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Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh Benched During Loss to Utah Jazz

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

The Miami Heat dropped a game in Utah last night, falling 104-97 to the Jazz and their rabid fans.

The Heat continue to sit atop the Eastern Conference standings, but there is growing tension and frustration within the defending champions’ locker room. Head coach Erik Spoelstra benched Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in the fourth quarter, as the Heat staged a furious comeback that ultimately fell short.

Wade’s postgame words were short and to the point, but his body language was telling.


The Heat are out of focus and they’re sniping. At their coach, Erik Spoelstra. At each other. Probably at their friends and loved ones, too. Wade’s been in the middle of it a few times on the trip. Last week in Indianapolis, he scored 23 points in the first half of a game and then didn’t get a shot in the third quarter. Monday, he didn’t play in the fourth quarter — calling it a benching isn’t accurate — when Spoelstra decided to play James with four bench players as the Heat attempted a rally that fell short.

“I don’t know, I just always stay ready,” Wade said curtly but not disrespectfully, much like he treated his disappearance from the offense in the loss in Indiana. “Coach makes the calls. I’m just a player.” Wade’s body language said enough. Before the Heat left on this trip, Wade was asked if he missed the days of taking 20 to 25 shots a game. The days before James and Bosh and being relegated to the third option some nights. Wade’s response: “Every day.” A few days ago, Bosh said the Heat weren’t doing enough to ride players with “hot hands” after he was forgotten in the offense during a night when he shot 13-for-18 in a loss at Portland. He was referring to himself and Wade, the direction of the comment not being clear.

Utah outrebounded Miami 40-23 and annihilated them on second-chance points 19-0, signs that the Jazz played with more energy.

The Heat may be angry with one another during these bumps in the road, but it’s no indication that their title defense is in trouble. One would expect them to work through these issues by the time the Playoffs roll around.

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  • christianbullen

    The “everyday” comment is a little unnerving, the guy is fresh off winning a chip’.. he shouldn’t be missing sh*t about his old .500 team..

  • Bored

    paradise lost…


    they deserved it. watch the whole game and Wade was disinterested on D (look at Haywood & Foye’s #’s) and couldn’t score. Even though Bosh was nice with the mid range, he 1 freaking rebound in 29m of action. For god’s sake Lewis defended better then Bosh last night yes RASHARD LEWIS & DEFENSE in the same sentence.


    between 2006-07 and and 2010-11 the Miami Heat went 149-179. During that 4 year span, it’s actually worst then a .500 team. D3 should thank the lord for lbj a & chris and keep balling

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    with the way they rebound, idk if Miami would make it out of the Western Conference.

  • Fat Lever

    Who came up with the theory of “More, more, more” for a club after a team wins a title? Looks like that’s the case here.

    I agree that while Wade is no longer a top 3 player in the league, if he has the hot hand, he’s more than capable for a monster game. You should ride that. Maybe that allows someone like LBJ to have somewhat of a “night off”, which he could use from time to time.

    Lets see what kind of player leadership is on this team now. In the past Lebron never seemed to be the type to pull everyone together and air everything out in one meeting. After last year and see the change, I could see him doing that this year.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i mean, when you guys say things like “while Wade is no longer a top 3 player in the league, if he has the hot hand, he’s more than capable for a monster game” do you sit and realize that after Wade’s slow start he has jumped to 9th in the league in scoring (despite only 14.9 shots a game) with the highest FG% of his career? i mean, the guy is still pretty clearly a top 10 player at worst. at worst.

  • Max

    They probably wouldn’t, they’re quite lucky to be in the east.

  • spit hot fiyah

    that door right there, leave your ego right by it or there won’t be a repeat

  • Fat Lever

    So then do you agree with what I said as far as him no longer being a top 3 player? Is what I said not true? Do you like arguing for the sake of arguing?

    My overall premise is that this is clearly Lebron’s team and has been carrying the team(plus 30 PER; 2nd in the L) and that if Wade(28th in PER) has a hot hand, or Bosh, or even Chalmers for that matter(sh!t, he just hit 10 3′s in a game; which means they were riding him, but Wade scores 23 in the first half of a game and can’t get a shot in the 3rd?) then they should keep going to the well. Especially if that player is Wade who is more than capable of still carrying a team for periods of time.

  • Redd

    Heat look very mortal, just like I predicted. Enjoy getting upset at me but that chip was a product of lack of proper zone D.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Wade is 14th in PER bruh. Not “28th” – and this has clearly been LeBron’s team since last season, idk what you are seeing this year that you didn’t already see last year. .
    And I still have Wade as a top 5 player. (Durant and Paul being the only people other then LeBron better) – what you said implied Wade is only worth relying on with a hot hand. Pardon me for misunderstand you saying “if he has a hot hand he is capable for a monster game” as you implying he’s fallen off as a player. As that is obviously not the case. – I have just read the “Wade isn’t what he used to be” POV so many damn times this year, I just assumed that’s what you were implying. When really, the guy was injured for the last couple months last season and had off-season knee surgery, so it is taking him a lol while to get back. It’s not that he’s actually regressed.

  • James

    Lack of proper zone D? That statement is a oxymoron

  • Fat Lever

    I could have probably been a little clearer in defining my POV. Were you using Hollinger’s PER’s? On NBA.com, it had Wade as 28th.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    I agree. They were down by 15-20 for the majority of the game and went on a 21-6 run with Rashard, Ray Allen, and Joel Anthony getting minutes.

    Also, Haslem is consistently getting outplayed on both ends of the floor. He has no business being out there getting significant minutes at this point.

  • playa

    wade a top 5 player….ummm maybe for a night or two but overall,cant see it

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Yeah the NBA one isn’t PER it’s just their own stat

  • Kadavour

    good point on Haslem. Milsap ABUSED him.

  • LakeShow

    Damn, Wade, it’s like that…

    “Wade was asked if he missed the days of taking 20 to 25 shots a game. The days before James and Bosh and being relegated to the third option some nights. Wade’s response: “Every day.” …”

  • andrew

    Somewhere Rondo is laughing at RayRay…

  • http://twitter.com/LuisBrownish Luis Moreno

    because their team is doing so much better right…

  • Ses

    Am I the only one not surprised by his “everyday” comment?! He’s the biggest A**hole on a team full of them! Instead of the heat they should be called South Beach Primadonnas!

  • bill

    Spoelstra may wanna think about wearing a cup to games.

  • initbruv

    Lebron seems like a pretty nice guy.

  • initbruv

    Assuming that you are including him when you say that Miami is a team full of a**holes…

  • LakeShow

    I dunno why this made me laugh so hard…

  • bike

    “after he was forgotten in the offense during a night when he shot 13-for-18 in a loss at Portland”.
    How do you get forgotten in the offense when you shoot 13 for 18?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Junior-Taylor/100003121138419 Junior Taylor

    Zeke wrote a story on NBA.com talking about the exact same problems the Heat are going through. The Disease of ME. Last season…everyone was willing to make sacrifices in order for MIA to win a championship but now they have it, the greed and selfishness that seems to plague championship teams has a hold of the Heat. Players are more worried about playing time and “feeding the hot hand” than doing all the little things needed to win.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Junior-Taylor/100003121138419 Junior Taylor

    “you know you’re special when you get Joel Anthony buckets in PnR” Great comment I saw last night on ESPN’s twitter feed worth repeating.

  • Redd


  • speedy

    They will get their thing together.

    To experienced.
    Regular season is a farce for a playoff team like the heat.
    Anyone remember the rockets defending their chip after nearly missing the playoffs.
    They should stay calm.

  • http://www.facebook.com/francisco.attie Francisco Attié

    LeBron isn’t focused on scoring this year as much as he was on other years, he’s trying to help out the team in other ways, which means that if Bosh and Wade were playing better they would be taking a lot more shots, they should just be more focused on defense so they would stay on the floor more…

  • Max


  • The Philosopher

    Dwyane Wade is JEALOUS… of… THE KING.

  • The Philosopher

    And this is the SAME guy who, for YEARS begged whoever would listen, for help. Now that he has it, he’s pissed.
    Absolutely, quite positively hilarious.

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    The real story here is, the heat scored 97 points without a single one of them being a second chance point.

  • Mike Mihalow

    If I’m supposed to feel sorry for the Heat, its not working.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    I don’t think people really understand Wade when he talks about how hard it was for him to let LeBron lead the team. Or maybe they just don’t listen. Every player has an ego but the superstars have huge egos because it plays a part in driving them to be the players that they are. He had to let that go a little bit to accommodate LeBron after they got in each other’s way the previous season. He had an honest moment. I’m sure that if someone asked Bosh the same question he would answer similarly if he was being honest and he had a worse team in Toronto. Bosh probably feels that way more than Wade given that he’s now the 3rd guy in line and sometimes he can’t even grab 10 rebounds like he used to routinely because of Haslem and LeBron taking some of those from him. Wade is 30. He’s admitted that he’s not as athletic as he once was. I’m sure that when he says he misses those days, the losing that some of those teams did doesn’t cross his mind. He probably misses being one of the top 5 players in the world. And it doesn’t mean that he’s not happy with his present situation. He’s basically just reminiscing a little bit out loud. Nothing wrong with that.

  • kraken

    It’s alright Fat Lever. This nbk fella really knows his stuff. Gotta repect a guy who plays the online Skip Bayless role throughout the day, every day…

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    You responded to me, comment more, you’ll figure out how this works ;)

  • Flash

    If they win lebron gets all the glory. If they lose its on the team. Who wouldnt get pissed at that? Being acknowledged of what you do is very important to a working guy Its a morale booster, it also works with NBA players too you know. Show some love for the other guys and keep your heads out of lebrons @ss from time to time! Its really not too much to ask

  • The Philosopher

    But he was begging for help. He even lobbied AND begged for Lamar Odom.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Provide a link. I don’t remember him ever begging anyone. So show me. I remember him talking to guys, but not begging. And even if he did, it doesn’t mean it was any easier for him to change his game.

  • The Seed

    Funny thing is, I have stated all the time that Wade is faking the funk with Lebron now and that inside Wade is SO JEALOUS of BRON now. See you can be friends, but most of the time, your real haters are previous friends, not people who don’t know you, but people who do know you. Wade lost his Zeal and GUSTO, to be the best player ever as a baller. He now put himself in a box as the second fiddle and acted like he enjoyed it. Now Wade mad, cause the Coach doesn’t trust him like he used too. Its sad, you politic for a person, now that person doesn’t politic for you now. Wade, like I have stated before, Legacy was looking bright as the man, now it looks like it used to be a dream. Poor Wade, he did it to himself. Right?

  • The Philosopher

    With all do respect, in my opinion, a link is not necessary. You just confirmed.

  • The Philosopher

    Also, a player having to change his/her’s game is tough. Not saying that this is what Wade is going through…
    It is good for all players to evolve their games.
    Even The King developed a reliable post game.
    As he continues his ascension into all time status.

  • robb

    so who was the best SG again?

  • The Philosopher

    As The Seed goes in…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1848766351 Brock Russell Hopkins

    I just feel like the Heat have this “window” since they built the big 3 of about 2 or 3 years. Teams are getting better and building just to beat the Heat. Obviously the lack of a big man will hurt the team in the long run. I just see it as a two-year investment; they made it to the Finals in 11 and won last year, enough time for teams to decently build their teams. I’m not saying they have to wheel and deal before the deadline, but good luck getting far in the postseason; Indiana is far too big for them

  • German Solano

    i think bosh and wade could be top 5 players in the right (losing) team

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    A link is necessary because I didn’t confirm anything. I simply said that IF Wade did beg other players to play with him, it still doesn’t mean that it was easy for him to change his game. You can’t provide a good source because he didn’t beg anyone. He recruited which isn’t begging. Adding to his game and changing his game are two different things. LeBron added to his game, he didn’t change anything. Big difference there. Unless you’re in Wade’s position, you can’t really say anything about how tough it may or may not be for him to change his game that’s worth reading.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Begged who? When? Your favorite player, LeBron, wasn’t begged. Three friends decided to play together. That’s what happened.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Legacy? 2 Championships (the first as the best player on the team with a great run in the Finals, the 2nd as the 2nd best player on the team), future Hall of Famer, one of the best 2 guards to ever pick up a basketball…still a pretty great legacy. Don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Dude called you the online Skip Bayless? Wow.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    That whole “Long live the King” thing has been played out dude. Pretty corny. Wade is the main reason why LeBron is in Miami. He wanted to play with Wade. Wade could have retired after the 2008-2009 season before LeBron and Bosh got to Miami and would have still been a Hall of Famer. What he’s done with LeBron has just been icing on the cake.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    yeah apparently i just spout a nonsensical opinion and present it as a fact, every. single. day. lol

  • HandsMcGee

    U can’t live on last year’s championship.. Look at Dalls after they won their one, then get crushed by Miami in the 1st game of the next season

  • LakeShow

    Gotta appreciate people that have their opinions and stick to them
    …… Or not lol…

  • LakeShow


  • The Philosopher

    So, The King “adding” to his game doesn’t change anything?
    Interesting. Becomes a reliable threat from the post. Becomes a reliable, and a more consistent shooter from the perimeter.
    That is change. He added those variables to his game.
    Doesn’t change how people guard him? Doesn’t change how teams study tape of him?
    I feel you…
    And yes, you did confirm. Wade recruiting, publicly asking for help, begging, etc… It may be in a type of form to where one may call it something else, entirely. It may be semantics. But as is such…
    And again, with all due respect, when did I say it is easy for a player to “change” their game? Never said that it was easy. I agree with you. It can be, and it usually is, difficult for a player to change their game. Especially for a player who is a decade into their respective career.

  • The Philosopher

    Never said that Wade is not a Hall of Fame talent. Are you putting words into my comments there, ByAnyMeansNecessary? If you are, then, you are practicing intellectual dishonesty. In my humblest of opinion(s).
    And, please do not become upset about my line. You are not the only person who comments on this site who finds distaste for that line. I understand, respect, AND appreciate your feelings for the line. You have feelings. And I acknowledge it.
    But again, please do not let a simple line alter your emotional equilibrium. If it is altering your mood, then, maybe you should partake in some meditation. Some counsel, perhaps.

  • Clos1881

    Lebron has asshole tendecies as will ie the they he reacts when something goes wrong on the court his body language is its everyone except me

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    You should come up with a new name because a man who goes around saying “Long Live the King” on any post that’s about LeBron James is anything but a philosopher. Use all of the nice phrases such as “intellectual dishonesty” and “emotional equilibrium” if you want, but anyone with any good sense who reads what you have to say can easily see that there’s nothing profound about your comments here. If you honestly see yourself as a philosopher, I’m not the one who needs the counsel…you are.

  • The Philosopher

    Ha! You are still stressed out. And without a rebuttal.
    Check mate.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Without a rebuttal? Did you not read what I wrote? That’s called a rebuttal. When someone responds to you, it’s a rebuttal. What kind of “philosopher” doesn’t know what a rebuttal is? You said Wade is jealous of LeBron which makes absolutely no sense since Miami is still his city. He won them their first championship. LeBron is the best player, but Miami is Wade’s city. He went to Miami to play with Wade. He had to be told by Wade to carry the team. He didn’t take over until Wade told him that he should. These are facts. Nothing to be jealous about. Wade’s legacy was set without the 2nd championship. Regular season stats of 25, 6 and 7. Special run in the 06 Finals. Hall of Famer already before last season. So LeBron needed Wade more than Wade needed LeBron.

  • The Philosopher

    An insult is a rebuttal?
    Wow. Learned something new today, good brother.
    And Miami is not Wade’s city. Miami is not The King’s city, either. Miami is a city of the people, sir. Florida is a state of the people. The United States of America is a country of the people, sir.
    And again, I say this to you with respect… sir.

  • The Philosopher

    Also, sir, a rebuttal is when one makes a point to express that someone is wrong during a debate. It is a “no, you are wrong, and this is why” during a debate.
    You did not offer a rebuttal in our last exchange.
    You expressed yourself to me. About how you are stressed out about my name that I use on this site.
    Can you understand the difference, sir?
    We shall teach each other.

  • The Philosopher

    And again, I am not disputing the Hall of Fame credentials of Dwyane Wade.
    You are engulfed in this topic of Wade being a Hall of Fame talent.
    What would you like me to say about Wade’s talent(s) on the basketball court?
    For, your feelings are relevant to me.
    I am a person of the people.