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Jason Terry Fires Back at LeBron James

by Ryne Nelson / @slaman10

As if Jet’s declaration that he’s not impressed by the Heat’s historic win streak and his subsequent role in LeBron James’ latest poster weren’t enough, Jason Terry again discussed his hatred for the Heat.

JT said his distaste of everything red and black dates back to his loss to the Heat in the 2006 Finals. Check out the rest of what Terry told WEEI radio Friday afternoon:

“It’s not even LeBron. It’s just the Miami Heat personally. Is it the red and black? Maybe, I hate that color. I just don’t like them.

“It goes back to ’05-’06. It doesn’t matter who’s in those Miami Heat uniforms. … [Terry’s Dallas Mavericks] were up 2-0, and [the Heat] come back and win four straight games and you lose the NBA Finals.

“So LeBron inherited something bigger than the matchup of he and I. It’s about the Miami Heat and that organization. He picked his poison.”

Terry added: “I’d love to see Miami in the playoffs so we can roll through the champions. We’re fired up. We would love that matchup. You know at some point — I don’t want to say that it’s fixed — I think it’s going to happen. We are going to see them, and it’s going to be fireworks.

“I’m telling you right now, I love us, I love the way we’re built. We miss Rajon Rondo, we miss Jared Sullinger, but with this team we have, we have a chance.”

If the Heat and Celtics meet up in the Playoffs, Terry is right about “it’s going to be fireworks.” About the rest, we’re not so certain…

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  • JML-G

    Jet so salty he makes KG seem a positive guy on court

  • jingle1497

    Celtics all Fucking day long

  • JB

    someone needs to test JT urine. It is not clean!

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.callihan1 Chris Callihan

    they would get swept

  • Drig

    No way the Celts get swept in the POs unless Green plays terribly and KG is in foul trouble.

  • spit hot fiyah

    mutoni explained to someone how to use paragraphs. sweet

  • Daniel Noel

    gotta love JET’s confidence for his team


    still talking? a 7th seed against a defending world champ, in the midst of the second longest win streak, that ousted the C’s from the playoff the past two seasons. they’ll be lucky if they don’t get swept

  • roscoe

    d’little CESSNA…

    sputtering, chirping, clanging, and turbulently trying to be heard….

    but sad to say bron bron is a JUMBO flicking JET.

    Watch out CESSNA.

  • Rat Piley

    Hey, the Mavs still in the NBA?? I thought they were sent to the D-League. On another note, glad to hear Jason’s still alive…was worried about him there for a while after LBJ took his soul. But what else is he gonna say now, after trending on Twitter for over 24 hours looking like Lebron’s B!+ch…LMAO!

  • shutup

    Jason Terry is on the Celtics……smh.

  • Mathematicaster

    Would it really kill pro athletes to speak grammatically correct English>

  • vaze7789

    Jet is like the kid that get KO’d in a fight and immediately after regaining his ability to stand up starts talking ish, as the guy that rang his bell (King James) walks away.

  • Spencer

    Celtics would’ve won game 2 last year if not for the wade no-call on Rondo, in which they would’ve won the series in 5. Not to mention Pierce had a sprained MCL, Ray was playing on ankles with bone spurs, no Jeff Green, no Wilcox, no Jermaien O’Neal, and no Avery Bradley. And the year before, Wade broke Rondo’s elbow but yeah, they’ll be lucky if they don’t get swept.

  • Spencer

    And I love how you try talking about some “7th seed” like they haven’t been decimated by injuries while the Heat have been perfectly healthy. Let’s see Lebron go down in January and see how well the Heat finish out a season.


    You mean they got B!tch slapped as they’re time passed & they got told to sit the phuk down ? & STAY DOWN !!!


    Let’s see you go down as your chin tornadoes off your shoulders with a swift left uppercut. JUST FOR FUN MAIN !!!!


    eh . not really

  • http://twitter.com/LuisBrownish Luis Moreno

    being confident and being delusional are two completely different things.

  • Matt

    guess who didn’t have chris bosh for the series

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    The Celtics would have won Game 6 if LeBron James didn’t go crazy. The Celtics would have won Game 7 if LeBron hadn’t have gone crazy in Game 6 and continued in Game 7. The Thunder would have won the NBA Finals if LeBron James wasn’t playing. The Heat would have beat the Mavs in the 2011 Finals if LeBron James had played like he was capable of. The Heat would have beaten Boston easier if Wade was anywhere near 100%. You’re making excuses for a team that doesn’t make excuses. We could do this all day. Honestly, what kept the Celtics from winning that series in 5 more than anything was the guy and the team they were playing against. A lot of people thought Miami would lose Game 6. They had their opportunity. They didn’t take advantage of it. Miami did.

  • Spencer

    Great argument. Responded to every point very well. Typical Miami fan.

  • Spencer

    Your intelligence is taking my chin off my shoulders right now….blown away.

  • http://www.facebook.com/officialjohng John Gustanar

    A Chance for what Terry??? Get your old ass outta here bruh, Celtics ain’t going nowhere!

  • Dubz

    Not real sure how this is “firing back at lebron James”

  • Chukaz

    That’s some big talk coming from a 0-time all-star… The funniest part is he think they’re gonna meet in the conference finals. If the pacers get that 2nd see, boston might decide to simply forfeit the last game. What’s the point of playing if your gonna lose by 30? Boston may not break the 60 point mark in any game in that series. If they wanna see miami in the playoffs they’d need to lose enough to be the 8th seed.

  • Chukaz

    “He picked his poison”?

  • Sam

    “Jason Terry Fires Back at LeBron James”

    No, he said he disliked the Heat and even said it wasn’t just LeBron. Sensationalist title.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    he talks, he’s good at it. After the heat beat boston again this postseason, he’ll continue talking so why bother?

  • Ugh

    “It’s just the Miami Heat personally.”
    That’s the opposite of what personally means.

  • Grimfandango

    Jet needs to stfu.

  • Davide Carpani


  • Rat Piley

    I never said he was on the Mavs, douche. He referenced Mavs in his quote, who are now embarrassingly irrelevant…HENCE…MY…POINT.

  • i_ball

    Makes sence. You shouldn’t like a team that beat you in the Finals.

  • tre

    I love how you follow up “no way” with a “way” they will get swept. And you said it like the possibilities you listed couldn’t possibly happen. Do any of you actually think about what you type before you post it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    They know how to define success

  • Drig

    Sigh. Heat will get swept if LeBron and Wade go down. That doesn’t mean I’m entitled to say that the Heat is gonna swept because of one possibility that has a 1% chance of happening. Similarly, there’s less than a 5% chance that both of those occur simultaneously for 4 CONSECUTIVE games 2 of which will be in Boston. Sorry but that’s not high enough for me to consider it a legit possibility.

  • initbruv

    Ryne Nelson doesn’t need any lessons from anyone, he’s a vet writer for Slam.

  • trueballer4life

    jet is a punk lbj will destroy this cat and the celtics..!

  • tre

    Quick question, what was the formula you used for your calculations? I am curious how anyone can actually break the possibility of a sports injury into percentages. I didn’t realize you could predict them. Please see KevinJohnsonFan’s comment above on people who use your type of reasoning, and think they made a legit point. You didn’t. Supporting your “if such and such happens” argument with made up numbers adds nothing to your argument.

  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange hasn’t written the “Jason Terry Rules Yet” so Terry had better fall back.

  • LP35

    Weren’t you on here crying the other day about a poster who put like 4 sentences together and you called it a paragraph? That wasn’t a paragraph, and what you see above aren’t paragraphs either – at least not in proper usage.

  • Hawes

    I grew up with hip-hop music. Real hip-hop, back before it died a sudden and painful death. However, for the life of me I can’t take anyone seriously who types/writes words the way people attempt to say them. Especially when the word itself sounds utterly ridiculous. “Come on, main”, “this gone be fun”, etc. It’s sad really

  • Spit Cold Water

    Be careful though, lot of sensitive people on here. Just be glad this link doesn’t contain a video. This has basically become a TMZ website.

  • james

    So easy Heat fans forget. Wasn’t it 2011 that Terry KILLED Lebron, embarrassing him beyond comprehension? Causing the whole basketball world to doubt if Lebron could ever be an all-time great basketball player. All Lebron did was dunk on a guy 80 pounds lighter and 7″ shorter than him. He has NO right to talk about Terry after 2011, Terry caused him a lifetime of embarrassment and pain, tainting Lebron’s career forever. The reason Lebron will probably never be considered on Jordan’s level is because he couldn’t stop Terry from taking that championship. Have some of that sauce Miami!

  • shutup

    It’s called paragraph structure. The lead sentence is usually the main point, Hence….my……reply. Double douche to you….

  • Fluguywitabowtie

    lucky they don’t get swept? Boston took them to 7 games, when Okc couldn’t. I swear people just like the heat just bc they winning. Can we please get some real basketball fans out here

  • Drig

    Well, assume, that the probability of Green having a bad game is 50%. Now for it to happen 4 consecutive times, the probability is .5 to the power 4 which is…..6.25%. Now, if you adjust the probability mentioned above to account for KG getting into foul trouble in 4 consecutive games and the fact that two games are gonna be in Boston, that will definitely come down.

    Great, supporting my arguments with credible “if” statements makes my argument pointless but claiming BS like ” Heat will sweep Celts” without providing any reasoning ain’t. Thank you very much.

    Also, you can’t seem to comprehend Kevin’s post. That was addressing guys who whine about what happened in the past. I’m making a prediction about the future. If you know how to make arguments, you’d realize that such an act requires one to use if statements or draw conclusions from sample data available. Considering the fact that Boston just recently almost defeated the Heat, I’d say it’s fairly impossible for them to get the better end of the stick in 4 close games.

  • Yi-Cheng Chen

    Chance is not good enough.

  • Spencer

    LeBron completely took over Game 6 with one of the best performances I’ve ever seen, not arguing that. I said they should’ve won in 5 if Game 2 wasn’t stolen from them.

  • russell j


  • Gman

    Heat should have won in 4, since we are going to go with the wonderful world of “should”.

  • tre

    So again, you use a made up figure (50%) to then break down into other figures, (that are nowhere to be found in your original comment unless you reach and round up one of them). Then you obviously don’t comprehend that KJF’s post is applicably to you since you did the EXACT same thing as the guy who got your panties in a bunch did. The principle applies no matter when the “if” is, past or future. You are still speaking matter of factly on something, while presenting special circumstances of your own choosing to bail yourself out. Your exact words were NO WAY, unless blah blah blah. Well, the last two things you listed were a way, and they aren’t even far fetched enough to lend credence to your original point, which is that there is no way a determined Heat team could sweep the Celtics come post season. You didn’t say it was unlikely. You said NO WAY and listed a way. Thanks for the essay but you still suck at backing up your own point if you could contradict yourself in the same damn post.

  • Drig

    Um……okay. So according to you, something which has less than 5% chance of happening in real life is a way which you would back…….Okay.

    And that made up figure is actually pretty consistent considering that you can have either a good game or a bad game. Never studied probability?
    And I can’t believe you took the no way thing so literally. No way doesn’t just mean 0% probability. It can also mean that the chances of that happening are very remote. Sigh.

    You’re of the kind that believes any possibility is a legit one despite the chances of it happening are zilch. I’m not. Let’s just leave it at that before you make yourself look even more of a tool.

  • Spencer

    You’re fucking delusional if you think the Heat should’ve won in 4. The only game they actually “won” up until Game 6 was Game 1.

  • Marc

    Isn’t he crip

  • 23

    Perfectly healthy? Wow, that was just a dumb comment right there

  • meqnine

    He never said a thing in Dallas. He just played basketball. Now that he is in Boston, he learned what they do best…fucking whine whine and whine, not knowing when or how to shut up. This time I can’t wait to see Birdman Anderson dunk over his ass.

  • http://basketball-performance.com/ Basketball Tips

    now that I think about it, you’re right!

  • Spencer

    Is LeBron out for the year like Rondo? Is any other starter on the Heat out for the year like Sullinger? Is your backup shooting guard done for the year like Barbosa? Will Chris Bosh have to sit 2 weeks like KG will with his recent ankle injury? LeBron has missed 0 games, Wade has missed 5, Bosh has missed 3, Ray has missed 2, Udonis has missed 3, Mario has missed 0, and Battier has missed 7. WOW THEY HAVE REALLY BEEN BATTLING INJURIES ALL SEASON LONG. Give me a break.

  • Jake25

    I absolutely LOVE this……the #1 team who doesn’t really need to prove themselves anymore this season for another couple of weeks & you guys continue to treat them like scum……it’s really OK, you all too will see what the ENTIRE team is like in 2 more weeks & for Jason Terry, I too, am praying that you guys continue to lose every game, let the Bucks pass you up since MIAMI would LOVE to put you guys away in 4 straight in the 1st round…….believe me, you are not scaring us AT ALL & you can take that to the bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (btw, their 2nd team ain’t too shabby either)

  • Jake25

    Well, I think you better enjoy them while you can since their days are numbered!!!!
    The playoffs are MUCH different than the regular season, just know that!!!!
    Believe me, every HEAT fan is praying that we meet you guys in the 1st round, however, the Bucks do hold all the marbles for now…..keeping our fingers crossed anyway!!!!

  • Spencer

    If you’re smart enough to read more than one comment I was talking about the Celtics injuries compared to Miami’s. People are talking about the Celtics as a 7 seed right now as if Rondo, Sullinger, Barbosa are still playing (They’re not). When healthy, with a fairly officiated series, the Celtics have a better chance to beat the Heat than any team in the league as we’ve seen last year. I say the Celtics win in 5 last year if Game 2 was called fairly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iamtheai Artificial Intelligence

    Trash talk and hatred has its own place on this earth JT should worry about his fading Celtics instead of the Miami heat, for his info this year will be a 2nd striaght championship for the heat.

  • Louis

    Shut up Terry…..punk ass lebron way better player than you…4 MVP

  • Louis

    Shut up Terry punk asss…..LeBron way much better player than you 4 MVP

  • DY

    yeah right… jason terry? jason terrible man. he cant even replace the big role of ray allen. that’s embarassment man

  • Jeff

    also depends on who referees the game though eh? Crawford wood be a good example, the flops I mean the heat was lucky healthy. They wont get to the finals this yr, and shouldn’t have last yr.