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Los Angeles Lakers Happy That Miami Heat Winning Streak Ended

With the possible exception of Jerry West, living members of the 1971-’72 Lakers probably popped some bubbly last night. As for the current LakeShow, they’re pleased that the Miami Heat won’t break the record of 33 straight wins. Per the LA Times: “The current crop of Lakers took some pride in its preservation after the Miami Heat’s streak ended at 27 with a 101-97 loss Wednesday to the Chicago Bulls. Some players were even happy. ‘In a big way, I am,’ said Pau Gasol, who in his six seasons with the Lakers has become friends with the coach of that ’71-72 team, Bill Sharman. ‘I’m glad that we kept the streak. It was about time that Miami lost.’ [...] The Lakers (37-35) have been pretty preoccupied in recent weeks trying to keep their heads above .500. Most of them still kept at least a casual eye on the Heat streak. ‘I guess now that it’s over, it’s kind of nice that the Lakers still have it,’ Steve Blake said. Kobe Bryant, in his 17th season with the Lakers, was diplomatic. ‘I think as a student of the game, as a fan of the game, you appreciate those kind of streaks,’ he said. ‘You realize how difficult it is to put together that big of a streak. Obviously, the Lakers winning 33 in a row was phenomenal. The Heat’s run was just as impressive.’”

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  • Bravo


  • trueballer4life

    i respect kobes comment he is a respectfull man!

  • Max


  • http://twitter.com/Neitel_17 Nathan Agosto

    No one, in the next 30 or even 50 years will win 27 in a row, let alone 33. I will pass away at 90 and always think of this time when I witnessed 27 in a row, I watched most games. But I am sure Miami ain’t worried about it, there is a golden trophy to lift in june…so, they just going to put this drama behind them and focus on the playoffs and their road to the 2013 Championship.

  • http://twitter.com/ec_lkhaa Will Lee

    yeah but its a statement to beat the lakers record. to takeover the dynasty type of thing.

  • http://twitter.com/Neitel_17 Nathan Agosto

    yea…true….the one to catch now is 27. 33 as you see, is hard to reach…27 was hard to reach, the closest this season was Clippers, but the Heat double that to 27….crazy focus. The heat could have won #28, but they made many mistakes, turnovers and missed foul shots, missed 3 pointers, chris Andersen missed dunk and the Tech on bron, for pushing boozer….all that lead to that loss. wouldn’t you agree will?

  • TheBigCire

    and he always think his the best lol

  • http://twitter.com/ec_lkhaa Will Lee

    i think they def care more about the chip at the end. But if Lebron is guarding Hinrich he wanted that record.

  • http://www.facebook.com/comicz.peligrino Miguel Carlo Aldaba Peligrino

    Haters, haters everywhere :O