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Doc Rivers Doesn’t Like NBA Fining Spurs

The NBA handed out a $250,000 fine to the Spurs on Friday for sending four starters home prior to facing the Heat on Thursday. Despite the League’s harsh penalty, Doc Rivers defended Gregg Popovich’s move. From ESPN Boston: “Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers decried the NBA’s $250,000 fine against the San Antonio Spurs and suggested it won’t stop coaches from resting players during the regular season. The NBA penalized the Spurs Friday after coach Gregg Popovich sent stars Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili — plus key role player Danny Green — on a commercial flight home instead of playing them in a nationally televised game against the Miami Heat on Thursday with the goal of resting them ahead of the Spurs’ Saturday visit from the league-leading Memphis Grizzlies. ‘I don’t like it, I just don’t like it,’ Rivers said before Boston’s game Friday night against the Portland Trail Blazers. ‘I do get the other side of it, but it’s a tough one. You have to coach your team to win in the long haul, and you have to do whatever you need to do. If that’s sitting players, then you sit players. It’s a tough one.’ Would Rivers shy away from resting his veterans in a similar situation? ‘Listen, we’ll do it when we want to do it. And we should be able to do it,’ said Rivers. ‘It can be early in the season, end of the season. Now if we give a guy [a day] off because he has a family thing — it’s just so many things here. Hopefully we all figure it out. Whatever is going to help your team win, a coach is going to do. If you don’t, and it hurts your team, then you’re the one that won’t be around. You have to do whatever’s best for your team.’”

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  • Redd

    Thibs also sided with Pop, not as blatantly but still. I’m sure all the coaches are siding with Pop.

    Heck I’m sure mostly all the NBA is siding with him. Not to mention he humiliated the Heat by having them barely win lol.

  • spit hot fiyah

    off course doc supports him, he knows what it takes as far as rest in order to have an old team ready to go come playoff time. just watch your tounge doc, or be ready to hit the atm

  • BangforBuck

    I believe the issue is the way POP did it. He didnt sit his stars on the bench and or play them sparingly, he gave them a ticket home. They werent even in the state. I think most people are missing this point. I think sending healthy players home, that sterns pays, requires a little more justification than ” I want to rest them”. There are ways to do it that satisfy nba brass.

  • whooo!

    Stern doesnt pay then, Peter Holt does. If the owner supports the coach, there’s no issue. Same way Stern, when the NBA owned the Hornets, didnt mind paying a healthy Chris Kaman not to play at the end of the season to improve loterry chances. Or Golden State’s all rookie starting 5 they deployed last year.

  • theDankerNuggets

    Doc Rivers of all the people in this world, would of course be the one to sympathize with Pop

  • bill

    First and foremost the NBA is the entertainment industry. It’s a sports league SECOND.

    Unbunch your panties.

  • 23

    I agree with everything but your last sentence. The word humiliate is taking it too far.