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Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili to Sit Out Against the Miami Heat

Screw your heavily-promoted national television matchup: San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich struck again today, deciding to give his aging stars a much-needed break as the rest of the Spurs travelled to face the Miami Heat. Pop is the best. Reports the Express-News: “Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green did not travel with the team after Wednesday night’s win in Orlando, instead heading back to South Texas this morning for an extra day of rest leading up to Saturday’s sure-to-be-rugged home game against Memphis. The four were spotted on a Southwest flight making a pre-lunch escape from central Florida. As a result, the Spurs – who were already without injured small forward Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Jackson – get set to take on the defending NBA champions using a roster of nine players. In retrospect, Popovich was probably hinting at the decision to come before Wednesday’s game in Orlando, when he admitted the most road-heavy November in team history was taking its toll on his players. ‘We’re getting tired,’ Popovich said. ‘We’ve had a six-day trip and a 10-day trip. Usually you don’t have that in one month.’ Tonight’s game will be the 12th road game of the month for the Spurs, who have been on their current six-game trip since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It is the Spurs’ fourth outing in five nights, and comes against a Miami team that hasn’t played since Saturday. By choosing to dispatch his four top healthy scorers home – the Big Three plus Green combine to average 57.9 points per game – Popovich clearly sent the signal that he cares more about keeping his team fresh than about television ratings and winning streaks.”

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  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    are you serious? my bar aint making money tonight lol

  • The Fury

    Wait? What? C’mon Pop!! But yeah I know what you’re doing here.

  • ash

    Disappointed but still will watch the game ccharles barkley will be a commetator..must see

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1370311919 Daniela Gonzalez

    Punk move by Pop. Why not rest against the magic?

  • pposse

    i really don’t care if this is a coach’s decision or not, but this is a major part of the reason why i hate it when people put Duncan in the top 10 of all time. He’s been pulling this move for quite some time now. Pop needs to have some respect for the game, not everyone is from San Antonio and can see your players play, hell even the casual NBA fan wants to see what a tooled up Spurs squad can do in Miami. This is BS, Pop is a clown for this one. I’m hoping Barkley and Kenny Smith will kill these guys on the pregame today.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Wow. Resting players already? The season started just a month ago!

  • RedDragon10

    Trolly, typical move by pop. And I was looking forward to seeing Miami take on San Antonio tonight.


    Damn Pop, way too piss on primetime basketball! I’ve been waiting all week for this game…. I hope Erik Spolestra Rondo’s Popovich tonight. Two forearms to the chest to get it rockin in Miami!!!!

  • Nigel

    Ya’ll are stupid and self-centered. Get past yourselves and realize….this is the coach of an NBA team. He doesn’t car about your bar or your viewing desires. His job is to ensure that his team is in the best possible position to win an NBA title, and with a relatively old roster that has been doing work all year despite a hellacious schedule….this is a shrewd move.

  • Nigel


  • pposse

    exactly! the magic would have been a perfect time to rest your players, how are you going to rest your top guns against the Heat?


    pposse…it is vegas bro. Public is leaning spurs +12 because they do not know about this. Vegas knows heat are winning this.

  • Frederick

    This is why I despise everything spurs. Weak team weak coach weak players weak town weak state. Suck it San Antonio

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Pop has no obligation to any fan. His only obligation is to make sure that his aging team is as ready as possible for the postseason. A game against the Miami Heat in late November means nothing. A game against the team (Memphis) who eliminated you two seasons ago in the first round and a team who you may very well see again in the playoffs this season is a more important game. To suggest that somehow Duncan not playing in back to back nights means he’s not top 10 all time is pretty wild. There’s a difference between respecting the game and respecting the fans. You can do one without having to do the other. If this was after the All-Star Break, maybe fans would have a legitimate issue. But it’s November. No big deal at all. If you don’t want to watch, no one is making you. I’d watch LeBron James and Dwyane Wade play high school teams if it was on national tv. So I’ll be watching tonight regardless of who the Spurs put on the floor.

  • pposse

    so are you saying that right now the spurs are a +12 favorite to win this game in miami? I’m confused with what that means..

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    If fans can be selfish and say that Pop should play his big 3 because they want to see them, Pop can be selfish and say that he’d rather have them rested for the Grizzlies rather than playing the Heat the 2nd night of a back to back in a game that means nothing to anyone besides the fans and perhaps the media.

  • pposse

    you dont get it, i know a lot of duncan fans that only get the opportunity to see him once a year live at eastern conference home games, and he continually doesn’t show up. I’ve spent premo dollars outta my own pockets to see him, and he pulled the same move like two years ago. Bro, you have to play to be considered the best. Sometimes it seems that Pop and the Spurs dont resepect the grind. This is not the playoffs, but so what? How many times will Duncan play against Lebron or D Wade again in his life?? Where is the pride at??

  • pposse

    and this is the game barkley is commentating on??! wow!! Double wow (reggie miller).

  • mhm

    sighs…..At least I have Charles to entertain me through the night.

  • mhm

    Weird this is the only coach in the NBA that would do this so early in the season.

  • mhm

    Peaches lie where they fall though so.

  • roscoe

    the nba has too many regular season games and teams.


    Is this site reliable?

  • mhm

    I ask myself that a lot

  • Justin Martinez

    I definately see your point of view. The fans pay good money wayyy in advance to get Spurs vs. Heat tickets..I undertand Pop’s decision but you can at least play the guys for 10 minutes. This just goes to show how much the NBA values fans…most of their revenue must be coming from merchandise nowadays.

  • Justin Martinez

    Right on. Keep sticking up for yourself and all the other fans who paid good money to see Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili. The NBA cares so much about glorifying these guys up and then you can’t even go see them play live? This is entertainment for the live fan first. Do you think a band’s drummer or lead guitar would quit on a long road trip just because they were tired? No fucking way. We need more appreciation for the paying fan.

  • Hursty

    To people wondering why they didn’t rest against Orlando:
    - because Orlando is basically a lock for them to notch up a W
    - Miami is a more physical, faster team that poses a greater threat to the Spurs “L” wise.
    - may as well get the easy win, sacrifice the harder win, and prepare for the divisional matchup vs the Grizz, which is far more important than the Heat game.

  • mhm

    He speaks the truth

  • mack

    You act like Duncan and the gang are in their 20″s. This team needs to be managed or they will be flushed by playoff time. One of the reasons this team has done so well in to their twlight is because of Pop’s management. Ducan will go down as one of the greats like it or not. Most other great payers haven’t sniffed this part of their career let alone play at his level. You keep on saying him (duncan), when u know full well he wants to pay in this game. Their last week has been brutal, one of the worst grinds by any team yet….and it’s not over. Point being…. your asking for injuries and losses to bottom feeders. IT’s better to sit the gang and give up one then to kill your kill yourself to no end.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I think that, in the entertainment industry (sports included), fans aren’t the customers. Fans are the product. The companies and TV stations are the customers–they’re the ones buying the NBA’s services and lining the owners’ pockets. We’re the product–an audience of consumers–that the NBA provides to their real customers, corporations like KIA and TMobile. NBA basketball grabs our attention just enough so that we’re willing to wade through all the commercials and other crap their clients are advertising in the hopes that we’ll buy their sh!t.
    Which probably explains why League Pass Broadband is such an unreliable piece of sh!t that never works!!!

  • jmd

    i thought spurs is a boring team?? but a lot of these guys wanna watch them play..ur confusing me ei!

  • bigA

    If 82 games are too much the NBA should do something about that because if more teams will do that kind of stuff it will hurt the business.
    I would be so pissed if I had tickets for that game. I pay money to watch those guys play and then they don’t show up?

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    The NBA cares so much about their fans when they choose to. They cared so much about the fans when they locked out the players and pushed the season back 2 months resulting in a crazy 66 game schedule that took a toll on a lot of players. Fans had to watch a lot of ugly basketball. Don’t be fooled. The reality is that the best interests of the players is far down the priority list for the league. A coach does what’s in the best interest of the core of his team and people are up in arms.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    …Duncan has been in the league 15 years. He’s played quite a bit. If anyone was arguing that he is a top 10 player in the league now, you may have something to take issue with. He’s done more than enough work in 15 seasons to be considered top 10. A November game against the Heat means absolutely nothing to his career. They don’t respect the grind? 4 championships in 8 seasons. The best record in the West the last two seasons. If there’s one thing that people respect the Spurs for, it’s the grind. They don’t get the love that the other great teams past/present receive. They’re not as fun to watch…because of their grinding style of play. The pride is in what Duncan, Parker and Manu have done in their careers. I could argue that people don’t show them enough respect.

  • Mike Mihalow

    You’re a complete moron.

  • Caboose


  • pposse

    cmon if Duncan wanted to play, he would play. If he was worried about attrition then he would have elected to sit out a game they could win without him and play the Heat, but Duncan wants nothing to do with them at this point. If you split an easter conference teams season tix with a friends, just find out how quickly the SAS game goes. Guarantee that ticket gets picked up within the first three rounds. Thats the problem, these guys act like they don’t have a responsibilty to the fans, when they do. You all really need to stop being a GM or coach and be what yall are, which are fans. They owe us, thats how i feel about it.

  • pposse

    im not gonna argue about Duncan being in the top 10, i will never win that argument, it doesnt change the fact that the consumers of the NBA are slighted. When you blatantly sit out your top three ballers you are showing ZERO respect for your audience. He didn’t even sit out just Duncan, he sat out all three smh thats pathetic.

  • pposse

    YES! i went to the Bulls game and then and only then found out that Duncan wasn’t playing. I was heated. I used to be a huge fan, i always rooted for him and his team to win. Ever since that no show tho, i’ve had a vendetta against him. He’s like the one player in the league that I will make any type of argument against just for the sake of arguing…kobe too but thats a little different.

  • Caboose

    The “really?” was meant to be indignation as to how amazingly ignorant and overly angry you sound.

  • russian guy

    I would argue,the league (which is the essential product) has zero respect for there fans when they allow schedules,in which teams face a ’4 games in 5 nights’ situation.The league wants a 82 game league with 30 teams.

  • pposse

    oh sorry, i didn’t mean to engage a troll, carry on with yourself.

  • huami

    Preach, brother. Preach.