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Andrea Bargnani is ‘Depressed’ By Injuries and the Toronto Raptors

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

Before things went completely sour, before the Toronto Raptors compiled a record of 4-19 (only topped by the incompetence in Washington), there was a sense of hope and promise.

Raptors head coach Dwane Casey talked about Andrea Bargnani possibly becoming an All-Star this season. Things haven’t quite worked out that way — the team has played an embarrassing brand of basketball, they’re riddled with nagging injuries, trade rumors are swirling, and the franchise player is depressed.

Andrea Bargnani, out indefinitely with a torn ligament in his right elbow and a strained right wrist, tells the Toronto Sun that he’s down in the dumps:

Andrea Bargnani has had the toughest start to a season of his NBA career. He’s not a happy camper these days, aware that he’ll have to miss weeks of action due to a torn ligament. The enigmatic Roman even used the word “depressed” to describe his current state of mind, though head coach Dwane Casey believed something might have been lost in translation.

Bargnani: “I’m very upset that it’s something very bad again (Bargnani missed most of the 2011-12 season due to injuries), kind of depressed,” Bargnani said before lightening up a bit. “It was a bad fall, could have been worse, could have broke some of my bones, my wrist, so I got lucky in certain ways, but it’s really bad. Bad moment, bad timing, everything.”

Casey said he would talk to Bargnani to make sure he isn’t actually depressed. “Down is OK, but depressed is pretty strong,” Casey said. “Nobody is happy about losing. I’m not happy. Fans are not happy. Players are not happy, but I’m not depressed. Depressed is when you’re looking at Christmas or whatever is coming up and you don’t have food for your kids and gifts for your kids. That’s depressed. We’re blessed.”

This is perhaps just a clumsy way for a very frustrated player to express himself – Bargnani has seen his numbers take a considerable dip across the board this season.

Toronto Raptors fans, though, likely aren’t exaggerating when they say that they’re depressed.

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  • MikeC.

    The cRaps depress me too.

  • floe

    he better be depressed the way he’s been playing. i would freakin kill myself.

  • JML-G

    Raptors always been pretty depressing, but their biggest fail to date was that lets-become-euroleague-team experiment.. they still suffering cause of it

  • speedy

    Depression is a disease. Ask Lindsay Vonn or other athletes. So be careful with your words.

    In Germany one of the best football goalkeepers in the country commited suicide, because of depression.
    I hope he just used the wrong words.

  • RunNGun

    Maybe a change of scenery for the franchise might be the cure? Move the Raptors to Seattle and in the Western Conference.

  • MikeC.

    cRaps aren’t going anywhere. Deep-pocket owners and fans who don’t know any better and keep selling out the arena. No pressure to win, perfect scenario for sustained incompetence.

  • bike

    This is depressing.

  • zogs19994


  • Dagger

    You’re right, switching cities always helps franchises. Moving from a potentially huge market to a medium-sized market will do the trick. Not things like, you know, intelligent drafting, offering sensible contracts or hiring competent executives.

  • Dagger

    To be honest you can’t really blame BC for coming up with that (although you can fault him for sticking with it for far too long). At the time the surge in European talent that had produced Dirk, Gasol, Parker and many others showed no sign of slowing down. And the Raptors did win the Atlantic by signing international players to complement Bosh. Given that many international players want to come to Toronto but American players usually don’t, the strategy made sense.

  • niQ

    Raptors fans are still depressed that Bargnani is still on this team.

  • roscoe

    TOR is an ideal city for the NBA. That team isn’t moving anytime soon.

  • Redd

    At this rate, they’ll end up grabbing a superstar. I feel like they’re deliberately trying to get Wiggins & pieces. But that’s me.

  • adam

    glad we are all on the same page….bargs….either get traded or die….either would be a reason for me to celebrate….u fucking pasta eating whore

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    Well as a Toronto native, your Game is depressing me Andrea.

  • KR

    Andrea’s depressed???? What about all of the depressed fans who keep pleading for you to play some defense and rebound the ball.

  • KR

    Cancer is a disease, Aids is a disease…..Depression….Is not!

  • KR

    They suck in the East…Now you want them to move to the West..an even harder division???

  • fishsticks

    OKC has their pick unless its top 2 I think.

  • speedy

    The way your team plays makes you angry and say words that are ignorant and stupid.
    For you it’s not, for people that read and think it is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    Toronto is an amazing basketball city. The amount of diversity in this city is insane, and there is a growing legion of basketball fans. A lot of the minorities that live in the Greater Toronto Area (Asians, Indians) love basketball, and they are making up more and more of the population. Hell, we get decent crowds for games now, and we haven’t won sh*t in 11 years.

    The problem is not the city, it is the ownership. They could give a sh*t about winning – they just want their pockets padded.

  • LLC#12

    If that was a joke, then it was a bad one, if it was serious, then you’re an idiot.

  • DaRaptor

    I really like his Andrea’s game. He can make an offense great, for example our 2006-2008 playoff teams. Unfortunately he’s not a franchise player and not a first option player and many Raptor fans expect him to be, and this is where the hate comes in. He’s not Dirk Nowitzki guys, and it’s clear that he was no where near Nowitzki’s level after playing for 5 years. I think he’s reached his potential.

    That being said, if you have Bargnani playing with talented players around him, he’s a really dangerous weapon and we’ve all seen how great he can be offensively. Rebounds? That’s not his job. It’s not like he gives up offensive rebounds because he does box out. You just have other teammates who rebound the ball. And he’s not going to get any offensive rebounds because he’s not a post player and he plays on the perimeter.

    I’d really hate to see him go because he’ll do amazing on a talented team. The only thing Raptors have going for them now is Andrew Wiggins.

  • speedy

    That’s the problem with the internet.

    It creates these desktop bad asses like you, that don’t think before they write.
    Small brain and no emotional intelligence.

  • KR

    Cancer is a disease, Aids is a disease…. Depression is best described as a Disorder.

    Disease often implies a condition is contagious which depression is not

    Therefore – I repeat: Cancer is a disease, Aids is a disease…..Depression….Is not!

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    “Rebounds? It’s not his job”
    He averaged 4 rebounds as a center, so they moved him to pf where he’s doing even worse. Until last week, Kyle Lowry was leading the entire team in rebounding with 5.5 boards a game – is it a 6’1 point guard’s job to grab the most rebounds? Rebounds are a huge part of a center/power forward’s job. Even perimeter oriented players like Dirk and Bird have averaged over 9.5 rebounds for a season.
    The worst part about Bargs is that he’s a decent athlete with enough athletic ability and length to be a solid rebounder, he just doesn’t want it.
    I have no doubt that he could be a valuable contributor to a team with a dominant center, but he’s the #1 pick and the highest paid player on a team that needs him to do more than just shoot, and further, he’s shooting at 39% for the season!
    So if he’s not rebounding, not defending, not shooting well, and averaging more turnovers than assists, WTF is he doing for the Raps?!

  • DaRaptor

    That’s my point. We have other guys that are rebounding well so it doesn’t matter that Andrea isn’t rebounding. Rebounding shouldn’t even be an issue because the Raptors aren’t losing because of their rebounding, they’re losing because of their horrible offense and horrible defense. You can say that rebounding is apart of defense but the Raptors are above the league average at defensive rebounding and there isn’t really a correlation between defensive rebounding and defense because the Grizzlies, who are in the bottom 10 at defensive rebounding, are the best defensive team in the league.

    Lol at Bargnani having athletic ability. Sure he has the ability to put the ball on the floor and drive past defenders but he does not have the vertical ability to be a solid rebounder. He can barely get off the ground.

    I don’t like the #1 pick argument. The only other player that would have worked out is Rudy Gay. Raptors weren’t going to draft Aldridge because of Bosh at the same position and Roy would have brought his injury problems to T.O.

    He’s not shooting well because he’s taking more shots than he’s supposed to. Like I said before he’s not a first option scorer, but yes he is struggling as of late. But we already know that he can be a great scorer. He averaged over 20 points last season before getting injured.

  • speedy

    You say disorder, I say disease. Tomato, tomahto. Whatever you call
    it, at least one thing’s for sure—they both share the same goal, which
    is to prevent it, manage it, treat it and/or find a cure.

    I’m from germany and maybe i didn’t use the right term.

    It doesn’t change that it’s a serious thing and people should be careful with words.
    I Hope it was just the wrong words used by a european either way.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Cancer is contagious?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Junior-Taylor/100003121138419 Junior Taylor

    As a #1 overall pick isn’t it your job to lift a bad franchise from the cellars of the NBA? So, what the hell is this clown complaining about? Maybe if he rebounded and protected the paint like a 7 footer supposed to, the Raptors wouldn’t suck.

  • pposse

    i dont understand why i can’t just thumb down your stupid comment, just add this to the tally.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    I hate the “we couldn’t draft Aldridge because we had Bosh” argument. You draft the best player available, period! You’re reasoning is the same reasoning that led to us drafting Araujo instead of iguadala – because we already had Carter.
    Brandon Roy accomplished more (multiple all-star, led his team to the playoffs multiple times, ALL-NBA second team) in 4 years than Bargs will in his lifetime.

    So now vertical leap is what it takes to be a good to average rebounder? Again, how’s Dirk’s hops? Because he’s averaged more than 9 rebounds 5 times! Bird averaged more than 9 rebounds 11 times! Sh*t, Peja Stojakovic has posted almost identical rebound numbers from the small forward position! And let’s not even get into Bill Laimbeer’s jumping ability. These are perimeter oriented players who are not exceptionally athletic, even shorter, BUT WANT IT MORE!

    Bargnani is not missing more because he is shooting more. Even with a more limited role he’s only shot better than 45% ONCE! Bargnani is a streaky shooter with great touch for someone his size.

  • Redd

    Ouch..really? OKC is about to get good.

  • DaRaptor

    And the best player available was believed to be Bargnani and that’s why Colangelo drafted him. Any other team would have done the same thing. Obviously Bargnani was expected to be better than he is today but there was no way to tell 6 years ago.

    You understand that drafting is based on potential and team needs right? GM’s aren’t future tellers. You can never know if a player is going to be great or not. That’s why sleepers in the draft exist every year.

    So you’re telling me you’d rather have an injured Brandon Roy right now than Bargnani?

    And even IF Bargnani did rebound more, it wouldn’t make any difference whatsoever. If Bargnani averaged 10 rebounds instead of 2 or 3 the Raptors would still be where they are right now. If Bargnani averaged 10 rebounds a game that would just mean Lowry, DeRozan, and Valanciunas would be averaging less. Rebounding alone doesn’t win games. Denver, Cleveland, Los Angeles are great rebounding teams and they aren’t even above .500.

  • zogs19994


  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Colangelo made the mistake of assuming Euro-ball could transcend into championships. He drafted an unproven and Raw Bargs rather than players who have proven track records at the high school and college levels. Bosh even went as far to suggest they draft Aldridge because he grew up playing against him and respected his intensity and work ethic.

    I’ll say it again, Brandon Roy has accomplished more in his first 4 years than Bargs will in his career!

    If Bargnani averaged 10 rebounds a game, the team would be better, period. Would they be contenders? No. But they wouldn’t be the worst team in the league and Bargs would be a solid 2 way player who’s intensity and drive would not be in question.

  • DaRaptor

    It’s top 3 protected.

  • DaRaptor

    Actually, Euro-ball transcended the Spurs into a dynasty.

    It doesn’t matter if Brandon Roy accomplished more, he’s injured and broken-up now and will probably never play again.

    One player improving in rebounds will not improve the WHOLE team’s performance. In fact it will have so little effect it will not make a difference. The Raptors would still be crap.

  • RKJ92


  • RKJ92


  • RKJ92

    It’s top 3 protected, and as of right now the top 3 picks are Cody Zeller, Nerlens Noel, and Shabazz Mohammed

  • RKJ92


  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Tim Duncan was the catalyst for those Spurs chips. Tim Duncan, a superb defensive, elite rebounding, amazing shot-blocking, low-post scoring, interior dominating center/power forward . . . pretty much everything Bargnani isn’t.
    I would take 4 remarkably elite years over 10 years of medi0crity. You wouldn’t?!?!
    So Bargnani shouldn’t work on not being the worst defensive/rebounding “big man” in the league, because even if he did, the Raps would still suck?!
    Is that your argument, REALLY???

  • Demar DeBROzan

    It truly is embarrassing to watch them play this year, it honestly doesn’t even look like they have an offense. Last game I saw (L to the Jazz) they jogged the ball up the floor (aka not quite a fast break and not quite a half-court set either) made one pass or half-hearted pick and roll and then stood and watched one dude (usually Demar) try and slice through the entire Jazz team and put up a weak floater in the lane. And the amount of effort exerted on D was about equivalent to the amount of effort it takes me to fall asleep after drunk post-bar sex. I used to have a few theories and scapegoats to explain why they’ve been so terrible the past few years, but it seems like the only thing wrong this year, is everything. #blowUpTheTeamFromTheTopDown

  • DaRaptor

    No, it was the combination of Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili. Two of which are international players along with the combination of guys like Nesterovic, Oberto, Udrih. The Spurs don’t win those all of those championships without Parker and Ginobili.

    I would take a guy who is averaging over 15 points per game than a guy is averaging 5 ppg and has only played 5 games this season so yes I would rather have Bargnani than Brandon Roy right now. If you had to choose between Bargnani and guy who is probably never going to play again how can you choose Roy right now? I’m not talking about who’s had a better career, I’m talking about the situation that is right now and obviously Bargnani is better than Roy right now.

    Every player should always working on improving their game so yes Bargnani should improve on rebounding. But to blame the Raptor’s losses because he can’t rebound is just blind hate by Raptor fans. His rebounding is not the reason the Raptors are losing. He averaged less than 4 rebounds when the Raptors made the playoffs those two years so I’m saying his rebounding doesn’t affect our wins or losses.

  • DaRaptor

    Ben Mcklemore would probably be the most likely to help the Raptors.

  • RKJ92

    Always take talent over what you need then trade down man.. kinda like we shoulda done with Andre Drummond but clearly Colangelo is a moron :D

  • DaRaptor

    Zeller, Mohammed, and especially Noel scream busts to me. McLemore is projected to go third anyways.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Dude, are you seriously trying to defend Andrea Bargnani??? Nobody expects him to be a franchise player except Brian Colangelo–that’s why BOTH their asses should be shipped out of Toronto. Who seriously expects Bargnani to play like Dirk Nowitzki? We actually do expect him to shoot 39% from the field and grab zero rebounds a game while being a 7 foot matador on defense. That’s the point. That’s why we want him traded.
    I feel bad for him if he’s depressed, and I wish him nothing but success on a different team, where he’ll likely shine, but for the love of Jesus get this man out of Toronto’s starting line-up!

  • speedy

    I will not argue with you about something that complex.
    Even medics got problems clasifing depression.
    And like I said english is not my first language so excuse me if I translated it and didn’t use the perfect term. Nonetheless my comment had a point.(Your comments seem to be written by a guy with tourette syndrom)
    Depression is a very serious threat if it isn’t taken seriously.
    One more thing.


  • zogsisdumbfuk

    no, actually you are right speedy. Never listen to Zogs, ever. He’s a dumb@ss.

  • DaRaptor

    Yes I’m defending him because he IS a good and unique player and if you do surround him with better talent he can be a huge offensive threat just like 2006-2008.

    I just hate how fans are using Bargnani as a scapegoat when the reason the Raptors are losing is because we don’t have a good team, at all.

  • speedy


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Uhhh, wtf are you talking about? Depression IS a disease, and it does
    have a physical component to it. All psychological “disorders” have
    physiological causes for them. In the case of depression, it’s caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain.
    Also, disease doesn’t imply
    contagiousness at all. Please dont make sh!t up about stuff thats actually kind of serious.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    He is not a good player by any NBA starter standards. There are a hundred guys in the NBA who could average 20 ppg if they were the #1 option and allowed to shoot sub 45% from the field.
    And if he’s as unique as you say, it’s because he’s uniquely bad at rebounding and defending the paint for someone who started in this league at the center spot. His field goal percentage is also uniquely bad for someone whose specialty is supposed to be shooting.
    He was a scoring threat from 2006 to 2008? Here are his shooting percentages for those three seasons: 42.7%, 38.6%, and 45%. He is 7 feet tall has 2 seasons (counting this one) shooting below 40%! That is not the mark of a good player or an offensive threat whatsoever. I’m sorry… I’m sure he’ll be a lot better playing for a different team–I agree with you there.

  • DaRaptor

    No he is not a #1 option player and he should have never been expected to be but the Raptors had no choice after Bosh left.

    I didn’t say scoring threat, I said offensive threat. Teams have to adjust their defensive plans with Bargnani because of his perimeter game and this has and would make the Raptors better offensively if the Raptors had better players.

    Let’s make it clear than I’m not saying he’s a franchise player but he’s a great role player which is why I want him to stay.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    How can he be an offensive threat if he can’t shoot the ball at an even marginally decent percentage? He’s not a great passer and he doesn’t catch any offensive boards–he literally does nothing else on offense. So, if he doesn’t score at an accurate clip, and if he never shot above 45% from the field during those years you mentioned, then how exactly is he an offensive threat?
    Keep in mind, he’s a 7 footer. Most 7 footers, role players and starters alike, are usually expected to shoot over 50% from the field. If you shun easy, high percentage shots for a more perimeter-oriented game, then you should at least knock your jumpers down at a reliable clip. There are also a hundred stretch 4′s who could spread the floor as well as Bargnani in today’s league.
    And the Raptors actually have do have decent young talent. I guarantee you the Raptors will win more ball games with Ed Davis as the starter. Bargnani is nowhere near their best player even with THIS roster, yet he still takes the most FG attempts. So if he isn’t the scapegoat, who is? Besides the coaching staff and management?

  • KR

    aids is!

  • DaRaptor

    Then let me rephrase myself by saying that when teams play against Bargnani they DO adjust their defense. I’m not making that up, I’ve seen a lot of coaches talk about it. By having a big play on Bargnani it opens up the post and creates many offensive options. Bargnani doesn’t have to do anything but his matchup is forced to play outside the post. This is a + for the Raptors. That’s what I meant by offensive threat.

    DeRozan takes the most shots actually and Bargnani only shoots 3 more shots than Lowry a game and Bargnani’s and Lowry’s field goal percentage are pretty much the same.

    I do think that the coaching staff is one reason why the Raptors are bad because I actually don’t think Casey knows how to run an offence when more than 50% of the Raptors possessions are settling for jump shots. DeRozan has already started to drive the ball more but everyone on the team seems to settle for jumpers mostly every game. The only players that are efficient for the Raptors are Davis and Valanciunas and they hardly take any jump shots.

  • KR

    so if a loved one came home one day and they said that they have been diagnosed with Incurable lung or colon cancer vs. the same person who came home and said….i’m depressed. BIG BIG Difference.

    as for making sh1t up. have a read…it’s best classified as a disorder!


  • Mr. Goattree

    I’m glad you stopped talking (DaRaptor) because you really are embarassing the rest of us Raptors fans.
    Andrea is weak, and so is your knowledge of the game.

  • zogs19994


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Let’s see… Bargnani is out and the Raptors are about to beat the Mavs by 30 … I’m no expert on basketball, but something tells me there’s a correlation here.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Okay I just read the article lol. I’m gonna stop sh!tting on Bargnani cuz if he’s actually depressed, that’s no joke. I feel bad now…

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    oh the irony lol

  • KBM

    DaRaptor thinks he knows bball. Yet has said so many incredibly inaccurate statements regarding basketball in his previous comments that it’s embarassing. You type nonsense, if you believe it then that sucks.

  • KBM

    HAHA, I thought u were done a couple comments ago! You kept going, typing even more nonsense. Good grief you have put a lot of time into this today, so u must believe what u say. Bargnani is not good and I hope other posters take the time to show how utterly wrong u r with statistics. Failure.

  • DaRaptor

    Lol instead of telling me I’m wrong why don’t you tell me where I went wrong and back up your points. Btw how can I be wrong with statistics if they are statistics LOL.

  • Mack

    While I agree that he is worth keeping for a role player, he’s being payed over 10M dollars and is one of the team captains. He’s been in the NBA for 6 years yet if anything seems to be regressing. His rebounding effort is barely frontcourt capable; regardless of who is helping him on the boards and what the team numbers are, he plays the 4 and I would be expecting minimum 2 rebounds per quarter. I personally think it’s a matter of him being aggressive with the ball and not shooting so many long 2′s and three pointers (not too mention crashing the boards once in a while), but the main knock I have is that he’s just… not the kind of player this team needs anymore. He’s injury prone and even though he’s not playing for a winning franchise historically, he hasn’t shown any toughness to persevere through much of anything in his TO tenure.

  • RKJ92

    The only thing bust about Noel is his jumpshot and post skills other then that he’s soliddddd

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Yeah KBM, point out where DaRaptor went wrong like Teddy and I did, and watch him try to defend his points with even more none sense. Hindsight is 20/20, which gives Colangelo a pass for the mistake that is/was Bargs. What’s your excuse for defending a “shooter” who’s shooting 39%, a “big man” who rebounds like a point guard, and a “role player” that is getting paid more than 10 million a year who’s been a disappointment for 6 years and counting?

  • Raptor1995

    DaRaptor makes more sense than any of you guys. He knows his basketball. Bargnani has game, but not #1 option game. He much more effective being a #2 option with a relaable #1. When Bosh left it was forced upon him and last year he was good before he got hurt. This season has been a struggle for him though. He does need to rebound better even if he is a perimeter player. I just want to see some toughness from him. Instead of being depressed get mad and put it out on the court. This team is built around him and Demar, but some of these pieces don’t fit or are too young right now to make a difference. And even if he did get 10 rebounds a game it wouldn’t make a huge difference in their wins…maybe plus 2 more wins but this team dosen’t give ANY effort night after night on the defensive end. AT ALL. You can’t win if you don’t play defense. You trade him to the right team and I bet he would do very well and Toronto would look like idiots to have traded him. And what would you get back…a superstar? Yea right…just more young players and we still won’t win. Jerry needs to make better moves and I don’t trust him getting the right pieces back for any trade for Andrea.

  • Raptors1995

    98% percent of you are horrible Raptor fans! Go Bargnani!

  • speedy

    You are rating different kinds of diseases??? Really?

    And you think Kristen Fowler ehow contributor is the one and only source you need to get an opinion ? In Kristen Fowlers opinion a disease is only a disease when it’s contagious so cancer wouldn’t be.

  • DaRaptor

    I think him settling for jump shots is also a result of Casey’s offensive play calling. I just think that Casey doesn’t really have a set offensive plan and just lets the players create for themselves too much which is why they settle for jump shots a lot.

    I agree that Bargnani needs to be aggressive. It annoys me when he takes more jump shots than driving to the rim because we all know that he is very capable of putting the ball on the floor and getting to the basket.

    The game that jumps out to me is the first Heat game in Toronto after Bosh left. Bargnani played amazing that game, and I just know he’s capable of doing that every night.

    It’s likely that Bargnani will get traded though, especially after the comments he made recently.

  • underdog

    How could Dwane Casey tell who’s depressed, and who’s not? Everybody can be deprssed / happy apart from his / her financial / family / career situation. Casey should take care of his team’s defense, instead of playing the team psychiatrist.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    You think Bargs settling for jump shots is a result of Casey’s play calling?! The man’s settled for jump shots under Triano and Mitchell as well! This turning down drives to the rim in favor of a perimeter jump shot isn’t new, it’s what he’s been doing since day 1!

    You keep holding on to that 1 game in Miami 2 years ago, or that 1 week stretch in ’06, or that good month he had last year, and I’ll focus on the other 95% of his career. He’s proven time and time again that he can put up solid scoring numbers from time to time and nothing else. This is basketball, not 2-Ball . . .

  • DaRaptor

    It’s a combination of Casey’s offense or the Raptors offense in general, the absence of aggression from Bargnani, and also Bargnani’s attitude.

    It’s not just Bargnani settling it’s the whole team. Calderon, DeRozan, Kleiza, Lowry, and even freaking AMIR JOHNSON settle for too many jump shots. After Bosh left or even some of the time during Bosh’s time here, the Raptor’s identity has been that of a jump shooting team and it’s not working. It’s great to see DeRozan starting to drive more and Lowry’s already that type of player but they both still take more jump shots than they need to.

    Ed Davis and Valanciunas both are shooting above 50% and that’s because most of their shots take place in the post. Hopefully the rest of the players realize that and continue to improve their paint game.

  • Jimbo

    The Raptors have a solid team. Lowry, Derozan, Davis, Valanciunas, and Pietrus is a pretty good starting line up. We use Bargnani as the scapegoat because he is the symbol of stupid gambles Colangelo has made with Toronto. Bargnani has never bought into the new defensive concept that Casey is bringing with him, which is why he needs to get traded. Colangelo has ruined the organization with high risk-low reward gambles such as Turkoglu, O’Neal and others.

  • Jimbo

    To think we could have had Roy Hibbert….

  • SammyAns

    This is the damn highlight of this argument DaRaptor…read this over and over

  • Da-Meat-Hook


    Again, Bargs shouldn’t work to improve his atrocious rebounding and defence because the Raps would only have 2 more wins to show for it? That’s ridiculous! He’s their team captain! Captains lead by example! What kind of Franchise player/leader ignores defensive/rebounding assignments and admits that he couldn’t care less. “It’s called basketball, not rebound ball”…Do you remember that quote? “I do more complex things than play defence”…what about that gem?

  • pleasewinRaptors.

    Dear Andrea Bargnani.

    Please go ask Hakeem The Dream Olajuwon to teach you how to play in the post and play DEFENSE, REBOUND

  • Mike From Spain

    How are Kevin Love’s hops? Rebounding does not correlate with hops… I agree with you

  • Mike From Spain

    Ginobili had won everything there was to win in Europe before going to the Spurs. He was not ‘raw and unproven’, maybe not NBA proven, but not a real rookie, much as many players are today (Rubio, Shved, etc). Parker was more inexperienced than Ginobili, but I agree with Da-Meat_Hook, these two were additions to a team with Duncan as the cornerstone.

  • Mike From Spain

    If Bargnani did any kind of elite rebounding, he could be Kevin Love 2. But he’s not. Kevin Love’s elite rebounding makes his offense so much more efficient than it would be without it. Teams double team and foul Kevin Love even when he’s away from the ball, to avoid his rebounding. If that does not help the team…

  • Mike From Spain

    Excuse me sir, you said an ignorant thing.

  • Francis Harden

    Trade him to Washington

  • KR

    I never once mentioned that Depression wasn’t or isn’t serious. Just saying that I don’t think it is a “disease” that is better classified as a “disorder” and that there are worst things than being depressed…..like cancer or aids.

    I’d rather donate money or be part of a charity function that is trying to cure Breast Cancer or save kids versus someone who is depressed.

  • DaRaptor

    What I got from Da-Meat_Hook was that European style players won’t help win championships. Or that’s what I got when he said Euro-ball doesn’t turn into championships. And that’s clearly wrong.

    Although Duncan was the cornerstone, Spurs used European style players to surround Duncan to make them into a dynasty. Maybe not so much in 2003 but Parker and Ginobili were a huge part of the Spurs winning in 2005 and 2007. I don’t think the Spurs win in 2005 and 2007 without Parker and Ginobili.

  • DaRaptor

    Okay? If any big did any kind of elite rebounding then anyone could be Kevin Love 2? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. And I don’t know why you’re trying to compare Bargnani to Kevin Love. Love is the best big in the league. Bargnani plays from the perimeter a lot more than in the post so the opportunity for offensive rebounds is almost null. And he’s not fast enough to crash the boards. Love plays from the post more than the perimeter and he’s light years better than Bargnani.

    Yes offensive rebounding can help a team win games i.e.Nuggets, Grizzlies, Timberwolves. But offensive rebounding isn’t necessary at all to win games ie. Heat, Knicks, Spurs, who are in your bottom 5 at offensive rebounding.

    Bargnani improving in rebounding won’t help the team because he’ll never in his career no matter how hard he works grab as many boards as Kevin Love and it will never get to a point where a team starts doubling him. So the most his rebounding can do is a few extra second chance points.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    What’s up, Mike? That’s exactly my point! The Spurs had already won a championship without Manu and Tony. They were brought in to compliment the interior dominance of Duncan who was HANDS DOWN the face of the franchise and the leader of those teams.
    And just like you said, Manu had already proven himself on the international stage time and time again. Bargs showed flashes of promise at Bennetton averaging 15 and 7 but was widely criticized for his defense and rebounding even back then.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Yup! I didn’t mention guys like Love and Z-BO because I figured DaRaptor would bring up strength. He says “Bargs is a unique talent”, but you can even take a solid role player like Ryan Anderson, who’s fg% is +8, 3p% is +10, and is grabbing more than 3 more rebounds a game!
    Bargs’ just isn’t willing to fight for rebounds or put the effort in defensively. Period!