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Post Up: Welcome Back, Wilson

Wilson Chandler hits the game winner for Denver.

by Peter Walsh / @goinginsquad

Hornets 111 (12-26), Sixers 99 (16-23)

The backcourt duo of Greivis Vasquez and Eric Gordon proved to be too much for the Sixers to handle as the Hornets continue to play well with EG back in the lineup. Vasquez finished with 23 points and 9 assists while Gordon dropped 19 on 7-13 shooting. New Orleans shot 53 percent from the field, outrebounded Philly 48-32, outscored them 22-14 on the break and led by as much as 20 in an easy victory. The Hornets led 53-47 at halftime and poured it on in the third quarter with a 12-point scoring advantage to go up 18 heading into the fourth. The Sixers posed no serious threat in the fourth. Ryan Anderson chipped in with 14, Xavier Henry scored 11 and Anthony Davis finished with 10 points and 7 boards. Jrue Holiday was the lone brightspot for the underwhelming Sixers. He finished with 29 points and 11 dimes.


Pacers 103 (24-15), Bobcats 76 (9-29)

The Pacers absolutely crushed the Bobcats in Charlotte last night for a road win. The Bobcats never really stood a chance in this one as Indiana dominated them inside. The Pacers outrebounded Charlotte 60-31 and outscored them 52-22 in the paint. Charlotte trailed by ten at the half but after Paul George (16 points, 10 boards, 2 steals) triggered a 10-2 run third quarter run with back-to-back long three-balls, this one was a wrap. Roy Hibbert led the Pacers with 18 points and 7 boards, George Hill scored 16 and grabbed 7 boards and David West finished with 15 and 8. Gerald Henderson led Charlotte with 15. Kemba Walker left the game with what looked like an ankle injury in the second quarter. He did not return in the second half.


Nets 113 (23-15), Raptors 106 (14-24)

Behind 22 points and 9 boards from Brook Lopez, and 21 points apiece from Joe Johnson and Deron Williams, the Nets held off a tough Raptors team at home for their seventh straight win. After a closely contested first three quarters, the Nets pulled away early in the fourth with a 10-2 run headed by MarShon Brooks (7 points) and Andray Blatche (14 points). With just over eight minutes to play, D-Will found Blatche with a beautiful behind the back pass to put the Nets up 15. Kyle Lowry (21 points), who was playing on a bum ankle, scored 19 points in the fourth quarter and single handedly cut the deficit to single-digits to make things interesting. But BK quickly went on a 7-0 run to push the lead back to 15 and the game out of reach. Amir Johnson, Jose Calderon and DeMar DeRozan each chipped in with 15 points.


Clippers 117 (30-9), Rockets 109 (21-18)

What a showing by Jamal Crawford. The Clippers sixth man simply took this game over in the fourth quarter, scoring 12 straight points while dismantling and demoralizing the Rockets defense. Crawford led the team in scoring with 30 points and LAC is now 11-1 on the season when he does so. Behind Crawford’s hot shooting in the fourth, the Clippers went up by 20 with under nine minutes to go. The Rockets cut the lead to 12 and looked to be threatening with about five minutes left but Crawford ended all hopes of a comeback with a back-breaking three-pointer that but LA back up by 15. Chris Paul sat for the second straight game with a sore knee and Eric Bledsoe once again filled in nicely with 19 points, 7 boards and 5 dimes. Matt Barnes chipped in with 18 off the bench and Blake Griffin finished with 19 points and 8 assists.


Nuggets 115 (24-16), Blazers 111 (20-18) F/OT

Great to have you back, Wilson Chandler, the game missed you. After Wes Matthews hit a three to force overtime, it was Chandler who played the hero in just his second game back from a hip injury that sidelined him for the first half of the season. With under twenty seconds to go and the game all knotted up at 111, Chandler got open in the corner and Dre Iguodala (9 points) found him for a three with 15 seconds to go that hit nothing but net. Dame Lillard’s (16 points, 8 boards, 5 assists) 3-point try on the other end hit iron and Ty Lawson (24 points, 12 assists) hit one of two free throws to ice the game. Chandler finished with 13 off the bench, Danilo Gallinari scored 25 and Kenneth Faried dropped 21 and grabbed 11 boards. LaMarcus Aldridge led all scorers with 28 points, Nicolas Batum scored 22, grabeed 7 boards and dished out 7 assists and J.J. Hickson finished with 19 points and 13 boards.


Lakers 104 (17-21), Bucks 88 (19-18)

For what felt like the first time this entire season, the Lakers convincingly beat a team with a winning record. Dwight scored 31 on 14-18 shooting and grabbed 16 boards and Kobe also added 31 while checking Brandon Jennings defensively. The Black Mamba held Doo-Be-Doo to 12 points on 4-14 shooting and just 1 assist. It was the first time since they teamed up that both Kobe and Dwight each scored 30. The Lakers shot 50 percent from the field while Milwaukee shot just 35 percent from and 25 percent from three. Metta World Peace chipped in with 12 points and 6 boards. Monta Ellis led the Bucks with 17 points, 6 boards and 4 assists.


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  • Max

    Hopefully Wilson Chandler becomes the player he was in NY again.
    Was he injured again before this week or what?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    yeah he was out for the last almost 2 months i believe

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    Well, there goes the complaints about Kobe not playing any defense…

  • ChosenOne

    1. I see Kobe locked up Jennings last night. It was cool to watch.
    2. Luol Deng is an All-Star
    3. J.Crawford has to be 6th man of the year right?
    4. The Nuggets as a whole are underrated, George Karl has done a great job with that team.
    5. Dwight played nice. He plays like that on Thursday night, Heat will struggle, and most likely lose.

  • Seth
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Junior-Taylor/100003121138419 Junior Taylor

    So that means we should just ignore the other 30+ games in which Kobe hasn’t shown up defensively and start praising his defense again? Stop it.

  • LakeShow

    Anyone know the deal with Jennings and Kobe?
    Do they hate each other?
    Mutual competitiveness?

  • LakeShow

    Stop it.

    30+ games?

    He has been average or above average defensively in half the games this year. This is why people like Gaurav and I always have to defend KB, because you think he’s played defensive in 1 game this year… SMH

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Junior-Taylor/100003121138419 Junior Taylor

    It’s no coincidence that the Lakers start playing better as Howard regains his form

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Junior-Taylor/100003121138419 Junior Taylor

    I’m just saying. Everyone is already praising Kobe’s defense (media included) and I won’t be surprised if he’s on another all-defensive team by season’s end. KD’s defense (especially on the ball) has improved by leaps and bounds this season yet no one is talking about that part of his game.

  • LakeShow

    Durant I felt was where he was this season at the end of last season. I was praising and lauding him then. He deserves the praise. Media should be speaking more about it, and I don’t know why they aren’t, especially since Durant is a perfect angel to them…

    Media is more surprised here, thus reporting.

    Remember just the past weeks when the media was talking about how bad his defense was? Now since he proved them wrong in a few games they are kind of forced to write again. He did very well on Kyrie last game also and has had other stand out games this year.
    (And terrible ones, like the Spurs and OKC game)

    I’m still just miffed about that dork that said “Kobe hasn’t played a lick of defense in years.” Sorry if i’m taking it out on you haha

  • LakeShow

    Obviously… He’s the best center in the L. He tends to help teams win.
    That, and, KB is interested defensively again helps allot too.
    Back court and front court in sync defensively is the real key imo.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk


    both of you are right.
    Kobe has not been bad on the ball this season. Not at all.
    He’s been atrocious off the ball. Like every single game.
    In terms of Durant, Lake, he was better late last season, but he’s really good now. like top 10 in the league good.

  • LakeShow

    You are correct on all points.

  • datkid

    Pretty sure Jennings doesn’t like Kobe. The most recent call-out by Jennings was when he said Kobe shouldn’t be playing for the Drew League, and how he’s a fake-LA guy

  • Sérgio

    Top 10 in the League? Please.

  • Max


  • LakeShow

    Yeah, that was what I heard last. I thought maybe they squashed the riff between them.I’m surprised he complemented his defense so well, per how much it sounds he has distaste for him.
    There’s a few guys you should not go after in the L . . .
    Kobe’s maybe at the top of that short list.
    Not smart by the young man.

  • LakeShow

    I would say top 20. Out skirts of that list too…

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    - Opponent PER of 8.0!

    - Opponent Effective Field Goal % of .407

    - Defense allows 2 more points Per 48 minutes, Despite scoring 15 less with him off the Court.

    - Defensive Rating of 101, (tied with Serge Ibaka & Kendrick Perkins for best of any player actively in the rotation)

    - 2.4 Defensive Win Shares – (most on the team by .5 wins)

    — Top ten defender? I’d say so.

  • http://twitter.com/apowellAdvocate Allen Powell II

    Jrue Holiday is beasting though…

  • http://twitter.com/apowellAdvocate Allen Powell II

    Whoa, we’re talking about Brandon “4-14″ Jennings here

  • Slick Ric

    Joakim Noah All-Star

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    I know, but its a start. A couple of weeks ago we were talking about role players from the Spurs lighting Kobe off by moving off the ball, so I prefer this story. Its a start, and most importantly, it sets the tone that Kobe is willing to do the dirty work (at least, on the ball).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Junior-Taylor/100003121138419 Junior Taylor

    I agree. Even though everyone talks about Wall, Westbrook and Rose’s ceiling, I believe that JHoliday’s potential is just as high.

  • LakeShow

    28% shooting is still a little below his normal…

  • Sérgio

    Please, man. You know defensive stats aren’t always accurate, and even more those like Defensive Win Shares. This is almost pathetic – to determine precisely how the defense of a player contributes to the wins of the team.

    Actually, I think its kinda ridiculous to try to turn everything into numbers. This is something that Americans love – to calculate the percentage to he hired in a job interview when you wore a red tie, the chances of picking up a girl if you buy her a drink and a lot more bull$!ts.

    To me, you have the pure stats: PPG, APG. RPG, FG%, 3PTFG% etc. The rest, you have to look and see. You know how often those stats point out guys who are not good defenders to anyone who has eyes and knows a little bit about basktball. For instance: the other, NBA.com and ESPN said that Carlos Boozer, Steve Novak and Greg Monroe were at the top of some of those defensive stats lists (I can’t remember which f them). And man, for God’s sake, all of these guys are horrible defenders.

    That being said, below I list you wing defenders who are better than Durant defensively (and I assume you meant he is a top 10 wing defender – you can’t have said he is a top 10 all nba defender):

    Tony Allen

    Luol Deng

    Andre Iguodala

    Lebron James

    Luc Mbah a Moute

    Paul George
    Kawhi Leonard
    Shawn Marion
    Chandler Parsons
    Andrei Kirilenko
    Gerald Wallace

    Metta World Peace

    Avery Bradley

    Gordon Hayward
    Thabo Sefolhosa
    Shane Battier
    Stephen Jackson
    Corey Brewer
    Aaron Afflalo
    Tayshaun Prince.
    And I’m not counting guys that haven’t played much or at all this season, like Danny Granger, Iman Shumpert or Grant Hill.
    F@ck man, I know you guys will disagree like hell, but I think guys like Kobe, Pierce and Wade are also better than Durant.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    You realize I just showed you multiple stats? Not one. Not a little evidence. But different stats, all when looked at appropriately (defensive rating and defensive win shares as stats compared to players on his team, to show the effect he has defensively, accompanied with the individual counterpart PER to show he is statistically not just elite, but the BEST wing defender in the league). Now me, not being a person to rely on just stats don’t think he’s in that conversation, but if some stats say so, it’s worth noting. .
    In terms of “how good” he is, I didn’t argue in terms of skill, I said, “he’s been a top 10 wing defender this season” – either way, sure, judge everything on basic caveman stats. Do the thing no NBA scouting department does. Lets ignore these numbers that are PROVEN to work, and lets go with your gut. The gut that just tried to say today, that Kobe Bryant, Danny Granger, and Paul f*cking Pierce are better defenders. That makes logical sense. Smh.

  • Max

    Yeah but he had a good shooting night a couple games ago, so to get to 40% he has to shoot a couple of 30 % games.
    Ah, Brandon Jennings could be such a good player if he learned how to finish at the rim.

  • Max

    Carlos Boozer All-star.