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Patrick Beverley Denies He Tried to Hurt Russell Westbrook

As one might expect, OKC Thunder fans are enraged at Patrick Beverley given that Russell Westbrook hurt his knee when the young Rockets guard went for a steal as Russ prepared to call a timeout in Game 2. Beverley and teammate James Harden feel awful about what happened, but both say there was no malicious intent with Beverley’s aggressive play. Per the Houston Chronicle: “A lot of people do it throughout the league. I don’t go out to try and hurt anybody. I tried to make a play on the ball … ‘It’s an unfortunate situation. You hate to see anyone like that go out. He’s an All Star, a top-3 point guard in the NBA.’ [...] Harden on injury: ‘Sad, sad story.’ Of Beverly play: ‘When opponents think a team is going to call time, a guy is going to go for the steal … That happened in so many occasions, not just last game. It happened in so many years in the league.’”

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  • http://twitter.com/ChillFrom91Til Allan


  • melvo

    At one point during the game, Beverly tried helping Westbrook off the ground. Good guy.

  • Max

    Indeed, anyone who thinks he tried to hurt him is dumb.

  • KEYON dooling

    all these media nerds who have never touched a basketball are trying to say this guy hurt Russ West? SMFH

  • spit hot fiyah

    this play probably happens at least once very game when a player brings it past half court to call time out. just too bad westbrook had to get injured. not fair to suspect beverly of having bad intentions

  • spit hot fiyah

    no more comments for u, bro

  • bike

    Beverly could just as easily got hurt too. At least Westbrook didn’t go all gladiator on Beverly or anyone else – he kept himself together well.

  • Lloyd

    Even though he made a play on the ball, I think the steal attempt right before the timeout should be frowned upon just for etiquette reasons. It’s like dribbling out the clock when you’re winning. Legally you can still try to get a shot off, but it’s disrespectful. Course there’s going to be player like Grant Hill, CP3, and Andre Miller who try to capitalize, but just getting in front of those guys is enough.

  • djack113

    obviously he didnt try to hurt him but honestly who the hell makes the play on the ball for a steal when you know there calling timeout! hes just a clear cut idiot

  • Justin

    People do it every game

  • KevinWarren

    It’s a seriously unfortunate injury for sure but Beverley did NOTHING wrong. His team was behind and he was just playing with the passion and hustle we all love to see on the basketball court. Keep it up Patrick and, GO Thunder!

  • keyon dooling

    Durant did the same thing to Chalmers in the Finals. Chalmers told him to get his hand off him lol. Happens all the time, on every level and every stage

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Stupid play. Whether he makes it or any other PG makes it. Can’t remember Russell ever being one of those guys who fakes a timeout and tries to attack the basket. He should take a hard fall or two tonight just for payback.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    He was headed to the other bench but he was stopped. He was kept together by his teammates.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    I don’t see anything intentional about what Beverley did. However, I could see the up roar against him because it’s almost an unwritten rule that when a player slows up just past halfcourt gesturing a timeout call you don’t lunge at him.

  • Blarmac

    Actually it was the second quarter and the Rockets were up by one. Good job, though.

  • Nick

    If you’re in a rhythm, the last thing you want is a time out for the other team. You go for the steal to keep them reeling. That goes double in playoff basketball when your team is behind. Etiquette has nothing to do with timeout steals. Etiquette does come into play with your previous example though. I understand your point but they’re all competitive guys, and they want to win. To do that they’ll take any lapse in concentration and capitalize on it. For example calling a ‘fake timeout’ and going if for the score or making a steal attempt on someone who’s calling a timeout.

  • Nick

    First thing about unwritten rules is that they aren’t written. In playoff basketball and the intensity that those guys play with some of those unwritten rules WILL be broken. Just ask Jalen Rose about the Laker series. Difference is that Beverly didn’t do it on purpose. His team is down in the series and he wanted to capitalize on any chance he could get. It’s not illegal to do what he did & since he played within the confines of the written rules, nothing should be said about unwritten rules.

  • Solito

    No intention to hurt, just a regular move for the ball. Even though I have never seen that timeout steal work. Westbrook made it worse by trying to go after Beverley for the rest of the game. Even before the injury news, I was thinking that he wasted to much energy trying to make him look bad… that is energy you are going to miss at some point during the playoffs. His hotheadedness got the best of him. Learn your lesson, youngen. No hate… here’s to a speedy and complete recovery.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1029292582 Dana Lynn Sharpton

    Whatever, It’s not like Beverly did it only once and to Westbrook every time! Karma Dude!

  • Lloyd

    That timeout is getting called. When have you ever seen someone actually steal the ball going for a bs steal before the timeout? If you watch any game, when a team goes on a run and forces the opposing team to call a timeout because there’s nothing else to do, the crowd goes insane. It’s a huge momentum builder.

    By your logic, this would be ok too:

  • Nick

    You never fake a steal cause you get screwed on defence. Same reason why players don’t gamble on that play more often. Cause that’s what it is, a gamble. If a player makes a luging steal attempt and missed they’d be left open defensively.

    If you’re at home and the opposing team goes on a run, the only people happy about that is the other team. So while I do agree partially on your point I can’t accept it as rule. It really depends on the game situation at the time a timeout is called.

    The video. Honestly speaking it was a terrible defensive possession. I’d be more embarrassed that they got a lay-up when we have three guys under the net and another man guarding air. Offensively the barking guy did his job. I see nothing wrong with the play. Though I personally wouldn’t use it.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Karma for what exactly?

  • Lloyd

    I didn’t say fake a steal. I don’t think a steal attempt should be made in that situation at all. Just like faking a timeout and tricking your opponent into thinking the play is dead. It’s disrespectful and should be frowned upon.

    It’s not a rule…but it takes away from your building rhythm and momentum theory of why these steals go down.

    If you think that a man going down on all fours and barking literally like a b*tch is a legitimate basketball play, there’s really nothing else to be discussed here. Good day.

  • http://twitter.com/ChillFrom91Til Allan


  • Nick

    It’s not red marked in the rule book so yeah it’s a play and like the things you said above about things that should be frowned upon this is one of them.

    We are actually on the same side I’m just playing devil’s advocate. I agree with all your points and I was just putting out reasons as to why certain plays would be made. It doesn’t mean I like them but they’re legal to use. What really it really comes down to is the integrity of the player/coach to play in a way that respects the game.

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  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    The same people saying “who goes for the ball when someone is calling a timeout?” would be the same people calling Beverly an idiot if Russ fakes the timeout and blows by him. It was an honest play that ended unfortunately.

  • JL

    I’m confused by the above comment.

  • Max

    Lol, that play is gold.

  • Comment_System

    not only that but EVERYBODY goes for the ball when someone is trying to call a timeout.

  • Mo

    I saw that Inside the NBA showing Westbrook doing the exact same thing to Jeremy Lin when he was calling a timeout in Game 1. Nothing wrong with what Patrick Beverly. Just unfortunate that Russ got hurt. Beverly wasn’t trying to hurt the dude.

  • http://basketball-performance.com/ Basketball Tips

    true true, it’s just that these fans bashing him up didn’t even watch what happened and just heard or read about it. i feel sorry for the guy.

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