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NBA Says JR Smith Shouldn’t Have Been Ejected for Hard Foul

Referees kicked JR Smith out of Monday night’s game after he flagrantly fouled rookie Harrison Barnes. The NBA, after reviewing the tape, downgraded Smith’s foul to just a flagrant 1. Per the NY Times: “That was little consolation to the Knicks, who lost Smith, their second-best scorer, with 6 minutes 51 seconds left in the third quarter, as they faced a 24-point deficit. A flagrant foul-2 triggers an automatic ejection, while a flagrant foul-1 does not. ‘It is upsetting, but what are you going to do?’ Coach Mike Woodson said. ‘Hey, he got ejected and they felt they made the right call. It turned out it wasn’t the right call. Hey, we got to live with it and keep it moving.’ The commissioner’s office reviews all flagrant foul calls and has the authority to upgrade or downgrade each call. [...] The change on Smith’s foul means little, other than to acknowledge that the referees made a mistake. It also means one fewer flagrant foul ‘point’ assessed against Smith for the season. A player who exceeds 5 points receives an automatic one-game suspension. But this was Smith’s first infraction, so he is in little danger of that.”

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  • KevinJohnsonFan

    These announcements from the NBA are pointless after the fact. “Sorry one of your best players got ejected”. A little too late. Same with technical fouls that they rescind. Players not having to pay fines is good, but they can’t take back those free throws that are shot.

  • spit hot fiyah

    true, but techs are different since a lot of players have quite a lot of them and they lead to suspensions after a certain number (16 i think without looking it up)

  • Max

    No Sh*t.

  • RayJr

    Ok so how is the NBA going to correct this, or similar Ts or ejections, from not happening again? This cannot happen at the end of the season when teams are battling for playoff positions or when we get into the playoffs. Teams can be losing key players at crucial times because a ref makes an incorrect call.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    JR is happy he is not getting a fine

  • emerson

    They know that it’s pointless in terms of the game, they don’t need people pointing out every time they do this.
    They do it because it shows that the league and the referees are at least willing to own up to the mistake. One of the biggest complaints in all four major sports is that referees never really have to take ownership of bad calls. They don’t get interviewed, people don’t get answers.