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Dennis Rodman is Reportedly Going Back to North Korea

Apparently once is not enough. After a successful trip to North Korea back in late February, Dennis Rodman is returning this summer for a second trip. Via the Miami Herald: “NBA legend Dennis Rodman is going back to North Korea. The Worm showed up at a charity gala tonight at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, and announced he is heading back to impoverished nation whose supreme leader is threatening a nuclear holocaust. ‘I’m going back August 1,’ the former rebounder told Gossip Extra exclusively. ‘We have no plans really, as far as what we’re going to do over there, but we’ll just hang and have some fun!’”

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  • roscoe


  • trent

    Is it wrong that I want to get rid of my Rodman jersey all of a sudden?

  • danpowers

    dont be silly man. would be the same if he’d be chilling with republican politicians

  • LLC#12

    This could turn into the plotline for a terrible film “In the 21st century world threatened by nuclear warfare, only one man can save the world from nuclear warfare and doom, and that man, is, DENNIS RODMAN”
    (not that I think North Korea is a real threat to anybody anyway)
    I wonder what him and Kim Jong-un even talk about.

  • danpowers

    the three magic Bs: Beer, B*tches, Basketball

    id rather like to see em in a weirdish buddy movie as there aint much good comedy stuff in movie theatres nowadays…

  • Matt

    I dislike anyone who praises him for doing this.

  • Slick Ric

    You probably watch a lot of fox news, thats why.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    F*ck yeah!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    For some historical context… The Korean War should really be called the Korean genocide instead. The US murdered a third of the North Korean population during that “war,” killing 3 million out of a total population of 9-10 million.

    The US dropped more bombs on the tiny country of North Korea than the amount used in the
    entire Pacific Theater of WWII. A common complaint of US Air Force
    pilots was that there wasn’t anything left to bomb. By the end of the
    war, they’d literally destroyed every single building above one-story
    high. When there weren’t any buildings or communities left to bomb, they targeted dams, irrigation canals, and crops–food sources–in an attempt to starve millions more Koreans to death.

    The US-on-Korean kill rate from 1950 to 1953 equaled a massacre as
    big as the 9/11 twin tower attacks PER DAY, over the full 1100 days of
    genocide. Can you even wrap your head around something as horrific as
    one-thousand one-hundred 9/11 attacks, on one country, over a 3 year
    time span?

    For some perspective on why this was one of the biggest genocides in modern history, the US lost only 0.32% of its population in all of WWII, and the Soviets, who suffered the worst casualties (besides the Chinese), lost 14.2% of their population.

    By the end of the Korean genocide, the North Koreans lost 20-30% of their population. Think about it. Then tell me who’s being the aggressor?

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Americans who hate North Koreans are like Nazis who hate Jews. Possibly worse, because Germany actually paid for its crimes and they don’t actually persecute Jews anymore. The US is still murdering Koreans daily with sanctions and continues to threaten them even after committing genocide. And they still haven’t left Korea.

  • Canesta

    Let me guess, 9/11 was a conspiracy by the government too? Why don’t you move to North Korea if America is so bad…

  • Canesta

    You probably watch msnbc…

  • danpowers

    id*ot. what he wrote are just facts and he follows these by his judgement. that has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. immanent critique is absolutely necessary for democracies. if you cant handle it north korea or comparable dictatorships should suit your attitude a bit better than living in the usa

  • chubachuchi

    The South Koreans had a high casualty rate too, although they didn’t get leveled. The US supported whoever was fighting communist states, and they fought like the greatest military force that they were/are.

    Its not like the US were interested in the Korean area, so they weren’t really aggressors, they just blew up everything because that’s how a country with the greatest miltary arsenal fights. The fact that NK is still alive is evidence that the US weren’t really agressors, and NK did in fact attack first.

  • initbruv

    You think Americans dislike North Koreans? I’m pretty sure it’s only their government that people don’t like.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I just posted documented historical facts and statistics, from US sources ironically, and you accuse me of conspiracy theories. “No Child Left Behind” must’ve really left your dumb @ss behind. Go blow Ronald Reagan’s corpse, you genocide-denying piece of imbecilic sh!t.

  • initbruv

    None of those facts are out of the box Canesta. It’s not a conspiracy.
    The question is not whether other countries have a legitimate reason to
    hate us, of course they do. They question is whether they are
    mistreating/enslaving their own people and whether they’re serious about
    starting nuclear war. Doesn’t matter how legitimate their hatred of us
    is, nuclear war should never be an option and it never should have been
    in the first place (i.e. in Japan).

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    The US wasn’t interested in the Korean area? WTF?! After WWII, the Koreans gained their independence from Japanese occupation and became the People’s Republic of Korea. They were one country. They were set to hold elections, and Kim Il Sung was predicted to win those elections by a landslide. That’s when the US partitioned Korea into two states, against the will of the Korean people. The US set up a puppet state in the Sout, led by Japanese-collaborators (traitors to the Korean nation) and fascists. The North was what was left of the People’s Republic of Korea.

    How can you say the US were not being aggressors when they murdered A THIRD OF THEIR ENTIRE POPULATION?!

    The Southern puppet state also executed 200,000 civilians for having leftist ties, or for so much as having leftist sympathies, over a single summer, what’s now called the Bodo League Massacre. (That’s a low estimate–some sources put that number as high as 1.2 million). North Korea fought to reunify their country, as they had the legitimate right to do. The US had no business being in Korea, whatsoever.

    How in the world do you come to the conclusion that the US wasn’t interested in the Korean area?!!?

  • coyboo

    rodman must be an undercover agent of the us govt

  • KBM


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    also… it’s really disturbing that you think it’s just normal, nbd for the US to “blow everything up” in other people’s countries across the Pacific Ocean. Is this a video game to you? And ya’ll have the nerve to say North Koreans are brainwashed… they’re more lucid about your country than most Americans are.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Right, just like you don’t hate Afghans, only the Taliban… even though the US drone bombs Afghan civilians every week (today they just murdered 30 civilians at ANOTHER wedding party), and you don’t say a word. You just don’t give a sh!t, but you use your “I just hate the government” excuse to justify the murder of civilians. It’s a total cop out.

    Americans don’t care about North Koreans–as evidenced by the nonchalant attitudes (and outright denial) to an actual genocide, the one I detailed above. Also, people are calling for war against North Korea… but yeah, of course bombing Korea won’t hurt their people, just their government.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    That is why liberals sicken me.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    MSNBC is strongly anti-Korean. But okay. You’re totally not a dumb@ss.

    Only one of those things untrue.

  • initbruv

    No I don’t hate them even a little. And yes I do give a sh*t. You have no understanding of the people you’re lamenting but that doesn’t slow you down. You work backwards from the premise that you’ve got everyone figured out without meeting them or understanding them. But they’re the ones who are ignorant right?

  • initbruv

    You’re the only one who cares, obviously.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    You are ignorant for thinking North Koreans are victims of their government when they are victims of YOUR government. When you stop your crusade against their government and understand the root cause of Korea’s problems–US imperialism–then you’ll sound informed, without having to cry your condescending white man’s burden tears.

  • initbruv

    Where am I crying condescending white man’s burden tears? You’re having an imaginary argument right now. Focus.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Nope, I’m just refuting your bullsh!t, as usual. You spew a lot of it.

  • initbruv

    Nice job saying nothing with two sentences. Get back to me when you have something to say.

  • Shifty

    I thought the UN are doing the food sanctions?

  • initbruv

    You take too long with your responses. I’ll get back to you in the AM.

  • Max

    Kim and Dennis instead of Harold and Kumar lol.

  • danpowers

    would be an instant classic lol

  • LakeShow

    Why do you gotta bring the truth up bro.

  • LakeShow

    Here’s where we(may) disagree.
    Ronald Reagan is Barack Obama.
    They lean different ways, but you get the same result.

  • LakeShow

    Kudos, maybe you do agree…

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I completely agree, Lake.

  • nhm

    don’t get rid of it.. that jersey would be worth something in a few decades, due to its basketball history… and political implications.

  • chubachuchi

    That’s not really interest per se, I’m saying economic interest, the main reason why powers/imperialists come in a country.
    The US was there because of the Riga Axioms rhetoric, and it is arguable that it may have been the wrong idea to follow.
    But you should apportion equal blame to USSR for the 38th parallel divide, they wanted that buffer as much as the Americans wanted it.
    And when did I call NKoreans brainwashed?

  • ha

    Rodman may be the key to world peace. Don’t sleep on that weirdo.

  • Big L

    kill the gooks before they bomb us

  • Neiha

    It was a joint UN intervention. Many troops were from the US but not all. This is an important distinction. No countries hands are clean.

  • satanswillisbecomingevident

    Go watch a video about life in north korea. The citizens worship their leader like he is god. North Korea is under rogue operation the citizens are too afraid to even look in the mirror and realize how shitty their lives are under his rule. Its ridiculous those poor people need to be bowing to jesus christ not some psycho egotistical tyrant who embellishes himself and his colleagues with lavish things all the while his citizens sit and praise him while they wither and die. The north korean government is purely evil and thats all there is to it!