouling in that situation, cause guys generally know better. Seeing as I don’t know any of you people I wouldn’t assume my collegiate career or pro career in 4 different countries in Europe holds more weight than whatever you’ve done. You could be Shawn Kemp for all I know.

    2. More fouls are called in the key for the simple fact that there’s more fouls in the key (it gets crowded down there). Elementary my dear Watson.

    3. A foul is a foul. This was a foul and should of been called, the NBA and I both seem to think so.

    4. My favorite point. “Butthurt”, that’s so cute. Your concern for my butt is noted, it’s doing just fine, thanks. I think there’s been a slight misunderstanding, you’re just a random guy who posted a comment that I disagree with. You stated your points, I did the same. I’m not even a Raptor fan, I’m a basketball fan.

    *Refer to your original point, “There may have been slight contact” – Well that’s not even being debated, it was a foul.

    “You can’t expect that call” – so you can’t expect the people entrusted with the responsibility to enforce the rules to do their job?

    “Fans complain about whisltes” – Irrelevant.

    “If you want a call, get to the rim” – during the course of the game, yes. In this situation, I’m fairly certain he wasn’t trying to draw the foul.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    1. Still irrelevant. There can be someone who’s has never stepped foot on a court who’s had more exposure to basketball than you and I combined.

    2. More fouls happen in the key because there are defensive players who are trying to impede the forward progress of offensive players attacking the rim – not fading from the perimeter.

    3. “a foul is a foul” – that would be correct in your utopian basketball universe, but that’s not the case and never has been. Certain players get the benefit of the doubt and some don’t. Wilt Chamberlain played 1045 games in his career. Do you know how many times he fouled out of a game? ZERO. Is it because he never committed 6 infractions in a game, or is it because refs are humans who have biases and who make mistakes? I’m pretty sure he comitted enough fouls to foul out in the key (that gets so crowded as you like to say).

    4. There is slight contact on almost EVERY play. Some of it is called, some of it isn’t. In this instance, it wasn’t called.

    5. I acknowledged that Bargs was in a tough spot in my first post, he almost had to shoot that type of shot wich is why I said it was a desperation heave.

    6.”so you can’t expect the people entrusted with the responsibility to enforce the rules to do their job?” That’s just WEAK. Refs, players, fans, all have biases and are prone to call fouls and violations in certain situations and not others. A foul is a foul. A travel is a travel. A carry is a carry. Tell me how many travels go uncalled?

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Good point! And to think we traded a first round pick to get him, then ended up trading him for a seconder rounder!