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Doc Rivers Threatens Struggling Boston Celtics With Trades

All season long, the Boston Celtics’ front-office has insisted that trades aren’t necessary. That may no longer be the case, after the team dropped its third straight game in Detroit last night. Head coach Doc Rivers was so upset with his squad that he angrily discussed trading players if things don’t improve. Per the Boston Globe: “I said we’ve got to find something where every night all 12 guys play the same,’ Rivers said. ‘We did it for three games in a stretch. I told them game four and five in that (six-game winning streak) was garbage, we just won the game. So I gotta figure that out. I don’t think the guys are honest with each other. I just don’t think we have committed to being a good basketball team. I think this team wants everything easy. They want the easy way out. They want to win easy. I told them, the only way you’re going to win easy is you’re gonna have to play hard. The harder you play the easier the games become. We’re taking the approach.’ And then Rivers threatened to shakeup his muddling roster. ‘I gotta either find the right combination, the right guys or we’re going to get some guys out of here,’ he said. ‘It’s the bottom line, because this group right now, they’re not playing right and it’s in them to play right but right now they haven’t been because I’m not getting to them or they’re not getting to each other. Either we gotta do that or we gotta make changes. I’m saying if we don’t get it right we may (make changes). The six-game winning streak was great. Three of those games we played tremendous basketball. The other three we won the game.’”

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  • Fitzy

    good and i’m a celtics fan

  • spit hot fiyah

    then say peace out to lee, bass and possibly sullinger if they try to aquire a big name

  • Fitzy

    peace lee and bass for sure. Bass has been overtaken by sully as a need for this team on the boards. Same as Bradley has carved out his niche for his defence. And for whatever reason Lee just hasn’t seemed to been able to put it all together on a nightly basis yet. I’d let sully go as long as we’re getting a legit post presence in return. You do need to get at least a couple rebounds lol

  • theDankerNuggets

    smart move, this team needs to start playing with a real sense of urgency

  • ErnieD

    No way they trade Sullinger, as he is one of the players displaying the kind of rebounding and hard work Doc is talking about. I don’t think Pierce is safe at all… He has a player option after this season, and has hinted he might sign with a young rebuilding team that needs a mentor. Paul is till capable of scoring, but not nearly aggressive enough, and has lost a couple of steps on his game, opting more for outside shots (poor rebounding and few trips to the foul line are killing this team right now) Possible to see Pierce traded to Memphis for Rudy Gay straight up. Celts get a younger player who takes the place of Pierce’s contract, Grizz get a veteran leader for postseason run, and comes off the books for the next season. Pierce would not need to crash the boards, since they have Gasol and Z providing that presence. Rudy’s athleticism would help Boston, but the Celts are still in sore need for a rebounding big man, so they would still have to explore a trade with Bass, Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, etc.

  • Ugh

    The team is finished. The ubuntu idea only works when players believe in the unity of the team. Trading players destroys that unity, threatening to trade players won’t motivate them, it will make them bitter and disillusioned – look at Perkins and Allen.

  • Hard ball

    This is so true . in the 2008 playoffs it seems like they thought ok we’re the Boston Celtics ; all we have to do is show up .Only after the ECF game 2 did we see the real Boston Celtics.
    In 2009 it’s the same thing Game 7 ECSF in thier building and they got blown out by the Orlando Magic.
    The only time the real hard playing Celtics showed up was in the 2010 playoffs when they were literally 2 minutes away from their 18th title.