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Post Up: All NY Everything

The Knicks extend their win streak to six and the Nets beat the Celtics.

by Peter Walsh / @goinginsquad

Nets 102 (5-2), Celtics 97 (5-4)

Playing ont TNT in front of a national television audience for the first time since 2008, the Nets held on to defeat the Celtics at home. Brooklyn jumped out to an 11-point lead in the first quarter but the Celtics came around and cut the deficit to five. The Nets were all over the offensive glass in the first half, totaling 15 rebounds off of their own missed shots and scoring 19 second-chance points to take a 59-50 lead into intermission. BK dominated the first half and took full advantage of a Rondo-less backcourt but Paul Pierce wouldn’t let hist team go down without a fight.

Trailing by 13, Pierce and the Celtics started to find their groove midway through the third quarter. The Truth hit a three that woke up the Boston faithful in attendance. After he picked up his fourth foul and refused to be pulled by Doc Rivers, Pierce hit back-to-back baskets ato give the Celtics a 73-71 lead. The Nets were a bit stunned and trailed 79-74 heading into the final quarter. In the fourth, BK regained their focus and a Jerry Stackhouse three-pointer tied the game up at 85 with just over six minutes to play. Joe Johnson broke the tie with two jumpers in a row then Brook Lopez grabbed an offensive board and put it back in for a score to put the home team up by six. The Celtics cut the lead to three and with 35 seconds left, Pierce stepped to the line for two free throws and uncharacteristically bricked both allowing BK to hold on for their fourth straight victory.

Quick Hitters:

– Deron Williams scored 24 points, hit 9 of 9 free throws and dished out 8 assists. Brook Lopez scored 24 and Joe Johnson chipped in with 19 including two huge jumpers late in the game.

– Paul Pierce led the Celtics with 22 and Leondro Barbosa, who started in place of Rondo, scored 17.

– DWill with the ill handle:

Knicks 104 (6-0), Spurs 100 (7-2)

If I had told you last season that Carmelo Anthony would only score 9 points on 3-12 shooting in 40 minutes and the Knicks beat the Spurs, would you believe me? Well that’s exactly what happened last night in San Antonio. Both teams came out shooting red hot and dismantled each other’s otherwise solid defense, turning the game into a track meet and at the half the Knicks trailed 57-55. In the third, the teams’ shooting stroke betrayed them as the Knicks missed 9 threee-pointers–a streak that started in the second and lasted into the fourth. In the first half, the two teams combined for 112 points, in the third they only amassed 36. In the fourth, the Spurs started to pull away and pushed the lead to 12 with over seven minutes to go. San Antonio was dominating inside behind Tiago Splitter and it seemed like they were going to end the Knicks unbeaten streak and send the team off to Memphis with a tough loss. Instead, Ray Felton and Jason Kidd put the team on their backs and led a 25-6 run that propelled the Knicks to their first win in San Antonio since 2003.

First Felton drove the lane for a layup and foul but missed the free throw. On the Knicks next two possessions he found Kidd for threes that swung momentum back in New York’s favor. The Spurs were rattled and the Knicks started to buckle down defensively. Tony Parker, who was giving Felton and Kidd fits through the first three and a half quarters, went 0-4 during the run and with Parker reeling, the rest of the team crumbled. Felton continued to drive the lane and opened things up on the perimeter. The point guard found J.R. Smith for a wide open three that gave the Knicks a two-point lead with under two minutes to play. On the Knicks next possession, Felton found Kidd for his third three-pointer of the quarter that iced the game and sent the Knicks on their way to Memphis with a huge win.

Quick Hitters:

– Felton shot 10-20 for 25 points and dropped 7 dimes. Kidd scored 14, J.R. Smith chipped in with 17 off the bench and Tyson Chandler had a double-double with 13 points and 11 boards.

– Tonight’s Knicks-Grizzlies matchup is must-see TV.

– Kawhi Leonard scored 16 points and 9 boards while Tony Parker led the way with 19 and 12 dimes.

Heat 98 (7-3), Nuggets 93 (4-5)

Despite Kenneth Faried’s best efforts, the Heat were able to bounce back from their loss to the Clippers with a win and continued their west coast trip with a win in Denver. The Heat led wire-to-wire and were up by as many as 19 before it got interesting down the stretch. After Andre Miller’s three-point play cut Miami’s lead down to one, the Nuggets had more than enough chances to take the lead but couldn’t get over the hump. With five and a half minutes to go, Ty Lawson found himself on a breakaway for a layup when Shane Battier stepped in front and took the charge, waving off the basket and, in turn, the Nuggets lead. It was that type of night for Lawson who finished with zero points. With under a minute to go, Norris Cole hit a three to make the score 95-91. Danilo Gallinari had a serious brain fart on the next possession when he let the ball go out of bounds at midcourt, giving the ball back to the Heat. LeBron hit two free throws with 23 seconds to go and that was all she wrote.

Quick Hitters:

– DWade sat out with a sprained left foot.

– LeBron scored 27, dished out 12 assists and grabbed 7 boards. Light work.

– Kenny Faried grabbed a career-high 20 boards and looked like he was running on battery acid.

– Andre Miller showed off his old man game for 19 points and 7 assists off the bench.

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  • Christianbullen

    Is there anyway for me to stream the Knicks Grizz game online?.. I haven’t racked up enough money for league pass yet and I been dyin to see my knicks in action (don’t see any games over here in Hong Kong..) Lemme know thx.

  • Otis

    thefirstrow.eu has what you need

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    “Kenny Faried grabbed a career-high 20 boards and looked like he was running on battery acid.” LOL!!!
    The Knicks look real. However long this lasts, i’m having a blast.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    you can try justin.tv


    that’s only 4 live games

  • Caboose

    1. Dwyane Wade may be the biggest disappointment of the season so far. As a fantasy owner, I’m heated.
    2. Knicks look good. Really good. Any chance they just waive Amare?
    3. It’s amazing how good Tim Duncan still is. He needs more touches in game.
    4. The Nuggets are showing us why having a multitude of great role players and 6th men don’t form a great team without a go to star.
    5. Is Deron just taking it easy to start the season?
    6. There seem to be so many things to nitpick about the Knicks, but I can’t because they keep winning. It’s fun.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    no chance they waive amar’e and his $65M remaining. none.

  • Junior Taylor

    You have reached rarefied air when 27/7/12/3 is seen as just another game for you.
    I know the Heat won’t win another chip without the services of DWade but they are pretty fun to watch and pretty pretty good when it’s just LeBron/Bosh out there surrounded by 3pt shooters.

  • Comment_System

    go to the basketball tab.

  • deafshooter

    wheres the video of the lebron completely ignoring one of his fans at the end of the game and going to give a handshake to the guys next to him? that was hilarious!

  • elmaar

    I don’t think that with this Heat team having Wade or not makes much difference to tell you the truth. I mean you must add somebody to the roster who is capable to defend and knock down shots ala Sefolosha in place of Wade. Wade is not instrumental to Heat success. The Heat don’t need his playmaking abilities to take pressure of Lebron. Knowing how durable is Lebron and if he is relatively rested during the regular season he should be able to do it alone/with Bosh in the playoffs. Yeah that’s how great Lebron is right now.

  • elmaar

    Jason Kidd must be a great influence. He might be their psychologist, mentor and coach and he is more than capable two player.
    I will not be surprised if everything meshes after Amare comes back.
    And after watching Kawhi Leonard play yesterday, knocking down threes, pull up jumpers, pulling down rebounds, playing relentless defense I just feel what Pop was saying regarding Leonard being the future face of the franchise.

  • Sérgio

    Alone? Keep dreaming.

  • Coca Scola

    any Free Javale calls yet ?

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    I’m loving this renaissance of 35+ players making solid contributions on good teams. How far do y’all think a roster of KG, Duncan, Camby, Paul Pierce, Ginobli, Ray Allen, Jason Kidd, and Nash could go?

  • O

    Good win for the Knicks. They finally beat a formidable team (Heat didn’t look like the Heat at the Garden). I got love for Amare, but son really needs to accept a role off the bench. If the man is really about winning and trying to compete for a title, then he’ll know the team will benefit with him coming off the bench.

  • LakeShow

    Manimal averaging 12 boards a game so far. Beastly.

  • LakeShow

    Agreed, Kidd gets looked over.

  • LakeShow

    Pop ain’t giving TD more touches. He tries to hide the fact that Duncan is still a top 3 post player every RS only to have TD put up 20-10 in the post season.

  • LakeShow

    No idea, but love the thought of it.

  • charliewinning

    I’m pumped about the Knicks, and I hate it. I don’t want to be disappointed. I love that everybody’s is giving them respect but I don’t want to jinx them with overhype so I’m going to stay cautiously optimistic. It’s a long season.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    I’ve never asked. Are you from New York?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    naw, i’m in Phoenix. I am just really enjoying the Knicks and how they are playing. They have totally flipped the script (so far).

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Definitely. I don’t think anyone expected such a strong start, especially without Shump and Amare. Color me impressed.

  • LakeShow

    Smart. Your like the anti-IAMOrange.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    hoepfully it lasts. with the way they are playing right now, the east will be interesting in May. But, i really doubt it lasts.

  • Drig’r

    Defend AND knock down shots AND sefolosha in the same sentence????

    Also, Wade’s being slighted all of a sudden………

  • C Da Tyrant

    Anybody else hyped for Grizz Knicks tonite?

  • http://twitter.com/AjpDos Allen Powell

    What are the Knicks going to do with Amare? At this point, he has to either has to make a complete career makeover, or he has to hit the door, right?

  • Caboose

    If healthy? And with a half-decent coach? Title.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    they are going to try and play him as a starter when he gets back, they pretty much have to at least try, don’t they? and I don’t think they have anyway to get rid of him for at least 2 years, unless they trade him for a couple guys all on bad multiple year contracts….and even then, his contract isn’t insured. paying him $65M over the next three years has to be paid by the team no matter what.

  • elmaar

    you must not be watching basketball I guess
    Thabo is one of the best perimeter defenders we have, he might not be a great shooter, but can knock them down at a decent rate when open – .330 for career, but has been steadily improving – last season .439, this season .600, so yeah I put Sefolosha in that sentence with ease.
    And I’m not slighting Wade, he still is great, I’m just acknowledging Bron is out of this world.

  • elmaar

    that’s on 3 pointers I mean

  • Drig’r

    He’s one of the better premier defenders in the L no doubt but he’s not yet a consistent knock down shooter from any range. He’s slowly improving but if you saw the Lakers and Spurs series and compared it to teh Heat series, you’ll see that it’s very fluky. And not consistent at all.

    Bron is definitely the best player by a wide margin but there’s no way in hell that he takes a Heat team minus Wade to a victory against contenders. Also, you seem to have forgotten the impact of having Wade AND LBJ defending on the perimeter. That’s what made the Heat defense at times stifling.