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Utah Jazz Unhappy With Late Foul on Mo Williams

Chauncey Billups got away with an egregious flop late in the fourth quarter last night in Utah, which quite understandably, left Jazz players and coaches steaming. Per the Salt Lake Tribune: “The controversial call during L.A.’s 105-104 win came after the Jazz took a 99-97 lead on Mo Williams’ 3-point shot. On the Clippers’ next possession, veteran Chauncey Billups ended up with the ball at the 3-point line. His shot missed but Williams was called for a foul by official Dick Bavetta. TV replays clearly showed Billups stuck out his left leg as Williams ran past him, creating the contact before falling to the court. Billups made two of his three free throws and the Clippers never trailed again. [...] Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin wasn’t sure Billups should have been rewarded with a trip to the free-throw line. ‘At best, I thought it may have been an offensive foul,’ Corbin said, ‘because one of the points of emphasis, I thought, was you can’t throw your arms and legs out.’ According to Corbin, Williams ‘did a good job of challenging the shot and I thought he tried to get to the side of him. … Big call. Referee saw it a different way, but I thought we did everything we could do to challenge the shot.’ Asked about the play, Williams looked at reporters, rubbed some lotion into his hands and said, ‘Hmm.’ He paused before a member of the Jazz public relations staff said, ‘Next question.’ Later, after the crowd of reporters thinned, Williams said, ‘[Billups] is a vet … I can’t get mad. I get some of those. It just happened at the wrong time.’”

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  • roscoe

    bavetta and joey should not be a floor referees anymore.

    their game calling wisdom should be optimized in a different role & the NBA knows it.

  • spit hot fiyah

    somewhere reggie miller is smiling

  • Salty

    There were a lot of disgruntled Mormons last night.

  • Holiday

    There was absolutely no contact, complete bullshit call… Not to mention a bogus loose ball foul on Demarre Carroll. BTW not all people in Utah are mormon, you think the conservative LDS get that arena that loud?


    Chauncey “Mr Big Flop” Billups!
    Smart play on his behalf tho….

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.callihan1 Chris Callihan

    I agree 100% Especially Crawford. He gets off from blowing the damn whistle. How does he EVER get a big game anymore?

  • Goon Diapers

    There were at least 4 questionable calls down the line. It seriously looked like the referees had an agenda to ensure a certain outcome. Haven’t seen something that terrible for a while.

    I will admit that the Jazz should have played some defense in the second half. That was not pretty. But the Clippers shot something like 25 free throws, to 14 for the Jazz. That much difference is dubious, especially in a 1-point loss.

  • Goon Diapers

    Also, Holiday is correct that not everyone in Utah is Mormon, but the conservatives can get just as loud as the rest of them when riled.