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LeBron James Finds Magic Johnson’s $1M Dunk Contest Offer ‘Entertaining’

After Magic Johnson desperately and somewhat ridiculously offered up $1 million for LeBron James to take part in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest (something he has repeatedly said he doesn’t want to to do), the Miami Heat superstar did his best to politely shoot it down. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “‘Right now, I don’t know,’ he said. ‘It doesn’t really stand anywhere. Right now, I’m so focused on what we’re doing as a team.’ To James, the offer appeared to come off as as much of a nuisance as those who had questioned his pregame dunking theatrics. ‘Shoot, All-Star weekend is how far away?’ he said of next February’s showcase in New Orleans. ‘So I’m really not thinking about right now. It was entertaining to hear him say that, though.’”

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  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    ESPN needs a new way to look at LeBron since everyone is sick of hearing about him. So they are focusing on the Dunk Contest. Which, while being irrelevant in itself, is 11 f*cking months away.

  • Madubbs

    Donate that million to your charity now thats entertaining.

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    I know right. Bunch of sad fuddermuckas. They’re forever mourning the death of the dunk contest and the perp is still on the loose in Texas somewhere, rocking a beard, a headband and a blue uniform.

  • bike

    I’m sure Magic means well and all but offering a million dollars to a mega millionaire to participate in a dunk contest adds fuel to the fire for those that believe b-ball stars–both current and former–are overpaid jerks.

  • Dubz

    So the All-Star game was in Houston twice in the last ten years and now it will be in New Orleans twice in the last ten years. What up with that? Let’s see it in some other cities.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i think the people that killed it are the assholes that decided the dunk contest needed more (as in props and other useless bullsh*t) than 4-8 guys just doing 4 dunks in the first round, and 3 in the second.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    This is so stupid.

    A) He’s 28 – superstars traditionally join the dunk contest when they are still looking to raise their profile; Lebron’s profile is the highest it has ever been. If he didn’t join in his Cleveland days, he’s sure as hell not going to now.

    b) He’s a champion. This is honestly beneath him at this stage of his career.

    c) Like NBK said, the ASG is 11 months way. Who gives a sh*t?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    Toronto needs to get a bid in…although I’m not sure how many groupies would be willing to come party in -15 weather.

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    And who’s idea was it to make you sit on a tiny little cube next to the judges table right before your dunk attempt. If I see that fukkin Kenny Smith around my way I’m lowkicking him in the knees.

  • Lorne

    Then they’re misguided in centering their negative perceptions on basketball players. Donald Trump and countless other rich white guys have offered far greater amounts for equally meaningless causes. For some reason there tends to be more outrage and disgust when it involves young rich black athletes.

  • Seth

    New Orleans is a floundering basketball market. I’m with you… let’s see some other cities. Boston hasn’t had it since the 60s.

  • Seth

    In the next dunk contest, ESPN should donate Stuart Scott’s glass eye as a prop. Put it up on the back of the rim or something.

  • Soapy Johnson

    More Magic Johnson news — “New Dodgers owners hold press conference
    to show how large their penises are” …

  • Fat Lever

    Not a good look for Magic. He’s a savvy businessman, but this comes off as desperate. Who cares if Lebron does a dunk contest? If you dont expect him to do one, then you won’t be disappointed.

  • bike

    The outrage and disgust should be no higher for ball players than any other millionaire who treats huge sums of money like 50 dollar bets. If being black makes a difference, it’s due in part to the high level of poverty in our inner cities. There are much better ways to spend money and here is to hoping LeBron and Magic realize that and put that dough to a better cause.

  • Lorne

    I highly doubt people are outraged at black millionaire athletes for wasting money because they care so much about the plight of minorities in the inner cities. On the contrary, it has more to do with the resentment they feel towards them for being who they are AND having the nerve to be millionaires. How dare they behave like typical wasteful American capitalists, as if it were relegated to only one group. Nobody cares when the Donald Trumps of the world do it, but it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with sympathy for the poor.

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    LA twice as well, you would think there aren’t 57 teams in the NBA

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    Oh if there is a potential fortune to be made, the groupies will brave the cold!

  • bike

    It’s not sympathy for the poor. It has more to do with
    watching an athlete who came from a background of poverty who has the talent and work ethic to make it big in a professional sport only to waste huge sums of money. The mindset—admittedly unfair—is that these athletes should be more grateful for what they have versus a wasteful capitalist and manage their money more wisely since they should ‘know’ what it’s like to have very little.

    Magic is an intelligent, thoughtful, successful businessman who
    has spoken out about the issue of professional athletes getting themselves in trouble financially. It just seems odd that he would make such a ridiculous proposal involving so much money. Still, it his money to do with whatever he chooses.

  • trueballer4life


  • The Philosopher

    It is as such, my good brethren;
    Magic has some savvy. Although, overrated. He has brilliant people in his circle with even more brilliant connections.
    Now, that being said, Magic wants to be in The King’s cavalry of men. So much so, he has offered The King jewels.
    Magic can care less if The King dunks, or not.
    That money being offered by Johnson is his way of attempting to buy his way into The King’s crew.

  • Lorne

    First off, you are crazy if you think YOUR outlook is shared by the rest of this country.

    Secondly, exactly who the hell do you think you are to judge these guys? I love how you feel entitled to tell these guys how to spend their money, going so far as to defend your race based justification as to why you think rich wasteful whites have more of a right to do as they please with their own money. If your opinion had any nobility attached to it, you’d believe that ALL people have a moral obligation to not waste millions when there are needy people. There is nothing honorable or genuine about your opinion. They should be more grateful than who? They earned their money like anyone else. There aren’t different rules for different people. They weren’t handed a damn thing. You play right into those ideas that no matter what minorities do, they must be better than their white counterparts in order to be considered equal. I don’t like a single thing you posted.

  • bike

    You brought up race, not me. I never said it was okay for
    what you term ‘rich white capitalists’ (are we to assume there are no rich non-white capitalists?) to waste money—you simply twisted that into your fabricated interpretation of what I originally posted. Magic went public with this proposal so we are all entitled to have an opinion. You feel it is his right—so be it. Relax. Enjoy.