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Kobe Bryant Wishes LeBron James Responded to His Trash Talk

The NBA is a much friendlier league than it used to be. Guys hug and shake hands before and after games. This remains a foreign concept to Kobe Bryant, who came into the L when there was legitimate beef between players and teams. In a long, fun Q&A with ESPN, Bryant laments that someone like LeBron James won’t talk back on the court to him: “The longevity of (Paul) Pierce and (Kevin Garnett), said Kobe, has provided some perspective in their long and often heated competitions. ‘If there’s one Celtic that tries to talk smack to me, it will be Paul,’ Kobe reported. “We’re similar in age, have been through some of the same things, so he feels like he can try. But he’s not as good at it as I am. I don’t talk trash often, but when I do, I go for the jugular.’ The camaraderie of today’s NBA players, fueled, in part, by their AAU alliances, is mildly disturbing to Bryant, who preferred it when the enemy was anyone who didn’t ride the team bus with you to the game. ‘They don’t seem to want to talk any trash,’ Kobe shrugged. ‘I say everything to LeBron. He says nothing back. He just laughs. There’s no banter back and forth. I guess it’s a generational thing. When I first came into the league, the trash talk was downright cutthroat.’”

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  • KevinJohnsonFan

    He laughs because he’s the best player in the world, has been for a good 5 seasons, and his game has done all the talking he needs to do.

  • http://twitter.com/JulieBron6 julie ann


  • spit hot fiyah

    i go for the jagular, ftw, i like that one. also, no curse words?

  • Rodney

    I agree with Kobe, these so called great players are too soft. Great players will respond back to trash talking,

  • Rodney

    NBA has gone Jello soft, even their officating is wack!

  • Slick Ric

    Get off his nuts….dont like you lebron nut huggers.

  • Happy

    That’s so true tho. Nothing pisses people off more than being dismissed with a laugh and a head shake.

  • Happy

    Right, because that determines the outcomes of games. Gotcha.

  • hushabomb

    What’s worse is that there is no one to hold these guys accountable and so now there’s no vets to push and mold the young guys to be better. Trash talk is all good and makes the players respond (hopefully)

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    So he’s not the best player in the league? What did I say wrong? Or do you just have a desire to make yourself look stupid today?

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    It’s a different time. Kobe, Pierce, KG, Duncan (although he never appears to say anything) and the rest of those 90s stars are almost done. Most of the group of stars that came after them know each other well. It’s no better or worse than it used to be. Just different. If you’re stuck in the 80s and 90s, go on YouTube and watch highlights or buy old DVDs and watch as much as you want.

  • chyea

    He doesn’t need to talk cause his team is kicking your ass, Kobe

  • 23

    I loved it when LeBron laughed in KGs face in the playoffs last year. You can tell that genuinely pissed of Garnett.

  • Guatki

    Did Kobe said again that someone is good at something, but of course he is better? C’mon Kobe, know You’re confident but… STOP IT (Shaq’s voice)!

  • danpowers

    i really miss this part of the game. that on court smack talk often helped to feul up games and was really entertaining. you dont see it that often anymore

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    It definitely did.

  • Dymez
  • shockexchange

    Armed with “The LeBron Rules … Keys to Stopping LeBron James,” there is King James and then there’s everybody else … no need to respond to players who aren’t on your level.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    Yeah…I don’t think Kobe meant this as disrespect, more like “this is so different now than it used to be”. Its just a different generation of players – life in the NBA goes on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    Except Duncan.

  • pposse

    You guys are all missing the point of the article. This generation developed comraderie via AAU Basketball. This is most definately true and plays a vital role in the modern day NBA players psyche. Slam clearly states this, guys these days been bred to play bball since 13, received sound advice from the past and won’t step on each others toes anymore in their pursuit to the cheddar.

    These guys are competitive but in different ways.

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    I’m a KG fan and it pissed me off so I can only imagine. Lol

  • theDankerNuggets

    the most competitive man in the world: “I don’t always talk trash. But when I do, I go for the jugular.”

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    These guys just actually have the ability to be friends growing up. With AAU and social media these guys can stay in touch all the time. You didn’t know people as well if they weren’t on your team back then. The internet isn’t that old, it’s changed a lot of things.

  • yeee

    Kidd, Duncan, Grant Hill, Nash, all HOF’ers 90′s players, who didnt need to talk trash yet still command respect on the court. Its not being soft. We all know that one dude at the park playing pick-up and talking hella crap. It’s all to get himself pumped up. Kobe’s trash talk is more about himself than the player he’s yapping at.

  • Slick Ric

    I guess MJ wasn’t the best player when he trashed talked nor was Bird arguably the best when he did it either….Its just typical stupid logic from a lebron nut hugger that he laughs because he’s the best in the world with nothing to prove, please. This isn’t a diss towards Lebron either, this is aimed at you lebron apologist, I don’t have a problem with him not responding to Kobe’s trash talk.

  • Happy

    Your logic is the only one that doesn’t make sense here, buddy. Saying someone doesn’t have to talk when you’re the best is not the same as saying if you talk trash you aren’t the best. That conclusion you came to was so randomly unrelated it’s actually funny. It literally made zero sense whatsoever.

  • The Fury

    Two Words: Gary Payton.

  • Sweet Daddy

    Grant Hill isn’t a HOF’er, BTW.

  • pposse

    cosign, its similar to the WWE when the The Rock was in charge. The attitude era will always be known as the best era in wrestling, just like the 80s and 90s will always be considered the best era in the NBA.

    Its all about the personalities.

  • Sergio

    Totally agree. MJ, Magic, Larry, Charles, KG, Malone, Payton, etc. they all talked. Today’s players don’t talk because they really don’t care.

  • Sergio

    MJ talked. Who was at MJ’s level?

  • Sergio

    Which team is kicking the Laker’s ass? Cleveland? Miami? Which team? Please remember that the Lakers won 5 championships last decade.

  • Sergio

    Who is talking about the outcome of games? Kobe said that players now dont talk trash. Simple. No logic, no outcome, just trash-talking.

  • Happy

    Which has what to do with Lebron’s record over Kobe in head-to-head matchups?

  • Sergio

    Grant Hill and Duncan talked.

  • Happy

    He mentioned great players. Great players win. What does trash talking have to do with being great? Duncan doesn’t trash talk. Is he not great? Kareem? Do you guys even know what point you are trying to make, because there doesn’t really seem to be one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003246310246 Jason Carter

    He doesnt have the KG effect..everyone responds to KG one way or the other.

  • Sergio

    head to head match ups? Wow. This is now tennis.

  • Sergio

    The point is that this generation doesn’t talk as much as last generations. Do you agree or disagree? He NEVER mentioned great player talk. NEVER. Let me repeat myself. He NEVER mentioned great players.

  • Happy

    Are you intentionally being slow? Head-to-head matchups, as in his team vs Kobe’s. Do you understand? chyea’s comment was about Lebron’s teams vs Kobe’s teams. It’s not rocket science.

  • Happy

    My response was to Rodney, hence his name being beside my comment after the little arrow. Let me repeat myself, the little arrow beside my name denotes to whom I was referring.

  • Sergio

    Kobe has won two championships since Lebron entered the league. Lebron 1. Kobe’s teams have won more championships. Head to Head = Kobe>Lebron

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Nick Tha Quick

    Which would explain why he responded to Reggie Evans and Lance Stephenson comments/taunts. The only 2 players on his level.

  • Sergio

    My reply is to you. Now answer.

  • shockexchange

    In 3rd grade the Shock Exchange put a message in a bottle intended for Lola Falana. He wonders why she never responded back …

  • Happy

    Gee thanks for sharing this previously unknown info that has nothing to do with the comments. Your information is irrelevant in a discussion of head-to-head matchups because the Lakers never played a Lebron team in the Finals. Clearly you are having trouble following the convo and the phrase “head-to-head matchup”.

  • Happy

    Answer what? You aren’t making any sense. None of your points have anything to do with any of the comments posted here.

  • jdubb

    sergio doesn’t watch sports. can’t get mad at someone who doesn’t know better. i love it when a person goes out on a tanget in their defense instead of just copping to the fact that they dont know what they’re talking about.

    Topic: Lebron does not talk trash or respond because he is busy becoming the best–e.g. focused on his JOB. trash talk is irrelevent to some people because even responding back can take you off your focus to WIN…which the Lakers are not doing NOW. you are only as good as your last game.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Again, different eras. Deal with it. The game has changed. I’m a LeBron apologist because I don’t think he needs to trash talk? Did you watch him last year? What more did he need to say that he didn’t say with the season he had or the Olympics he had? So you’re implying that LeBron is wrong for not talking trash? That really makes sense to you? Wow.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Don’t care about what? The game? What games have you been watching? It’s just a different time now. Move on.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    No other player is on his level, but that’s not what this is about. A lot of these guys have known each other since high school. They basically grew up in the game together. Times have changed. These guys have seen that they can be friends and still compete against each other on a high level.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Who did Duncan ever talk trash with? Find video. I’ve watched almost every nationally televised game he’s played in. Who has he ever jawed with? The only confrontation I remember is when he laughed at Joey Crawford from the bench. None with another player. Do you even watch basketball? This is getting ridiculous.

  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange begs to differ … that’s exactly what it’s about. By not responding to Horry Jr, LeBron is “signalling” to him that he is not on the King’s level. “Signalling” is M&A parlance for “the game within the game.”

  • Conor


  • http://twitter.com/apowellAdvocate Allen Powell II

    He really could be laughing because he feels like has nothing to prove. Or he could find it counterproductive. It’s all speculation, just like the article which speculated that players don’t talk trash because they played AAU ball together. That’s dumb too.

  • shockexchange

    You are exactly right … it would explain why he responded to Evans and Lance. See Nick, it could never be construed that Evans or Lance were on LeBron’s level so that’s why he would have responded. By not responding to Horry Jr, King James signalled “You’re not worth my time to respond,” the biggest “diss” possible.
    Oh by the way, don’t misconstrue the Shock Exchange’s response that he thinks you’re on his level.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    He just doesn’t need to say anything. That’s not really his personality. Look at his confrontations with Danny Granger during the playoffs last season. He didn’t say a word. He just got Danny off of him when he was doing too much and then proceeded to eliminate him and the Pacers from the playoffs. He didn’t want to say anything. Just play.

  • bill

    You’ve probably got a poster of Kobe on your ceiling above your bed.

  • bill

    You don’t have to be mad to be serious, Kobe.

  • muffinmanpoop

    Lebron hit him with the ”yeah,yeah”

  • bill

    Since Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlin, since Magic and Bird…where’ve you been

  • 23

    Do you know what head to head means? Lmao #dumb

  • 23

    Imo its all about what years you grew up.

  • 23

    Some people are just stubborn. I think they don’t want to take back things they said about LeBron. You know the ones who said he’d never win a chip. Because I don’t believe anybody is actually stupid enough to actually believe these things.

  • 23

    Sergio is on a roll today with all these random idiotic comments

  • 23

    Just stop please. Your only making yourself look Looney.

  • Sergio

    I don’t believe in head to head matchups. It’s subjective. I like basketball because it’s a team sport. I would love Lebron to talk trash. I love how he plays and I like when people are intense. I do not like Duncan’s personality even though he is IMO the best power forward. So again, Kobe said that he wishes this generation talked as much trash as before….do you agree or disagree?

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    I think it has less to do with the AAU and more to do with the culture of sports and what kids are taught nowadays. It’s all about sportsmanship and everyone being nice and sharing the ball and congratulating the loser. Not to say those are not important lessons, but I think winning and doing whatever it takes to win takes a back seat now. Today’s player is more interested in just playing and having fun, not all the extracurricular. That’s okay, it’s just different from the previous generation.

  • Sergio

    I am really dumb 23, please explain to me what head to head means

  • Sergio

    Hi Bill. So, you are saying Magic and Bird went head to head? How? Please explain to me when did they guard each other? Wasn’t it Lakers vs. Celtics? I mean, McHale, Parish, Worthy, Cap, and all of the other players were there too right?

  • Sergio

    You replied to me. Hence the little arrow pointing to me.

  • Sergio

    The Lakers won their last game

  • Sergio

    I’m sorry I am not at your level 23. I miss jtaylor23. At least he wasn’t as presumptuous.

  • Sergio

    Duncan, when in Wake Forest said that players who left to the NBA from high school were going to be made an example of.
    Grant Hill just released a statement after the Fab Five aired on ESPN directed to Rose saying how he never lost to Michigan.
    To me both of those comments, and many more, are backhanded talk trash. I love it!

  • Happy

    That’s cool, you don’t have to believe in head-to-head matchups. The point still stands that Lebron has historically won them against Kobe. And trash talk doesn’t do much for me as a fan, except when the loud mouth loses. I do enjoy that part.

  • Happy

    Wow that totally went over your head. Rodney made a point about great players and trash talk. I made about about winning, because that’s what defines a great player. You responded by talking to me about Kobe’s views on generations as if I made a comment on it. I commented on Rodney post. Get it?

  • Sergio

    It really did. Thanks for explaining it to me. You, KevinJohnsonFan and 23 are really smart guys!

  • Sergio

    You two get a room!

  • Happy

    Okay dude lol.

  • kob*tchfansaref*cktards

    By the way Sergio is stalking right now… I can say that he lives and breathes kobe… just one of kobe’s bitches I guess… ^_^

  • anthony

    He doesnt have time to talk to opponents. Hes too busy finding open teamates, and keeping chalmers in line.

  • Sergio

    You got me pegged! But to respond to your insults, which by the way are really hurtful, I am a Laker fan. The first time I watched the Lakers, Buck hit a jr. sky hook over some guy from minnesotta, and I can’t stand kobe. I wish he passed the ball more. I wish he played like Lebron more.

  • LeroyShonuff

    Sir you are making way to much sense. I personally blame Jay-z for this lack of competition. We divide players into levels and then act like others are higher than others. When you step on that court, all is equal and all is fair. Attitudes like this is why OKC lost the finals last year

  • HeatFanSince2010

    Head to head matchups? I didn’t know it was Kobe vs LeBron?

  • HeatFanSince2010

    Kobe has no right to talk trash. Shaq and Gasol carried him to the Finals while LeBron has NOBODY on his team. Everybody else is trash. He does all the work. Sometimes I cry because of how much they make LeBron do ;(

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Get a clue. Watch a game or two. Then maybe you will be able to say something that actually makes some sense.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    JTaylor is actually still around.

  • Sergio

    Sounds good. I will do that. But you two need to get a room also.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    video please?

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    lebrons got a cool head

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Right because two people who agree with each other is pretty crazy, isn’t it? That’s the second time you’ve made yourself sound stupid.

  • 23

    Go find it yourself man lol

  • Linkdeville

    I can see where the Mamba is coming from. Trash talking can bring out a deeper drive towards success. Why? Because you have to back it up. I realize Labron has nothing more to prove and congrats! However, if he did who knows how cold he could become. I think Labron abstains because he may lose control and that would not be a good thing. Remember, he is the “Man-Child!”

  • Guest

    Funny because Lakers were doing their JOB in ’09 and ’10 while LeBron was getting smashed on by the Celtics and Magic.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    yeeeeeeah, yeeeeeeeah.

  • http://twitter.com/ChazThePhoenix Chaz Schlueter

    Yep you are old Kobe

  • LebronJamesGreatest

    LeBron has better character than that. Plus he
    doesn’t need to trash talk.. He is by far the greatest player in the world
    today and has been for the last 6 years… As I recall the last time the Lakers
    played Miami LeBron demolished them and went off for 39 points. The numbers
    speak for LeBron. In addition, James is also the most efficient player in the
    game. He has even gone so far as to elevate his game every single year in the
    past like 6 seasons – I don’t even think Kobe has ever shot above 50% from the
    field over the duration of a season. LeBron James is currently shooting a
    career high 56% from the field and is on a tear destroying everything in his
    path. The incredibly efficient LeBron James is the best player to step on the
    floor every game that he plays, and this is also true in the games where LeBron
    has gone head-to-head with Kobe Bryant.

  • http://twitter.com/LJ6_VVICKER_CR7 Michelle

    Finally, Kobe sees that the league is changing. Trash talk is a thing of the past. Kobe MAY win the trash talk, but LeBron wins the bottle on the court.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    talk trash to lebron? how about you keep quiet and just try to beat him

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    he spoke for his team, that’s called leadership.

  • disqus_MQ5p5nCjgA

    kobe is a good player,I am Chinese!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donte-Machiavelli-Hudson/100000723951750 Donte Machiavelli Hudson

    I agree with Kobe,, the league is going a different way. Its soft now. In the 90′s, Lebron would’ve lived on his back the way he drives to the basket remained relatively injury free. Mj, Barkley, Bird, Ewing, Malone, Mchale, Oakley, Rodman, Dr.J, Laimbeer, Magic, Thomas & Many many many more did not play that soft brand. Sometimes, I hate todays version. S which is why Kg, Kobe, & Paul will tremain my all time favorites.

  • gayexchange

    I bet infinite dollars…you liked your own comment. like how you think you sound cool talking in the third person.

  • LDot

    Stop trying to use big words to sound smart imbecile. I’ts called sarcasm dick.

  • Ronda

    First off, I love Kobe. His work ethic is a left-over vibe from the old days. And, I wouldn’t expect today’s players (even LeBron) to talk trash. Nothing’s the same. And it isn’t good. As I watch the slow play going down the court night in and night out, I’m assured that most of them are there for the check… and not for the love of the game.

  • John

    One doesnt have to be disrespectful to be an elite player.

  • lala

    Back in the days, everyone trash talked. So its not a big deal for kobe

  • TheBigCire

    hey kobe call me at 9pm tonight


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jackson-Raushenberg/100003635882358 Jackson Raushenberg

    I think you’re all a bunch of silly fagg0ts

  • Bandwagonfan

    Im a lebrin fan. And i want you two to get a room srsly .lol

  • ak

    You are truly retarded. Tell me their head to head matchups in the FINALS. LOL

  • IceCold

    Why would the best player in the game respond to the 3rd best player in the league at this point? Kobe needs to go get MJ to adopt him because he is clearly trying to be Michael Jordan’s son. LBJ is being LBJ and doesn’t need to respond to shenanigans.

  • jonathanhakim

    Who’s a better role model? Hmmm….is that even a tiny bit tough to answer?

  • AJ

    he should talk to KG more often

  • kobelebron

    stop hating on both players. reason why Lebron didn’t respond/trash talk with Kobe is cos he respected Kobe and used to have Kobe’s poster in his room (he idolized Kobe when he was younger). now stfu and move on to the next article.

  • DiceMan


  • djgibb

    Its all personality. Some guys run smack. Some don’t.

    Bird and Jordan were the masters of trash talk but didn’t do it until they entered the league. They didn’t get use profanity or say something about your mother. They told you what they were going to do and then do it or tell you are going to choke.

    Payton, MIller and Garnett were incessant.

    Those guys ran smack to get in competitor’s heads. The thing about running smack is you should be able to back it up on the court.

    Nothing is more funny that a guy talking smack while the team is losing or getting beat personally by the guy he’s guarding.

  • taytay

    You get a room…and then kill yourself in it.

  • LegendInMyMind

    Jordan was one of the most notorious and vicious trash talkers the game has ever seen. It was so much more interesting when players went after each other a little more freely.

  • http://ask.fm/_juiceyyjayy JDay05

    Kobe is past lebron’s level. I think he should talk trash back it’ll make the game way more interesting.

  • ALMEL1970


  • jay

    it because lebrone know if he talk back kobe going for 81

  • muscogee76

    shut up you no nothing, you probably cant play, but you’re probably great at playing video games