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Raymond Felton Got in Shape by Working Out for the First Time

Following a disastrous season in Portland — during which he was grossly out of shape, and became very unpopular among Blazers fans — Raymond Felton has come in this time with a renewed purpose, and a big chip on his shoulder to prove that he can do just as well (if not better) than Jeremy Lin in New York. Felton admits to the NY Post that he took working out seriously for the first time ever this offseason: “Q: What is a realistic goal for this Knicks team? A: ‘We have a good enough team, we think, to go all the way.’ Q: You think this can be a championship contender? A: ‘Yeah, I do. We have everything. We have depth. we have experience. We got knowledge of the game. We got a great coach and a great coaching staff. We got everything in place. It’s all about us sticking together, staying healthy and continue to get better.’ [...] Q: How good a shape are you in now? A: ‘I’m probably in the best shape I’ve been in since college, since the first year I got into the NBA. I feel like I’m back to 21 years old starting off with the Charlotte Bobcats.’ Q: Did you do anything unorthodox training-wise? A: ‘No not really. Probably getting in the weight room, something I never did in my life (chuckle). I did a lot of running … training two times, three times a day … and then I had a great chef on board. I didn’t drink nothing but water for like three months.’”

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    man, pro athletes sometimes are complete meatheads.

  • spit hot fiyah

    imagine how good so many of these players would be if they took their careers seriously

  • roscoe

    take note big baby

  • redbeard

    So glad this chump is not in Portland anymore

  • danpowers

    he picked it up soon enough. perfect timing so that we can have him on the team. if he was in shape in portland we wouldnt have been able to sign him.

  • Caboose

    I will never understand the laziness of NBA players. I’m looking at you, Felton, Crawford, Big Baby, Eddy, Baron, Blatche, Vince, Hedo, Odom, Kwame, and Dwight (because he hasn’t added a post game).

  • LeroyShonuff

    It’s more players than that! Countless basketball players do not work out! For some reason they believe if I just play ball for 6hrs a day I’m good. AI and T-mac are the prime examples of this. I have seen numerous players with my own eyes come to a gym, play ball and just leave. Think Durant and not being able to bench press 185lbs

  • JackPackage

    When Vince Carter went to Phoenix, didn’t Grant Hill said that he was utterly amazed that a grown, adult athlete would eat so much candy and sugar? I don’t understand how these guys can have team chefs, amazing facilities to work out in and still can’t be bothered to be healthy and better their careers/bodies.

  • LakeShow

    You should know better than anyone that Dwight’s post game is light years ahead of where he was.

    He also has trained in the off season more than any of the other guys you mentioned by far. I think your not being fair to your fellow compatriot.

  • LakeShow

    I’ve always been on the Felton bandwagon. Love that little tubby PG.

  • esmooth

    people need to understand these bball players are human they make mistakes with their eating habits….also many of these guys were top ranked players in high school and college so they feel they dont have to work out because they alreadi made it in the nba..so they choose feel that if they stay the way they are they come be in the nba for a long time and make milions…..they dont know that if they want to get better they must work like they not in the nba and still be hungry….thats why kobe and lebron and durant the best they workout like they still in high school/college trying to make it

  • Bored

    yeah it was perfect. too perfect?

  • danpowers

    what u mean by that?

  • Bored

    i was kidding but i meant that it was planned when he got originally traded for Melo.

  • danpowers

    ah i see. i thought u might be a sore blazers fan expecting it all to be a big conspiracy lol

  • Bored

    haha nah im a happy Knicks fan

  • danpowers

    me too man, me too