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Kobe Bryant Blames Media for Carmelo Anthony’s Struggles Last Season

At the height of Linsanity, Carmelo Anthony became public enemy number one in New York. This season, with Jeremy Lin and Mike D’Antoni no longer in the picture, Anthony is putting together an MVP-caliber season. Kobe Bryant thinks the media was unfairly critical of Melo when things went sour. Per the NY Post: “Kobe Bryant was talking with his good friend Carmelo Anthony in the wake of the Linsanity fever that swept New York last season. Bryant had one question for Anthony. ‘What the hell are you doing?’ Bryant said. What Bryant said he saw was a guy who was simply not being himself. Last night, before he sprained an ankle, Anthony — as he has all season — was himself. ‘Melo was sensational,’ Bryant said after Anthony scored 30 points in 23 minutes before leaving the Knicks’ 116-107 victory over the Lakers with the injury. ‘He’s playing the way he’s always played throughout his career. He’s in an environment where they celebrate that and encourage that. He is being who he is,’ Bryant said. ‘He and I are good friends,’ Bryant said after scoring 31 points in a losing effort. ‘We talked last year. He and I are good friends. We talked together and last year was very tough for him because he got criticized a lot for shooting, playing the way he likes to play. And then the whole Linsanity thing happened and everybody said, ‘They’re better without Carmelo’ and all that nonsense. You guys put the hammer on him and as a result, he kind of got a little gun shy, a little self-conscious.’ So Anthony and Bryant had that chat. Bryant told him to be himself, to do what he does best. And it certainly helped that ‘he organization surrounded him with pieces that allowed him to do that and now all you guys are celebrating him. God bless you guys.’”

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  • danpowers

    its even more simple: when you play banged up and hurt for a big part of the season and your lineups change every few days, how are you supposed to be successful and find into a rythm? but jumping on a bandwagon to present a scapegoat seems to generate better headlines

  • robb

    I blame D’Antoni!!!

  • Dymez

    It’s not the media’s fault for Melo’s last season struggles. It’s not D’Antoni’s fault for Melo’s last season struggles, either. Fact is, the team lacked leadership and direction. Jason Kidd is the reason why the Knicks have taken off this year, and although Carmelo Anthony is getting MVP-caliber attention, Kidd is the true MVP of that team. 90% of fans don’t understand what it means to have a guy like that on your squad — all they look at is numbers — but the team knows.

  • bill

    Not Rasheed?

  • RondU33

    While what you say is true, regarding J Kidd’s influence & being the MVP of the team, Melo is playing like the MVP of the entire League.And you couldn’t more wrong thinking it’s not D’Antoni’s fault.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    thank jason kidd

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    Numerous sources have said that the influence of Chandler, Rasheed, and Jason Kidd have been huge on this team. Don’t think they’d be winning the same way without those guys. Carmelo doesn’t strike me as a natural leader (Kobe is not one either, hence why he needed guys like Fisher, Shaw, etc.), but he thrives when others lead. His production on Team USA is a prime example of that.

  • PhillyPhan1

    Kobe is right on one point that melo is playing the same he always has. He still doesn’t play consistent defense, make teammates better or rebound. The improvement on this team has come from the addtions of Kidd, felton, and wallace. Melo is geting MVP chatter cause the knicks are winning but he is not the league mvp. Hate him or love him we all know who the real MVP is. The knicks are winning because they are bombing teams from the three point line plain and simple.

  • http://twitter.com/DPisWill DePaul Williams

    THANK YOU! As much as I like to criticize Kobe and talk about how he isnt better than His Airness…I agree with what he said about Melo