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NBA Players Association Appeals DeMarcus Cousins’ Suspension

The NBA Players Association is appealing the two-game suspension (without pay) that the League slapped DeMarcus Cousins with, after the Kings big man confronted TV analyst Sean Elliot. From the Sac Bee: “DeMarcus Cousins’ agent said that the Players Association is appealing the two-game suspension the third-year center received for what the league characterized as ‘confronting’ San Antonio Spurs television analyst Sean Elliott in a ‘hostile manner’ following Saturday’s Kings-Spurs game at Sleep Train Arena. According to John Greig, the union is continuing to investigate the matter, but already is convinced the penalty is too severe. Cousins was informed of the two-game penalty and did not play in the Kings-Lakers game Sunday in Staples Center. The immediate goal is to get the suspension lifted prior to [tonight's] home game against the Portland Trail Blazers.”

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  • http://twitter.com/ampupuness eman jamora

    PLUS talkin trash to maybe the best power forward ever in the nba.. how disrespectful, still he’s very immature. definitely deserves the suspension.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Good for them. He never put his hands on Elliott. Just confronted him. Man to man confrontation. No suspension necessary.

  • Dat Cray

    Why would trashtalking make you deserve a suspension? Otherwise the league might as well be suspended

  • patrick

    the one thing that hasn’t been asnwered is…how the heck did Cousins find out what Elliott said about him during the game? Cousins was busy playing..and Elliott was broadcasting..how would he have found out??

  • shockexchange

    They shouldn’t appeal the suspension. Demarcus was right for standing up for himself, but wrong for wanting to confront Elliott physically. However, Cousins sent a message that he won’t back down from anyone, and the rest of the Kings need to follow his lead. If Larry Bird or Jordan had done that, it would have been an example of how tough they were, and “what a competitor” they were. Elliott trying to paint Cousins as “immature” and a “malcontent” plays on a popular stereotype for young black players. It was a total punk move by

  • 23

    Confrontations can possibly lead to other things. They are just trying to tell everybody, “IT’S NOT OK TO GO START ANYTHING”! According to reports, his teammates/staff was trying to stop him. So obviously the league isn’t the only one who thought he was doing something wrong. How do ppl think this is ok? Whether you like Elliot or agree with his views, he was simply doing his job. Demarcus just needs to grow up already and quit acting like a brat. You would think he would listen to his teammates/coaches when they tell him NOT TO DO SOMETHING. By breaking any rule anywhere you risk being harshly punished. You never know when someone wants to make an.example out of you, so just avoid doing stupid things! Simple as that .

  • arjae828

    Has anyone here ever listened to Elliott call a game? Completely biased. Worse than tommy heinsohn and that’s really saying something. Not condoning or condemning Cousins’ actions. Just saying, it was only a matter of time until Sean Elliott had a confrontation with a player.