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Dahntay Jones Disagrees With Kobe Bryant’s Claim of Dirty Play

Atlanta Hawks guard Dahntay Jones finds himself embroiled in a mini-firestorm, following accusatory comments made by Kobe Bryant after severely spraining his left ankle. Jones says he wasn’t trying to hurt the Lakers superstar, and that he was simply contesting the late-game jumper. Per the AJC: “Jones appeared on ESPN Thursday to claim he is not a dirty player after Lakers star Kobe Bryant suffered a severe ankle sprain after missing a potential game-tying shot. ‘The play I don’t think was dirty because all I was trying to do was contest a jump shot,’ Jones said. ‘Yes it was a fade away but when you deal with shooters or high-profile scorers you have to try to get as close to them as possible to contest jump shots. So, even though he faded away you still don’t give up on a play. You try to still contest it. That’s all I was trying to do. I wasn’t trying to do anything dirty. We played 48 minutes of basketball before that. There were not issues before that. And I wouldn’t take him out on the last play of the game.’ [...] ‘Mind you, I don’t know that he is going to fade away,’ Jones said. ‘So with eight seconds on the clock I have an (isolation play) at the top of the key. He is going into a move and I’m just reacting to him. I wasn’t trying to intentionally walk into him. I was just reacting to what was going on. I saw him fade away and I still tried to get closer to him and put my hands up so he had to see a body. I’m just not supposed to give up on a play.’”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    So, he’s just not very smart then, very well.

  • http://twitter.com/SupermanayrB B!

    So walking under a shooters’ landing position is not giving up on a play? The ball is out of his hands. I’ve never seen a shot go in & then come out because the defender moved closer to the shooter. That’s okay. Hopefully Dahntay goggles Kobe Bryant elbows Mike Miller.

  • RayJr

    He got beat on the crossover and when Kobe gets space and pulls away for the fadeaway Jones knows he doesn’t have a chance to contest so he just decides that make or miss I’m gonna slide under Kobe and make him land on me. If he was trying to contest the shot then he would’ve been leaning towards Kobe with his hands in his face, which would place his feet away from Kobe’s body. It was intentional plain and simple.

  • Mattdub

    These comments are hilarious !!!!HAHAHAHA

  • roscoe

    This guy is a dirtbag in my book.

    no need for the “walk under” ever.

    The NBA should suspend players for a week for this un-sportsmanship move.

    it is deplorable & results in future deplorable acts.

    Unacceptable Djones. Wake up… you’re a dirty player & what goes around….

  • robb

    Hell awaits!!!

  • robb

    “I’m just not supposed to give up on a play” you’re not supposed to give high fives after watching the guy writhing in pain you f*ckin dbag!

  • MikeC.

    Kobe will be out for blood next time he plays against Jones. He’ll be 2005 Kobe, gunning for 60 pts.

  • fletch213

    Well technically if “what goes around….” then Kobe deserved that seeing as he has elbowed numerous people in the face like Bibby, Mike miller, Manu. But that is a pointless argument and a dumb one too. I am not advocating for putting your foot under a jump shooter but it appears that he was trying to contest the shot and not injure him. As evidenced by the play before when he did the exact same thing with his hands up when Kobe shot and made the 3.

  • shutup

    Kobe slurpers are out in full force today. Dirty play??? gtfoh. he contested the jumpshot that bean missed anyway. Hope he recovers quick or there is no chance of making the playoffs

  • shutup

    Do you know how hard it is to make some one land on you? Add to the fact he wasn’t looking at Kobe’s feet, but the shot.

  • shutup

    The high fives were because he missed the shot.

  • Ben

    He should have jumped up to try and defend the shot. He simply walked under where Kobe was going to land. This is the third time he has done this crap. The NBA needs to suspend him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    I think the high fives were cause they won the game. What is he supposed to do if people are extending their arms out for him to high five?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    Him getting that close to Kobe (he slides under the vicinity of where his legs will land) is not a natural basketball play. If that was the case, shooters would be going down left and right across the NBA. Usually, defenders jump up and move their hands closer to the shooter to block their shot/vision, while keeping their legs away from the shooter’s legs.

    There is a reason why these types of injuries are rare – most defenders avoid doing the action that Jones did after the shot. Kobe has taken how many fadeaways over 17 years? And this has happened only twice – both times when the defender has slid his feed under Kobe’s landing spot and kept it there.

    It may not have been intentional on Jones part, but it sure looks like it.

  • roscoe

    am i going to change my humble opinion to agree with you?

    two wrongs don’t make a right… and a u-turn is still a u-turn when you turn.

    what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. this is clear to you.

    you know better.

  • RayJr

    Thank you

  • RayJr

    It isnt hard if you intentionally do it. See below for some more clarification.

  • RayJr

    Exactly. Jones gets beat off the dribble then says “F it, if he makes the shot he’s going to get hurt in the process.”

  • RunNgun

    It’s always a dirty play when a lesser known player is involved. When it’s a superstar/face of the league who does such a thing, it’s an accident. Such double standards…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonas.manas.9 Jonas Manas

    Dauntay, don’t lie. You have been undercutting Kobe all night long. And you did it because the referees are not calling it. When you talk of contesting a shot make sure you are doing it. Waiting for a shooter to land and making contact with him is not contesting, it’s dirty playing.

  • Yi-Cheng Chen

    You should apply for referee in the future.

  • Yi-Cheng Chen

    and what does this show? we already know Kobe is better. Why prove it?

  • KBM


  • http://www.facebook.com/jonas.manas.9 Jonas Manas

    I’m not qualified, I’m not stupid. Why don’t you apply, I’m sure you’re qualified. Lol!

  • shutup

    These injuries are rare, because it is extremely hard to intentionally do it. It’s not a dirty play Kobe accidentally landed on his foot end of story. If Kobe would have passed it he would have never got hurt. I fuggin hate conspiracy theorists with this BS. How is Jones supposed to calculate how far Kobe is gonna fade? He closed out on him like a person defending a fadeaway should, now if Kobe went straight up and he slid under him, maybe you have a point.

  • LP

    bro, i think D-wade is one of the dirtiest guys in the league….others do to.

  • Yi-Cheng Chen

    I just thought you could clean up the game. I guess I was wrong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonas.manas.9 Jonas Manas

    Watch the video and see why ‘double standards’ is not an issue. Actually, Jones has been doing it to Kobe all night long and the referee just ignored it up to the end.