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Royce White to Re-Join the Houston Rockets’ NBDL Team

The latest twist in the interminable Royce White saga, is that the rookie forward will re-join the Rio Grande Vipers less than a week after saying he was done playing until next season (White says a “miscommunication” with the Rockets has been cleared up.) Per the Houston Chronicle: “White played just 12 games for the Vipers when he announced via Twitter that he was returning to Houston, citing the advice of a ‘team doctor.’ He had not consulted the team, however, a person with knowledge of his decision said. White later said he was working to prepare for next season. The Vipers played three games without White, including road games in Pennsylvania and Indiana. Rockets officials have declined to comment about White leaving the Vipers or the decision to return. In 12 games with the Vipers, White averaged 9.6 points and 5.6 rebounds, making 41.6 percent of his shots and 62 percent of his free throws. White has not played in a game for the Rockets this season and has not attended a game or practice since Nov. 11. The first two seasons of his contract are guaranteed for $3.36 million.”

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  • Markus437

    2010 – The Decision
    2011 – The Melo Drama
    2012 – The Dwightmare
    2013 – The White Fright

  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange believes Royce and the Rockets are like an old married couple … can’t stand to be together … aw ya’ll know the rest. Ten years from now they still gon be arguing over when he’s going to report to the D-League.

  • Anthony Dixon

    i was rooting for him but now its pathetic.

  • Max

    Next week: Royce White unhappy with Houston Rockets.

  • spit hot fiyah

    when was the last time a d-League player that had avg of 9 and 5 on 42 % shooting got this much attention? it was around this time last year when we all started to get really intrigued by this guy after he was the best player on the court in a game that also featured Anthony davis, mkg, and terrence jones

  • hoodsnake

    This guy

  • bike

    There has to be something about this guy–potential lawsuit, bad publicity, etc.–that has the Rockets scared of him. No one puts up with this kind of distraction.

  • makoface

    mental illness is a serious and crippling condition that affects so many people and the people around them.
    Being a immature prima donna self serving jerk is a serious and crippling condition that pisses off everyone.
    Royce suffers from both but is making more problems with the latter than the former.
    This is clearly a smart individual but with little self awareness beyond his own issues. If he spent as much energy overcoming his issues rather than complaining about them hed be making good on his committment to the rockets as they have to him.

  • makoface

    im sick of this clown complaining that people dont understand him or his condition. its not they dont understand him or his condition – its that they cant tolerate his whiny behaviour. if he released statements saying simply “im doing my best to overcome this- and will do my best to return the investment the rockets and fans in houston have made in me-” and left it at that- we d be fine. instead……- i mean look at him! he s about 40 pounds overweight- and clearly unfit- he looks like he hasnt looked after himself at all in the interim. actions speak louder than words big boy.

  • roscoe

    that is extremely childish of you. couldn’t disagree more.

  • roscoe

    ?? maybe he is talented ??

  • robb

    anxiety disorder. If the Rockets get rid of him, he’ll say it’s discrimination. The Rockets don’t want bad publicity, but at this point everybody realises what kind of guy Royce is. They should kick his @ass out of Houston.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    Grab the popcorn.

  • AndyK415

    Many people have talent that they throw away though.

  • http://basketball-performance.com/ Basketball Tips

    me too, i thought he’ll be great with them, well that sucks lol

  • shockexchange

    C’mon Sco Sco you’re better than that.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    im sick of this guys story

  • jaycee

    I guess the pressures of the League were too much for him in the first year. Obviously it’s the most competitive league in the world. Anyone of us who has played at a high enough level know how nerve racking it can be to be constantly playing for your life. It puts immense pressure on you as an individual so I definitely can empathize with him a little.

    Maybe if he has made it this far, albeit the circus it has been (shout out to Coach Randy) he can take it all in over the off season. re-focus, re-prioritize, see his BLESSINGS for what they are, and come back and make an impact next year. Long shot though.