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LA Clippers Say Jamal Crawford Got Snubbed for All-Star Game

When the NBA All-Star Game reserves were announced, Jamal Crawford didn’t make the cut. His LA Clippers teammates and coaches cried foul. Per the LA Times: “Obviously, we’ve got two guys in it,’ said head coach Vinny Del Negro, referring to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, who were voted in by the fans as starters. ‘With our record and the way Jamal has performed for us and being such a catalyst for us, you always want your guys that have been having a good year to have an opportunity to play in that.’ Crawford is tied for second in scoring for the Clippers, averaging 16.6 points per game. He has been clutch for the Clippers late in games. Crawford is third in the NBA in total points (266 before Thursday night’s game) in the fourth quarter. His teammates say Crawford should have made the team. ‘He’s played an unbelievable role on this team, which is a good team,’ Chauncey Billups said. ‘He has a lot of responsibility on this team, and his responsibility is pretty much the same as most of the other All-Stars. He comes in when the team is struggling, puts them on his back and brings them back to life. He rarely lets us down. I feel bad that he didn’t make it because he really deserves it.’”

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  • Caboose


  • Anthony Dixon

    no…. Brook Lopez got snubbed.

  • http://twitter.com/thursti_tyht Thurstian Tsui

    Are you kidding me? How would he ever get it over guys like Steph Curry? Clippers are certified trolls.

  • spit hot fiyah

    curry is the ultimate snubb this year. this is my solution, the winner of the east and west gets play “the Snubbs” josh smith, Lopez, curry, Jennings etc. since all those guys probably take it personally it would be really competitive

  • D

    The only “clutch” player on the Clips is CP3. Crawford is a street baller that occasionally excites the crowds when he isn’t shooting bricks or being stripped. Sorry Clips, I go to the games.

  • Max


  • just me*

    Jaml should have made the All Star team when he played for Atlanta as well as this year. There are other players that were snubbed as well, but he is a major factor to his team. Be it pionts or hussle. Chris is undoubtedly the leader, but Jamel contribution cant be negated.he is the Robin to Paul’s Batman.

  • vtrobot

    All-star selections are always lame.

    If you’ve been an All-Star, your chances of getting selected again are so much greater, even if you’re having a down year.

    There’s this mentality that once someone is an All-Star, they’re going to be an All-Star for the majority of their career.

    They also tend to keep older vets on the All-teams too long, out of respect.

    If it was more fair, you’d see more breaks in players’ All-Star appearances. Everyone wouldn’t always have 14-year stretches of All-Star appearances.

    I also don’t like when some players are just considered non-All-Stars (Crash, Josh, etc.) even though they regularly put up worthy numbers/efforts. Nice to see some of those dudes (Z-bo) getting the due respect later though.

    The Steph snub is tough. One of my favorite players to watch.

  • patrick

    I think Jamal Crawford sucks? He takes so many bad shots imo. And he also misses a lot of shots really badly. I think he is first place in the league for the latter (by missing so many shots so badly).

  • BurgerKing

    Bench players don’t make all star teams, doesn’t take a rocket science to know that..

  • Omar

    Steph Curry…first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    why can’t players select the allstar reserves?

  • j

    mnah steph curry got snubbed not u jamal

  • Kevin

    If the Clippers believe he got snubbed, Steph Curry got snubbed the most. Easy solution, ask Del Negro to start you, then you might make it. Warriors are 3-1 against Clippers, sounds like the Dubs own the Clips.

  • pposse

    to be fair, for like the first 15 games or so j crawford was playing like the best player on the clips, not saying he got snubbed but from the clippers team/ fan perspective i see where this story is comin from

  • pposse

    the players already run the league! but i hear that they should have some sort of vote like 1/3 vote or something..this is America we are all about compromises.

  • Ken Hunter

    Both Curry and Crawford got snubbed .

    The reason the Clippers organization was pushing so hard is that they know hat a difference Jamal has made . When Paul and Blake started out the season slow it was Crawford who was leading the team in scoring when previously slow starts by both of those guys would mean losses . They know that Crawford has led the team in scoring basically as much as Blake has this year .

    Some try and diminish his impact and contributions because he comes of the bench but if the Clippers played the guy 35 mpg like the rest of the guards hes being compared to he would average over 20 ppg . Thats right hes only 29 mpg and while some will say hes scoring only 16.7 ppg which is good for 7th amongst all sg in the league you have guys like Affalo playing 37 mpg and getting 17 ppg ..

    Curry shouldve gotten in there is no doubt about that but hes playing PG . Crawfords playing SG and outside of Kobe ,Harden,Wade no other SG has had as big of a impact as hes had on his team the first half of the season.

    There have been several bench players who have made the all star team before . Mchale ,Majerle,Ricky Pierce so its clearly been done before .

    Either way the system is screwed because they are picking some players based on numbers and some players based on winning.and it changes from year to year

  • pops

    Kobe was a bench player when he made his first all star team

  • servantofthemosthigh

    Kobe Bryant made his first all star game as a bench player in New york city. Caught a monster alley oop from Garnett and Battled with MJ. Just sayin’

  • http://twitter.com/DPisWill DePaul Williams

    Steph Curry probably is the most snubbed player not in the All-Star game this year, but Jamal Crawford has been long overdue for years now…I feel bad for him…dude got one of the most nastiest crossovers Ive seen since AI, Tim Hardaway, and Penny

  • BurgerKing

    And how long ago was that? Ok then..

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    damn that sucks. I don’t know if it’s just me but as the years go by i’m not as exited by the allstar weekend as i was 15 – 20 years ago