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Post Up: Home Cookin’

The Knicks defeat the Nuggets to remain undefeated at home.

by Peter Walsh / @goinginsquad

Just Cause:

Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Clippers 102 (14-6), Raptors 83 (4-17)

The Clippers looked like they were going through the motions after the first three quarters and understandably so. A matinee game against a 4-16 Raptors team in early December probably wasn’t circled on the calendar. In the fourth, though, Jamal Crawford got hot, scoring 16 in the quarter to lead LA to their sixth straight win. The Clippers bench dominated the Raptors reserves, outscoring them 47-24. Behind Eric Bledsoe’s 14 and Crawford’s big quarter, the Clippers took their first double-digit lead in the fourth quarter and outscored Toronto 25-10 to cruise to the finish.

Quick Hitters:

– Yesterday was Eric Bledsoe’s 23rd birthday.

– Crawford missed two free throws in the first quarter to put an end to his consecutive made free throws streak at 58.

– DeMar DeRozan led all scorers with 24 points. Linas Kleiza hit five three’s and finished with 17 points. Amir Johnson had 11 points and 12 boards.

– Blake Griffin scored 19 and CP3 scored 16.


Bucks 97 (10-9), Nets 88 (11-8)

The backcourt duo of Brandon Jennings (26 points) and Monta Ellis (24) combined for 50 points as the Bucks served the skidding Nets another loss. Milwaukee led by as many as 29 but Brooklyn crawled back into the game and cut the deficit to six with seven minutes left in the third quarter. The two teams played to a sandstill over the next quarter and a half until Ellis’ layup put the Bucks up 87-79 with two and a half minutes to go in the game. On the next play, Gerald Wallace committed a costly turnover that allowed Larry Sanders to hit a reverse layup on the other end and put the Bucks up by 10–a lead that proved to be insurmountable.

Quick Hitters:

– The Bucks backcourt outscored the Nets backcourt 50-24.

– Brook Lopez missed his fifth straight with a foot injury. The Nets are 1-4 with him on the bench.

– Jennings also had 7 assists and 5 steals.

– Brooklyn shot a woeful 28 percent from three.

Thunder 104 (17-4), Pacers 93 (10-11)

In a game that pitted one of the League’s best offenses against one of the League’s best defenses, the best offense prevailed as the Thunder scored 100+ for the 12th straight game. The Thunder led by ten after three quarters but the Pacers fought their way back into the game. After a Paul George three with five and a half minutes left cut the deficit to three, we had ourselves a ball game. The Thunder remained composed despite the comeback and reeled off eight straight points thanks to clutch plays from Serge Ibaka and Russ Westbrook. After Ibaka blocked a Roy Hibbert shot, Westbrook nailed a jumper. Russ followed that up with a steal and another bucket to push the Thunder lead to 11 with three minutes left. The Pacers, who got off to a hot shooting start, didn’t have enough left in the tank and went cold from the field to lose by double-digits.

Quick Hitters:

– Kevin Martin went off in the first half, scoring 22 points. He finished with 24 on 7-12 shooting.

– Keven Durant scored 27 and grabbed 8 boards. Westbrook scored 21, grabbed 7 boards and dished out 6 assists while only turning the ball over twice.

– All five Pacers starters scored in double-figures. David West led the way with 21 and 9 boards.

– Oklahoma City outrebounded Indy 40-34. The Pacers were the top rebounding team coming in.

Knicks 112 (15-5), Nuggets 106 (10-11)

After an ugly loss to the Bulls on Saturday night, turns out all the Knicks needed was a little home cookin’ to get back on track…Well, that and the return of Carmelo Anthony to the starting lineup. Melo came up big for the Knicks, leading all scorers with 34 points, including 11 in the second quarter alone. Jason Kidd, who I’m convinced has some sort of weird voodoo hold over his team, played his best game of the season. Kidd finished with 17 points and 7 assists and was constantly in the right place at the right time, setting his teammates up for easy buckets and forcing turnovers with his crafty defense. The game itself was close throughout and the Nuggets led 88-80 early in the fourth. The Knicks reeled off a 17-2 run with Novak hitting back-to-back three’s to start the run and Melo capping it off with a three of his own to put the Knicks up 97-90. The Nuggets couldn’t recover, giving the Knicks their 15th win of the season.

Quick Hitters:

– Ty Lawson scored 23 and dished out 6 assists. Gallo scored 21 and grabbed 9 boards.

– The Nuggets shot under 30 percent from three but over 55 percent from the field.

– The Knicks won the turnover battle 16-9.

– Tyson Chandler continues to be a presence in the post. Last night he grabbed 12 boards to go along with 15 points.

– Mike Woodson has to be in the early running for Coach of the Year. 15-5 while missing two starters is nothing to sneeze at.


Magic 98 (8-12), Suns 90 (7-15)

The Suns are just not a good ball team right now and last night they dropped their seventh straight after losing at home to the Magic. The Suns held a 67-61 lead with four minutes left in the third quarter but completely fell apart. The Magic ripped off a 21-10 lead that stretched into the fourth and gave Orlando an 82-77 lead. After falling behind by 11 in the final quarter, the Suns went on a 6-0 spurt to cut the lead to five with three and change left. But the Magic scored four quick points to go back up by nine and put the Suns away for good.

Quick Hitters:

– The Suns were missing Goran Dragic who was sick.

– The Magic bench outscored the Suns bench 49-30. The Magic also outrebounded the Suns 44-29.

– JJ Redick led the way with 20 points.

– Free Marcin Gortat. Free JJ Redick, too.

Jazz 117 (12-10), Lakers 110 (9-12)

The Jazz frontcourt made lightwork of Dwight Howard as Al Jefferson (14 and 11), Paul Millsap (24 and 9) and Enes Canter (14 and 6) dominated inside to lead Utah to a solid road victory. Howard played 41 minutes and finished with 11 points and 16 boards. The Lakers never led in the second half and fell behind by as many as 15 in the fourth quarter after Utah went on a 20-8 run. The Lakers countered with a 17-7 run of their own and cut it to five with a minute and change left. Kobe, who finished with 34 on 24 shots, did everything in his power to push his team over the hump but missed two three-pointers in the final 30 seconds and LA dropped their second straight game.

Quick Hitters:

– Mike D’Antoni does not care about defense. The Jazz shot 54 percent from the field and outscored the Lakers 19-4 on the break.

– Gordon Hawyard finished with 14.

– Jordan Hill finished with 17 off the bench while Jodie Meeks chipped in with 16.

– The Lakers play their next four away from the Staples Center. They can make a statement by beating the Knicks at the Garden on Thursday.

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  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    how can Dwight play 41 minutes and get only 10 shots?

  • tim

    Your answer: Kobe Bean Bryant

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    My exact sentiments after seeing the box score. Is he over-passing, or are the Lakers not feeding him in the post, or both?! He only shot 2 free throws so the hack-a-Dwight philosophy isn’t the reason.

  • speedy

    The question is on how many touches and opportunities did he get them.
    24 shots for kobe doesn’t seem that much. Didn’t Dwight get the ball and was limited to 10 shots or is it showing that he isn’t as dominant as many thought.
    I didn’t watch the game.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk


    .How in the world is Dwight going to “create touches” aside from offensive rebounds? He’s the Center. You have to PASS him the ball.


    “24 shots from Kobe doesn’t seem that much” – he attempted a field goal more than once every 2 minutes. — whether he should have shot that much is one thing, but he definitely shot a lot. It doesn’t seem like not that much, it isn’t not that much. it’s a lot of shots.
    Jodie Meeks and Jordan Hill finished the game with the 2nd and 3rd most shots…..so let me make this even more clear.
    No matter what kind of shape Dwight Howard is in, he should never shoot less shots than Jordan Hill and Jodie Meeks. And definitely never less then both of them in the same game.

  • speedy

    Sorry dude, relax.
    I didn’t see the game and forgot the question marks after my sentences.

    So did he get the touches or not?
    24 shots was normal for Jordan or is normal for a guy that collects 34 points.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Doesn’t seem like he did considering the whole 10 shots issue. I didn’t watch the game either but I can tell you from the recaps I’ve read that the team is still without much structure within their offense. .
    In terms of Kobe shooting 24 shots and comparing to Jordan. Uhm, Jordan shot 24 or more shots a game, twice, in his whole career. So yes, 24 shots for ANYONE is a lot of shots. .
    But I’m not blaming Kobe for Dwight’s lack of touches, that wasn’t me who said that. I’m just expressing that can’t happen, especially when Dwight and Kobe’s backups respectively get more shots than Dwight in the same game.

  • Max

    Seems like OKC’s offense is still great without James Harden.
    Russel Westbrook is playing really really great so far.
    And it would be so funny would the Lakers not make the playoffs. They are 1 win better than the Magic LOL.

  • Max

    Oh and Jason Kidd should get the Co-COY with Woodson.

  • Drig

    LAL played at too high a tempo. I can remember a few plays off the top of my head when Dwight was still at mid-court when MWp or someone else put up a 3 with no chance of an Off. Reb. The pace needs to slow down. A LOT. The guys can’t run back quick enough in transition. Nash better come in and fix the tempo of the team on O because it’s leaving nothing in the tank for the Lakers on D.

    Kobe played well. He was unlucky. And he forced the issue a bit.

    Dwight’s been stellar on D but LAL is missing its rotations. They aren’t rotating, they aren’t closing down open guys, they aren’t passing quick enough and they’re getting killed because of TOs.

    The last two issues aren’t what I’m worried about. LAL showed that they can play lockdown D in spurts. The problem is that they last for 5-6 minutes at best and they donot carry over to the next quarter.

    9-12………Vegas must’ve made a ton of cash with the Lakers’ predictions for the regular season lol.

  • Drig

    Forgot to mention the lack of ball movement and cuts. Kobe’s the only good cutter on teh team and as long as he’s forced to handle the rock, LAL lose backdoor chances.

  • Sérgio

    NBK, I agree with you that Dwight has to shoot more. But yesterday he actually had a lot of touches, but the Jazz defense would collapse into him every time that happened, so he had no option other than to pass the ball.

  • LakeShow

    Mike D has been pretty disappointing so far. For me it has nothing to do with defense, the offense is what is disappointing. The tempo is awful, the plays aren’t being executed well, and the right people aren’t getting their shots at the right time. It’s nice to get Meeks and Hill touches, but not at the expense of Dwight not getting his. There is no reason for Dwight to not be more involved in this offense. He needs to post up and holler for the ball more, whether Mikey D likes it or not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/HolyBaller Dillan Leu

    That last sentence made me laugh out loud. That’s ridiculously hilarious.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Thanks, Drig. So why are the Lakers implementing an offence that is alienating both Pau and Dwight again?

  • Caboose

    1. The Magic are an EXCELLENT 4th quarter team. How many comebacks have they mounted this year? Seems like every win comes from a run in the 3rd that extends through the 4th.
    2. How much would the Magic love to still have Marcin Gortat?
    3. Good to see Kevin Martin finally get some time in the spotlight. Dude balled out in obscurity in Sacto for years.
    4. Crazy stat: Bledsoe leads the league in % opponent possessions stolen at just above 4%. Chris Paul is 2nd.
    5. Any Laker fans concerned about Dwight not resigning?
    6. If the Lakers are anywhere close to .500 around the All Star Break, Mike D is gone.

  • LakeShow

    They won’t fire D’Antoni this year.
    Not concerned at all about Dwight. He’ll resign.

  • Caboose

    Why aren’t you concerned about Dwight?

  • LakeShow

    Mitch Kup is a beast.

  • Caboose

    Lol, touche.

  • danpowers

    feels so good to read this line “– Mike Woodson has to be in the early running for Coach of the Year. 15-5 while missing two starters is nothing to sneeze at.”

    after all these scumbags b*tchin about woodson being a bad coach and melo being the bad guy to make that d’antoni-disease leave the big apple :)

  • danpowers

    i dont understand how anyone could expect something less from the thunder. martin isnt overall as good as harden but martin is such a good scorer that he brings a great scoring punch off the bench. and now that the thunder got their backup pg back from injury the second unit doesnt necessarily need that combined skillset of scoring and ballhandling from harden. all good in okc, they are still contenders

  • danpowers

    and melo either the mvp or mip award lol

  • danpowers

    1. many ^^ they are really impressive and a positive suprise
    2. as much as romney wishes he would have never shown his real face to the world by speaking negative about poor people lol

    3. yup. aint no suprise to me that the thunder are doing as fine as they did with harden

    4. even crazier stat: number of games del negro is still their headcoach

    5. i think they can chill on this one. he is in a big city now. cant wait to see his first movie for kids. dwightzaam anyone?
    6. are you sure they could get anywhere close to .500 by the way they play? ;)

  • Max

    I know but there were some doubts.

  • Max

    Melo should get punished for not playing like this earlier in his career. :)

  • Caboose


  • danpowers

    i think he gets that anytime he counts his rings

  • Max


  • hoodsnake

    Kobe taking his reputation back from Rudy Gay…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    exactly….Maynor coming back was a huge factor in OKC making the trade! The only thing I am worried about is how Kevin Martin will defend elite shooting guards in the 4th quarter of the playoffs (Wade, Kobe, Manu). Will they play Thabo and sacrifice the O?

  • danpowers

    true but this just shows that people need to trust me with my predictions lol

  • danpowers

    wouldnt suprise me if they would go smallball then. play durant at the 4, ibaka or perkins at the 5, thabo and martin on the wings with brook at the 1. theyd have a problem then down low against the grizzlies or the lakers but maybe the thunder would just overrun them with this lineup. hard to tell. or they ll substitute it position by position in the last seconds if it really gets close. thabo for d martin for o. will be interesting to watch

  • danpowers

    youll call him mike antoni soon. just wait for him to mess up any working defensive concept that is left from the brown-time. he will try to make up for that by pressing the roster into an offensive system which doesnt really fit the guys on the team. nash is a little too old now for permanent run and gun. no idea what the lakers front office thought when making this aquisition

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    that would probably be the way to beat the Spurs…maybe the Lakers…but they would get abused trying that against the Griz

  • Christianbullen

    Sefolosha has really improved his offensive game so far this year and he doesn’t seem like SUCH a liability on that end. He can shoot spot up 3′s pretty well and therefore keeps the floor spaced for KD and Westbrook, I expect him to be on the floor during crunch time when other teams have dominant wing players that need defending.

  • LakeShow

    I think they thought D’Antoni could change the structure of his offense just a tad to fit this team well…. Waiting….

  • danpowers

    what was goin on with sloan? you know something about this? was he not available?

  • LakeShow

    They weren’t interested in him.
    Must have been the players, because most GM’s and owners would love the guy.
    I imagine Dwight and his personalities wouldn’t mesh well is the main reason.
    Dwight>Sloan for the Lakers…

  • danpowers

    i also think that sloan wouldve been the best fit for them. there is no available coach out there better with x and os in half court sets and thats what that team needs to run. i was also suspecting them to have big problems by not having athletic wings that you need in todays nba to contain high octane guards and forwards. just really suprising that it goes SO bad on defense for them

  • LakeShow

    While they were shopping for a coach, I said on here that I thought Sloan was the best coach available. I wanted them to choose Sloan, but some people made me rethink my position when they brought up Dwight. He and Dwight would not have liked each other, but your right that as far as X’s an O’s goes… Sloan.