Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 at 5:25 pm  |  10 responses

NBA Suspends DeMarcus Cousins 1 Game for Hitting OJ Mayo Below the Belt

Despite his denials, it’s pretty clear that DeMarcus Cousins hit OJ Mayo in the groin area on Monday night. The incident ignited a war of words between the two players, and now Cousins has been suspended by the NBA: “Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins suspended one game without pay for striking Dallas’ O.J. Mayo in the groin area.”

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  • roscoe

    SAC needs to hire Larry Brown to help dcuz.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    One day he will dominate

  • Lloyd

    A guy who hits someone in the balls gets the same penalty as a guy who threw a mouth guard at a ref’s back? that doesn’t make much sense…

  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    By means of simple math, this means that if you throw a mouthpiece at someone’s balls, you get a two game suspension.

    JR Smith, because of your reputation as a sharpshooter, please make this happen.

  • RunNGun

    Which crotch shot hurt more… Cousins to Mayo or Batum to Navarro (Olympics)?

  • RunNGun

    Larry Brown? -___- This isn’t going to be a popular pick but Jon Calipari might be the only guy available that can help him.

  • spit hot fiyah

    conclusion: it is worse to confront sean elliot than to hit oj mayo in the balls

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    I think both of those coaches are overrated. But, I like Larry Brown.

  • Max

    The last one ofcourse.

  • roscoe

    dcuz needs a pillar of professional hoops knowledge around him imo.

    maybe JC is a good choice but college coaches don’t always succeed in d’nba.

    Imo, LB would have the similar effect putting jkidd & tchandler on NY has.