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Doc Rivers Says Rajon Rondo Was Suspended Due to His Reputation

After lightly bumping into referee Rodney Mott in Atlanta over the weekend, the NBA suspended Rajon Rondo for last night’s game in New York. According to Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers, it had a lot to do with the reputation that Rondo has earned over the years. From CSNNE: “The incident occurred with 3:19 to play in the third quarter of the C’s 89-81 win at Atlanta on Saturday. At the time, Mott didn’t make a call regarding the incident and with that, Rivers thought it was a non-issue. That is, until the league announced hours before Monday’s tip-off that Rondo was suspended for bumping the official and according to the league’s statement on the incident, ‘failure to cooperate with a league investigation.’ Making intentional contact with an official is a one-game suspension. But what was somewhat unclear in Rondo’s latest suspension – it is his third since April of last year – is the part about him failing to cooperate with the investigation. [...] ‘You know the old saying, you’re not given that reputation, you earn one,’ Rivers said. ‘And I’m sure that had a lot to do with it as well.’ [...] ‘We just work on it, everyday,’ Rivers said. ‘He’s going to play a long time and he has a long time, a lot of time to change it.’”

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  • Shifty

    What a load of crap. You have people like Metta almost knocking people out with elbows and people like Demarcus doing………well whatever Demarcus is doing and the NBA goes and suspends him for one game with a action he didn’t even get T’d up on? Smh.
    Also for those of you who think he is whining and being a punk or something, I have been seeing Durant throw his hands up almost two times maybe three times a game asking for calls, and a lot of stars doing the same.

  • Max

    You can’t touch a ref.

  • vtrobot

    If it was someone else, they probably wouldn’t have been suspended. I bet it wouldn’t take too many games before you see someone do the exact same thing. However, if you’re someone who has a reputation for making contact with the officials when debating a call or no-call, the L is going to take a zero tolerance policy with that. Makes total sense that they can’t tolerate much of that at all. It shows the maturing that RR still needs to do. I don’t think he ever will tho if he hasn’t yet. He is who he is. Dude’s like a little ‘Sheed now. He’ll have to watch his b*tching forever. Having 3 suspensions in the past year for issues with the officials is stupid.

  • spit hot fiyah

    mc hammer

  • The Mauve Avenger (Roll Tide)

    Well of course Doc. When you continue to try to intimidate the refs after being punished leniency fades.

  • pposse

    all rules should be open for interpretation.

  • Caboose

    No, Rondo is just an @sshole.

  • KipSmithers

    Says somebody named “Caboose”! lol