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Ricky Rubio Wants Pau Gasol in Minnesota if the Lakers Don’t Want Him

Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio has gone to bat for his fellow countryman Pau Gasol before, criticizing the Los Angeles Lakers for how they’re misusing the talented big man. Rubio jokingly says that he and the T-Wolves would love to acquire Gasol if things don’t work out in LA. Per the Star Tribune: “Rubio is good friends with Lakers forward Pau Gasol, who is going through a difficult season with the Los Angeles Lakers – the Wolves’ opponent Friday at Target Center. [...] Today Rubio was asked if Gasol was being treated fairly. ‘I don’t’ think so,’ Rubio said. ‘He proved in the league that he is one of the best. He can pass, he can shoot, he can rebound. He can do a lot of things. I think if you use him in the right way, he is a top player in this league. If they don’t want him, we are more than welcome to get him.’ At this Rubio laughed. But it’s no secret that Gasol’s name has been linked to trade rumors all season. ‘He’s been with the Lakers (five-plus) seasons,’ Rubio said. ‘And he’s been a starter since day one. This year – it seems like It’s been the last two years – it seems they don’t want him. But actually they need him, because he’s a great player. He can do a lot of things. He’s had issues with his knees, and it’s been a lot of years without resting for him. But he’s a veteran, he knows how to play. He’s a great player.’”

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  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Ricky Rubio could get his wish if Pau keeps acting this way.


    This is what it would look like, http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=bsdhzjp

  • M.Phoenix

    Damn Pau is overpaid!

  • LakeShow

    Really like that trade…
    Love Pau, truly do, but we all know he is never going to truly fit in with the new offense. He is being underused and I don’t like that.

  • davidR

    damn hollinger, -7 wins with that trade?

    pekovic off the bench backing up pau or love would be all bad for any team’s second unit

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Seems like it has a decent shot of happening with Love’s injury and Pekovic on an expiring contract honesty. .
    Btw, I called this Gortat for Smith deal they are discussing like 3 months ago. Gotta brag somewhere

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    as a TWolves fan I don’t like that trade at all….give up 3 solid/talented players for a 30+ year old on the decline….no thanks

  • LakeShow

    Does that have weight behind it?
    Having Horford man the 4 spot I suppose? Always felt he was best suited there anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    2 – 30+ year olds who are overpaid. 1 on an expiring contract.
    1 – high potential PF who is stuck behind your best player. It’s not like there are minutes for him anyway. .
    You get back a top 5 big, top 20 player (when motivated) who can help your franchise cornerstones learn what it means to actually win in the NBA. .
    Winning is the goal right?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Yep. Smith is expiring. Horford can slide to the 4. Phoenix can provide cap relief and a wing. Even a pick. It’s got legs.

  • Mike From Spain

    hmmm… how about getting a third team in?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    I could do that for you but it’s gonna take me a while to come up with something legitimate

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    AK47 overpaid?! you must not have watched a TWolves game this season the man’s been unreal for us…and who has an expiring contract?….AK signed for 2 years Barea has another year after this and DWill has 3 years left….

    Plus the TWolves don’t need to give up on DWIll yet…he’s 21 and could be used at the 4/3 positions kinda how the 76ers used to use Thadeus Young as a 6th man till he figures things out.

    Having Love, Pek, and Gasol would be dumb. one of Pek or Gasol would have to come off the bench which would be a waste of their talens….Also the TWolves WILL sign Pek after the season. Taking on Gasol’s dumb contract while giving up 3 key players wouldn’t better the Wolves AT ALL…them getting everyone healthy would benefit them the most.

    They would most definitely be a playoff team if we wouldn’t have had the ungodly amount of injuries this season.

  • Mike From Spain

    I know that it is not that easy, but I just think the price is a bit too steep. If there is a way to ship out Rid or Barea, Roy as an expiring, Stiemsma, Amundsen and Derrick Williams, then I am all for it. If the price involves AK… well, he might just not pick his player option next year, but if he stays with the Wolves it’d be better to keep him

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    If AK accepts his option he isn’t expiring. That’s a pretty big IF though considering 6-8 a year for 3 more years is more appealing than 10 for 1. – and yes, he’s slightly overpaid. He’s making 9 million dollars to be a key role player that doesn’t really affect the fortunes of the team (hint: it’s why him being on the team hasn’t changed anything, they still suck – and they are still unhealthy). His salary would make sense for a team like LA, that actually does need a role player for the playoff push. – the context AK is playing under renders him overpaid in other words. .
    And Pekovic is expiring.

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    AK has already said that he plans on staying, so it’s not a “big IF” and he’s not a role players he starts…AK’s numbers for the season are 14 pts 7 rbs 3 assists 1 block and 2 steals per game AND he’s shooting over 50% from the floor…he affects the game on both sides of the ball who’s a good leader for the younger players…

    I know that the Wolves are still unhealthy…I watch every game…and…(hint: if the team was healthy the Wolves would be at least a 6 or 7 seed in the west)

    AK isn’t a guy who’s going to keep you in the playoff hunt by himself but he’s a damn solid starter who helps out in all aspects of the game. Definitely been worth the money he’s been paid so far…

    where are you getting the 6-8 a year for 3 years number?

    Also why would the wolves pay for a season and a half for Gasol when he’ll be making a little over 19 mil a year this season and next when he’s been less effective numbers wise than Pek and AK…

    Pek is 5 years younger, will make less than 19 mil a year after resigning with the Wolves, and is far more effective than Gasol.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    They planned on being a playoff team too. Things change. And I’m aware of what his stats are and how he affects games. He’s the type of player that make a team that competes that much better. But they don’t compete.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Albert-Kwon/100001671851176 Albert Kwon

    I’d love to see Gasol+Rubio. But, the Lakers won’t trade him to the Wolves as the only player the Lakers would want is Love who is untouchable.

  • chigaderu

    How about Pau Gasol and Mike D’Antoni over Kevin Love?

  • Yoyo

    Send Williams pekovic ridnour to hawks smith Korver petro to lakers gasol Meeks ebanks to wolves

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/77GLHS76Q5C4LOUBC4QOXKBUC4 THE SH1T

    Please trade Gasol he complains about not being in the game in the 4th quarter. He get his shot and chokes. He’s to selfish

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    You still haven’t given a compelling argument as to why, the Wolves should give away 3 players who will help them compete once the team is healthy again. Which could be later on in the second half of this season and next season, for a guy who’s getting paid 19 mil a year and is on the decline…

  • MarcoNYETEV

    I don’t think you realize how bad the injuries are. We had at one point, gone through FOUR shooting guards, two point guards, our starting centre, and OUR STAR POWER FORWARD. Most teams don’t have four shooting guards on their roster, and we managed to lose 4 of them. Asking AK47 to play better is ridiculous. He’s one of two or three reasons(depending on the night) that the Wolves can keep games even close. The other one is Pek, and sometimes our guard play.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Hmmm, how to explain that to get the best player in a trade you have to give up more players of lower skill…. .
    And I already explained why the cost is theoretically worth it. He’d come in (assuming he’s motivated) and be a top 5 center. To pair next to your top 5 PF and rapidly up & coming PG. His contract is 2 more years, so while expensive, it’s still one player who is better than the three you gave up, much better. .
    Kirelinko might not be there next year, Barea is overpaid and sporadic, and Derrick Williams looks like a top notch 6th man, at best. And that’s not gonna be for a while. If they can get Pau for those three, after offering even more for him in the past, I think Kahn would do it. I’m confident he would infact.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Why they aren’t competitive doesn’t change that they aren’t competitive. .
    And I never once even hinted that AK needs to play better. The team just sucks. He doesn’t help crappy teams. He helps good ones. So he doesn’t need to be there.

  • shutup

    I can think of about 28 other teams that could use a top ten PF.

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    Give us Kobe Bryant then and you have yourself a deal….using your logic: even tho Bryant is playing well the team is still sucking so may as well trade him….

    you don’t just trade key parts of the FUTURE for a decrepit Gasol who is way more expensive than what he’s worth…he’s soft and obviously isn’t a team player…why would we pay a big man who’s soft and a guy who complains about doing what’s best to help the team out over 19 mil a year…no thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    at this point in the season I wouldn’t call Gasol the “best” player in that trade….over the coarse of his career he’s the best player of the lot….but not this season…

    Gasol should in no way play center except if he’s giving the starting center a breather….Gasol is a PF….to soft to play center…and in NO WAY would he be a top 5 center…these are all the Centers I would take over Gasol:
    Brook Lopez, Tyson Chandler, Al Jefferson, Marc Gasol, Greg Monroe, DH12, Demarcus Cousins, Joakim Noah, Pekovic, Drummond, Al Horford, Hibbert…must I continue?….

    And you should check your facts Gasol’s contract runs out after the 13-14 nba season which is next season….so the Wolves if they acquired him would only have him under contract for the last half of this year and just next season…

    The combined production between DWill, Barea, and AK I would take any day of the week over a PF who you claim would be a “top 5 CENTER” in the NBA…no way…

    As I’ve said Kirelinko has already stated several times in interviews that his intentions are to come back next season, he’s really enjoyed Minnesota. Barea is a spark plug off the bench who automatically injects energy/hustle on both sides of the floor and makes everyone play harder….when looking at the “value” of a player there is more to it than just numbers….and I’m fine with having a top notch 6th man in DWill every good/contending team needs a good 6th man….may as well wait and see what he can develop into.

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    Kevin Love is about to untouchable as one could be in the NBA….but as a Wolves fan I’m not so sure I would use the term untouchable when David Kahn is our GM….dude loves making the unexpected move….

    but he definitely wouldn’t give up the best PF in the NBA when healthy for a 32 year old soft PF who’s on the decline

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Derrick Williams is a key part of your future, worth not getting better for? Then you are more optimistic about him then everyone else. He is looked at by many as a trade chip. Again, when Kevin Love is healthy, there is nowhere for him to play. .
    And you can say those things about Gasol because they have been true for 2 years in Los Angeles California. I think all of his other 10 years of professional basketball, plus the fact that he will be without pressure and playing with Ricky (who makes life easier for everyone) in Minneapolis Minnesota will provide a perfect situation for him to regain form. I’m sure he’ll make the team much better than they are right now regardless. .
    And still, David Kahn has been trying to get Gasol for over a year. You arguing with me about your opinion is fine; but I’m more inclined to think mine relates closer to management and thus, is more realistic.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    If you really think 7’1″ 250lb Pau Gasol is a PF at this point in his career you might as well stop.. You don’t know what you are talking about. .
    And repeatedly citing his stats/performance from this year as your argument against him is obnoxiously ignorant. Lets ignore context altogether and go by stats and storylines. That’s fun and logical. .
    And I don’t care about your OPINION, it doesn’t change anything buddy. That’s fine that you don’t agree with me, you aren’t going to change my stated logical reasoning to believe Minnesota is highly interested in Pau Gasol, and in thinking the team will have to surrender considerable talent to get him (like any and all trades) by repeating your opinion over and over again. Unless you have something that actually hints at Gasol’s long term decline aside from the train wreck that is this Lakers team, fine, show it to me, don’t show me your opinion. You asked me why the wolves would do this, I told you. You don’t agree? Ok. Cool. .
    - I also know Gasol is the best player in the trade. Everyone with even a little bit of understanding knows this. I mean have you watched his career? Did you watch this summer? Or are you just watching on ESPN and listening to story lines? Save me with the bullsh*t you would do as a GM, if I want to know ill ask.

  • sammyb96

    Yes I also agree with Rubio, Minnesota needs more white players ;)

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    I’m not saying that David Kahn wouldn’t execute a dumb trade like the one you’ve proposed…but I’d like to think there is some humanity left in this world for a Timberwolve fan….

    that being said….yes people are down on DWill, but the man is 21 he has tons of time to improve….yes I agree that he’s stuck behind K Love at the 4 but if he improves enough and is patient enough he’ll be the first guy off the bench to give Love or Kirilenko a break at the 3 maybe even take over for Kirilenko at the SF position after the 13-14 season…..he has enough skill that he could develop into a nice SF.

    I keep getting hung up on you using Gasol and Wolves getting better in the same sentence….getting Gasol and giving up 3 players when we’re already having depth issues bc of injuries just to be competitive makes no sense to me….especially when 3 out of the 4 injured people still on our roster might not even come back this season…the Wolves need more help at the SG position and backup Center position than anything else

    now if they made that trade after the season and see if Pek resigns with the Wolves or not then what you proposed may be a little more logical….

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    He IS a PF…..that’s his position…like there’s no other way to prove that other than send you a link to every website that has anything to do with the NBA because they all say his primary position is PF…even the Lakers official website lists his official position as a PF……sooooo yet again….his best suited position is PF but can play Center if the starting Center is injured or needs a rest….

    And I don’t know what I’m talking about? I don’t know how he’s declining….his FG % each year has declined since 2008 so he’s becoming less and less efficient every season on offense….every season since 2009 his rebounding numbers have gone down and is avg the 3rd lowest amount of rebounds per game in his career while still avg 34 min per game this season….and since 2006 his PPG has declined basically every year from over 20ppg now down to under 13ppg…..

    Stats from this last season and this season are really the best indicators of where he is as a player right now….I agree with you Pau Gasol has had an AWESOME career he’s been a stud an can be really effective….but any smart GM will make a trade based on a.) what has the player done recently…and b.) can this CURRENT VERSION of the player (not past, 18ppg 11rbs per game Gasol from 3 seasons ago, but past 2 season 15ppg 8.5rbs/g Gasol) improve my current situation over K Love(answer: NO) or 15ppg 8rbs/g Pekovic(not really considering Pek makes $14.4 mil less than Gasol)…and c.) Is it smart to bring in another PF/C who is worthy of being a starter when I already have two players who are younger and perform better at those positions….when in actuality I need to bolster the wing positions on my team….then there are many other factors such as value for how much you pay, is he a team player/will he do what coaches ask to help team win, etc…

    I’m not arguing that Gasol wasn’t an amazing player and couldn’t be a solid player, I’m just questioning the logic behind trading away 3 players from positions that the Wolves need to bolster…for 1 player who would be at a position where he wouldn’t necessarily start….there’s NO way that Pau Gasol as a bench player is worth 19 mil a year

    Until you provide actual stats and evidence as to HOW Gasol would better the team more so than the 3 players: AK, DWill, Barea combined…then I’m not seeing how you actually think this would be a good trade for the Wolves….

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    another comment on this statement….just bc the Wolves aren’t competitive THIS season shouldn’t result the Wolves trading away their most effective player up to this point in the season away…especially since the Wolves front office just brought him in with a bunch of other key guys who got hurt this year…the Front Office hasn’t even seen what the group can do when fully healthy…

    and as sad for me as it is to say this but the Wolves are pretty crappy right now…but AK does help a crappy team and makes them at least competitive on a nightly basis, the W column may not show it but he definitely is a KEY factor to the Wolves competitiveness this year, and future success.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    They aren’t getting better this season.
    This season is a lost cause.
    Derrick Williams is a PF. He can’t play the 3, especially in this NBA. Trying to convince yourself or anyone he is a SF is a form of denial or something. Pau will make them better. And what he brings as a veteran who has been key to winning would be invaluable to the Wolves.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Lol, oh no! A website says he is a PF!
    He’s a center. Statistically he is vastly more productive and less of a defensive liability playing Center. He WAS a PF when he was younger. And has been STUCK playing the position because he’s been next to Bynum and Howard since he was 29. You noticed that right? I mean, he kind of has to be listed as a PF considering there are only 5 positions to choose from and two of them aren’t Center in a starting lineup. Think critically about what position Pau Gasol should truly play. List his strengths and weaknesses. Look at his size. Now compare all of that to every big in the rest of the league. He’s a Center. It’s obvious.

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    I guarantee you they will get better once K Love and Budinger come back….but I agree that it would be too little too late…

    Derrick Williams is more comfortable at the 4…but saying he can’t play the 3 is ludicrous….he’s as athletic as a lot of 3′s in the NBA and most of his “standout” games have come from games where he plays the majority of his minutes at the 3 spot….

    He’s already shown this season that he’s improved his overall FG% and 3PT%…shooting 42% from the floor which is solid for a player who takes most of his shots from outside the paint or slashes…doesn’t post up very often bc he’s more of a face up/ attack the rim off the dribble player….and his 3PT% is up 8% from last season 27% to 35% this year WHICH: ranks him in the top 30 Forwards for 3pt% up to this point in the season…which is impressive considering how poor he shot last season….

    Numbers and watching him nightly shows that he’s doing all the right things to become a solid wing player in a year or two…

    And if for $19 mil per season all the Wolves would really benefit from getting Pau is veteran leadership…then what’s the point…AK has been to the playoffs 6 times in his 10 years in the NBA…that sounds like playoff experience to me…and we get to keep our depth, and young talent.

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    Yes, resources for finding factual information have indeed informed me and the rest of the world that Gasol’s PRIMARY position is PF….I’ve agreed with you numerous times that yes, indeed he CAN play the Center position and does a fine job at it….

    He played PF when he was younger and STILL DOES…..he also will come in from time to time and play Center…but if you know anything about basketball or played it past grade school you would know that Gasol’s skill set is more suited to face-up and to be more of a finesse type of post player which is…..the PF position….although since he is so big he is also apt at scoring with his back to the basket against some of the smaller/weaker post defenders in the league.

    And yes indeed I have noticed the last 8 seasons of basketball and observed that Gasol has played with 2 LEGITIMATE (back-to-the-basket, power you out of the way) CENTERS…

    Also yes I did learn that there are 5 positions on a basketball team, I think I learned that when I was 4 years old….and if you look back to one of my previous comments it clearly states that I said that MOST factual informational resources list Gasol as both a PF and a Center but listing PF as his PRIMARY position….

    Also most resources indicate Kevin Love as a PF as primary and a Center as secondary….but would you call Kevin Love a center…no.

    Ok…hmmmm his strengths are: athletic for how big he is, solid passer, good touch on his jump shot and hook has range to the 3pt line, also his size give him the ability to play PF or Center (when needed)

    weaknesses: he’s soft on defense, not as good of a rebounder as he should be for his size, weaker than most other good post players who defend him when he goes to score with his back to the hoop, not intense enough on defense or quickness to keep up with some of quicker post players

    And last but not least…just bc he is as tall or taller than some other centers in the league doesn’t automatically qualify him to be a “top 5 center in the league” ….your words not mine…

    Now let’s see….so if size is what makes it so obvious that Gasol is a center then I guess in that case Kevin Durant should play center he’s 6′ 10” Gallinari is 6’11″ so he’s center size Chandler Parsons is 6’10″, Illyasova should play center…Michael Beasley is 6’10″ he’s center sized…heck even Pau’s replacement Earl Clark should be a center for how tall he is…Perry Jones is 6’11″….Hedo is 6’11″ too….yet all of those guys play SF….I guess just by looking at size it really doesn’t matter bc most of these guys are as tall as starting Centers in this league yet none of them play Center.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    You are exhausting. I will give you all the proof you need that he is a 5 tomorrow and give further evidence why the trade MAKES SENSE (which doesnt mean you have to agree, it just means its feasible that it will happen) when I’m not doing this from the email on my phone in the middle of the night. I’m not reading your snarky little essay. You clearly are misinformed and watch primarily timberwolves games. Have a good night. Take a break.

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    He will play 5 tomorrow solely bc, Dwight Howard is hurt, which goes back to my previous statement of Pau plays at the 5 when the regular Center is hurt or needs a rest….other than that he plays the PF position which is his primary spot on the floor.

    I understand that, and from the beginning I NEVER said that it wasn’t a feasible trade…it very well may be feasible that Kahn would go for a trade like that…that doesn’t mean it’s a wise trade or would bring any more value to the Wolves this season or next than keeping the 3 players in the “proposed” trade….

    Yes, I must clearly be misinformed, especially since the Lakers are one of 3 teams that I follow the closest out of the 30 nba teams I watch on a weekly basis on my NBA League Pass account…

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    Oh and since we’re being so specific about how many positions are on the floor and the names of those positions….TECHNICALLY the rules don’t specify that you can’t have more than one Center on the floor at a time…so if he truly was a Center why wouldn’t they call him that…for example if Pek and Steimsma were on the floor at the same time you wouldn’t say….oh yea Pek or Steimsma is a PF, they’re both still classified as Centers….the first few decades of basketball actually had a lineup of one guard 2 forwards and 2 centers…then it changed to technically 2 guards and 3 forwards the Small/stretch forward, the power/point forward, and last the center/forward….

    You could start 5 centers if you wanted to…you wouldn’t start calling a Center playing the position of a point guard a point guard going forward…he’d still be a center who just was in the position of a pg

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Positions were created for laymen. What position a player is labelled as is just as a label. .
    For instance, Tim Duncan is labelled a Power Forward.
    When Gregg Popovich was asked last year what position Tim Duncan plays he said, “Center, the same position he’s been playing for 14 years”. .
    Pau, while classified as a Power Forward by NBA.com, and you, is not, in terms of skill/athletic-ability/size/era abetter as a power forward any longer. Despite having skills that make him above average at the position. .
    And again, I will show you this, with evidence when I’m not doing this from my phone. Now take a break.

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    I like the point you were making bc it was basically what I stated previously…and yes Tim Duncan is a Power Forward….who also can play the center position…

    and I’m pretty sure that Tim Duncan hasn’t been a starter at center for 14 years bc he played with David Robinson, one of the greatest centers to play the game….and they played together for 6 of Duncan’s 14 years in the league and Duncan played PF bc he was, is, and always will be a PF who can also play at the Center position when need be….

    Duncan doesn’t even start at Center this season, they’ve been having Tiago Splitter start at Center for at least half of the games this season and looks to be the starting Center the rest of the way out…resulting in Timmy playing back at his natural position of PF

    Hmmmm I guess you don’t watch much Spurs basketball…

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    You are a jackass. Did you know that?
    ALL of Tim Duncan’s 1269 minutes this season have been played at CENTER. .

    http://www.82games.com/1213/12SAS16.HTM <– PROOF
    I'm not even wasting any more time with any if your arrogant IGNORANT presumptuous OPINIONS. .
    P.S. – that ^ is called ether.

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    I thought you said that he’s played Center for 14 years? Just recently I believe the last 26 games or so. Tiago Splitter has been starting, bc Tim’s been having some injury issues, at either Center or PF which is pretty interchangeable in Popovich’s system…so I read that info incorrectly when looking at basketball reference earlier since they both were in the 5 man lineup combo that has been on the court for the most minutes this season…and since Splitter is more of a true Center than Duncan I thought he was playing there…

    I’m the ignorant one? You’re the one who discounted 6 of Duncan’s 14 years in the league….

    Article about the greatest TRUE PF of all time:


    But let me try and be a little more clear, bc I know I can ramble, I was just trying to make the point earlier that the 2 post/forward positions of C and PF are pretty interchangeable in most skeems….I was just making the point that Duncan and Gasol’s natural positions are PF but they also are capable of playing at the Center position efficiently.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    *I* never said Duncan played Center for 14 years. *I* QUOTED Gregg Popovich. I didn’t say it was true, or that I agreed. I just proved a point. Read better.

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    Well then you were using faulty information when trying to prove a point about a different player….which then completely debases your point….bc your point was to not trust labels put on players by factual sources of information even tho the label for Duncan as a PF was correct bc if you ask anyone who knows anything about basketball they’ll agree that he is one of if not the best PF who can also play the position of Center…

    as i was saying before you go read any article about Pau Gasol by a legit news-source or ex nba player, scout, etc… they will all say he is a PF who also can play the Center position….

    I think Gasol should play more at Center now since he’s getting older and not as quick as he used to be….but that still doesn’t mean he’s a true Center….just a PF who has the talent to play the Center position, just like Tim Duncan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    Its great to have fans who support local teams to this depth commenting.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    no what it does is prove that you just talk, without knowing what you are talking about.
    - Pau Gasol PER per 48 minutes at CENTER = 25.9
    - Pau Gasol PER per 48 minutes at POWER FORWARD = 13.5
    - Pau Gasol CounterPart PER per 48 Minutes at Center = 12.5
    - Pau Gasol CounterPart PER per 48 Minutes at Power Forward = 16.5
    Pau Gasol is so NOT a Power Forward that he is actually worse than his counterpart playing that position.


    Want more undeniable proof?
    - Pau Gasol better at Center in 2011-12 = http://www.82games.com/1112/11LAL16.HTM
    Gasol USED to be a Power Forward. But for the last 2 years (undeniably) he has been a Center. If you actually watch basketball and understand what you are watching.
    Which again, after your comments about Tim Duncan (particularly this season, when you tried to criticize me about watching the Spurs, while proving you don’t actually understand what you are watching), and your insistence on Pau Gasol being a Power Foward is pretty obvious that you don’t really get it.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    his comments do have depth.
    it’s too bad they are also all made up in his brain, and don’t actually follow any evidence. he seems like he really cares about the Timberwolves, and does understand basketball, but it also seems like he doesn’t actually take in what he’s watching, or double check his opinion against facts. Which leads to very long arguments that revolve around a completely false idea.
    F.E. – Pau Gasol being a Power Forward at this point in his career, and stating so while trying to degrade the person he is talking to (me) and what they know about basketball.

  • Marty Susman

    Great Gasol can go as long as Love comes back…The Nets need to offer up Lopez for Dwight & Dwight can go as well. Then Toronto needs to call & ask for Nash & he can go as long as Lowry comes here to LA. Now we have three young fast guys to run the offense. Then we trade Peace, Blake, Ebanks, Beasley, Jamison & a few more & get a few real bench guys & we might be ready for 2014 & beyond.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk
  • manny

    three team trade gallinari jordan hamilton to the lakers pau gasol ebanks to timberwolves derrick williams steve blake chris duhon to nuggets ridnour pekovic to the lakers mcgee to the timberwolves

  • Mike From Spain

    That is, the Wolves will offer Pek 11-12 a year, not a penny more, and if another team offers more then he might go.

  • Mike From Spain

    Man… Without AK the Wolves would have collapsed completely… The Wolves still suck because they have had missing most of their starting five most of the year. I usually regard your comments very highly but I think you are resorting to trolling in this one. The team started the year without Love and Rubio, then lost Roy (not that terrible but…), lost Budinger, lost Malcolm Lee, had Pek off some times, had shved miss time too… AK is perhaps no superstar in the prime, but cmon, this team needed to sign backup 3 (Josh Howard) and lost him, lost love again, has had 7 players ready to suit up and needed to sign a d-leaguer and an euro to 10 day contracts to keep afloat… They even had to have an assistant coach take part in the 5 to 5 practice because they were out of bodies.

    What part of this is sheer organizational incompetence or the basketball gods having a laugh i don’t know. But I am quite sure that without AK we would be where the bobcats are, toying with historically abyssmal play and futility.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Mike, it is better to be the Bobcats in terms of record, then it is to be the Timberwolves. By being bad enough to not be horrible, the Timberwolves are not helping themselves.
    What is the point of being 10th or 11th in the West? Really? Why is that ok?
    I am not discrediting AK or saying he doesn’t help at all. He just doesn’t help the situation. He’s paid to help them win (and by that i don’t mean sometimes, i mean consistently) and they can’t do that.
    The reasons they can’t do it are kind of irrelevant, as he’s not on the hook past next season (at most) and is only getting worse from here on out. If you want to get the most value out of AK, considering he isn’t helping you do what you brought him in for, you have to trade him.
    And i am not trolling. i am just explaining what is best for the Wolves. I understand it’s hard for dedicated fans to accept that getting worse is really the best way to get better, but it is. Being in the middle of the pack in your conference is the very worst place to be in the NBA. And Minnesota is experiencing their 2nd year of being in that purgatory.

  • Mike From Spain

    Gasol is a PF the way Tim Duncan and KG are PFs these days… I agree that Gasol can play the 5 and would do it in MN. He’s a good fit for Adelman’s offense. I think Gasol needs motivation and a system that has him playing closer to the basket. This he’d have in MN

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gerry-Cabalo/100000323251352 Gerry Cabalo

    Isn’t Love having a problem with the T-wolves or vice versa? How about Gasol for Love?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    I’m with you on this NBK…a 3 man rotation of Pek, Love and Pau? wow. Still leaves a big hole at the 3 though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    I bet it mostly has to do with the fact that they would have no one to play the 3

  • http://twitter.com/pogivic19 Vicente Lebardo

    Rubio is playing well. He will have a long career in the NBA. A great friend, too.

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    I’ve agreed with you numerous times that I think Gasol should play more at the Center position as he get’s at this point in his career….and yes when he plays at the Center position he has been more effective in recent years…but did you take into account that most of the minutes Gasol gets at the Center spot is when Bynum or Howard were out of the game….of course his numbers will be better because he didn’t have to share touches with Bynum and Gasol…

    and when Gasol comes in or starts at the PF position it’s normally when he’s sharing time on the court with Bynum (the past couple years) or Howard (this season) which take away from his opportunities on the offensive side of the floor for touches and won’t have as high of numbers rebounding bc Dwight and Bynum eat up board opportunities as well…

    the point I’ve been trying to make is that technically Gasol IS a “true” PF who also can play Center….just like Duncan and KG are “true” PF’s who also can play Center…but at the end of the day Gasol is a PF who is also really good at the Center position.

    and your trade very well could be done I just don’t see how Kahn could justify trading away 3 players (2 wing players, 1 guard) ….which are some of the weaker spots on the Wolves roster at this point in time….to get a dual threat post player in Gasol when the Wolves starting PF and Center situation is a perfectly fine duo of (KLove and Pek when healthy).

  • http://twitter.com/Sdvickery Sam Vickery

    that would be an awesome 3 man rotation….but I doubt Pek or Pau would be cool with coming off the bench…we already know that Pau has issues with coming off the bench in LA so why would that change all of a sudden in MN….and Pek has proven himself over the last two years that he’s a legit starting center in the NBA…and especially since his contract expires after this season I doubt he would resign with the Wolves if he wasn’t told he would have the starting Center position….and KLove….well we all know he’s not gonna give up his starting spot….

    so if they did bring Pau in the Wolves would have an awesome 3 man rotation until then end of the season but you can bet Pek wouldn’t be back and then looking back you just gave up 2 solid wing players and a electric backup PG for really nothing…

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    no dummy, he’s more efficient at Center. It’s not just that he gets more touches and shot attempts. He’s better. In every way shape and form at Center. You asked for proof, i gave it to you.


    Now that you have proof you want to try and change what you were saying? LOL, #maturity.


    now you want to say “true PF’s” which is a made up thing. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TRUE ANYTHING.


    I’m just going to say this as it doesn’t seem to be getting through in a polite way,


    Positions were made up for idiots who didn’t understand how best to field a basketball team.

    - Gasol should be the Center. He’s better at the position. He’s not a true anything. he’s a 7’0″ who can’t keep up with most PF’s at this point in his career, and is best served with his back to the basket. With which the way the NBA is going, is primarily a Center position. Every stat says he’s a Center. Comparing him to other like players int he league says he’s a Center. The guy is a Center.
    THere is no “technically” anything. There is what NBA.Com says, and then there is the positions they actually play and succeed at. If you are naive enough to just believe what you are told, fine. Call Gasol a PF who is actually better at Center. That makes perfect sense.


  • Mike From Spain

    Keys for DWill: Better D (positioning, energy), pick his shots from 3, refrain from drives until they are polished, don’t showboat so much because he misses a lot of dunks when he wants to ‘thunderously slam it home’

  • Mike From Spain

    For me Barea takes away almost as much as he gives, he’s got pretty horrific sequences as often as really epic ones.

  • Mike From Spain

    Pek love and pau would be better than pek love and dwill as a big. But there is a hole at the 2 and at the 3 in the wolves if you trade away ak and dwill, the only decent players who can play the 3 right now.

  • Mike From Spain

    Ilyasova is playing all his time at the 4. He’s another stretch 4. Pau, Love, Ilyasova and Pek… I think that would mean trade Pek.

  • Vic Lebardo

    Kevin Love will not mind swapping teams with Paul Gasol, and Paul will not mind receiving passes from countryman Ricky Rubio.