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Frank Vogel Says He Likely Won’t Bench Roy Hibbert Next Time

At the most important moment of Game 1, Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel made the baffling decision to replace Roy Hibbert with Tyler Hansbrough (fearing a wide-open shot for Chris Bosh.) Naturally, this backfired spectacularly, and hindsight now being 20/20, Vogel admits that the big fella should’ve been on the floor to contest a driving LeBron James. Next time — assuming there is a next time — the Pacers coach promises to rethink his strategy. Per the Indy Star: “So you think Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel had a difficult time getting over taking Roy Hibbert out in the third quarter of Game 2 against the New York Knicks in the Eastern Conference semifinals? What he did in Game 1 — with Hibbert again — against the Miami Heat should have caused him to toss and turn in his hotel bed, pace the floor in his room and look at himself in the mirror most of the night. Vogel put Hibbert on the bench in the final seconds of overtime. But wait, it gets better. The coach did it twice. And both times the Heat, well LeBron James, scored. [...] ‘Maybe I need to do that more, I didn’t,’ Hibbert said when asked if he urged Vogel to stay in the game. ‘In hindsight, I wish I did because LeBron’s layup was one I think I could have gotten because he served it up and it wasn’t like he protected the ball. He served it up to the rim and I may have been able to get a piece of it.’ [...] The Pacers have to find a way to get over this loss to get ready for Game 2, and it starts with Vogel first. ‘We’ll have to evaluate and see what we’ll do the next time,’ he said. ‘I would say we’ll probably have (Hibbert) in next time.’”

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  • http://basketball-performance.com/ Basketball Tips

    good for him, everyone in Indiana would be furious when he makes that mistake twice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.brodes Jay Brodes

    monday morning qb. indy played a good game. that is why lbj is the mvp…real talk! hibbert may have helped but indy should have denied bron the ball!

  • LP @ThisisEther

    I don’t think Hibbert makes a difference…he’s so slow, He wouldn’t have even got to the rim to contest the layup at all! They left A wide open lane for a wide open layup….so i don’t see too many guys recovering from help defense to block or challenge that..

  • bike

    LeBron would have simply adjusted and done something else if the rim was protected. They need to work on denying him the ball at all cost in those situations.

  • It looks like everybody is forgetting that Lebron was able to get that wide open layup because George played some horrible defense…

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    what a blown crucial moment

  • Mars

    It was a small lineup. He had the right personnel out there. If Hibbert had to guard a smaller player, and got burned, we would be saying “why wasn’t so & so in” instead. Paul George gave LeBron a layup. Thats what happened.

  • bike

    He did. He should have put himself in a position to at least contest a pass to LeBron and if LeBron gets the ball put himself solidly between LeBron and the basket. He didn’t do either and got off balance to boot. Fodder for James.

  • robb

    You’re bright coach!

  • Lloyd

    Lebron on a jumper is a lot less dangerous than Lebron on the drive. Hibbert would’ve made a huge difference.

  • Lloyd

    Right personnel? It was the most crucial defensive possession of the game and he benched the anchor to their defense.

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  • Bandwagonfan

    Last year miami loos so fragile compared to spurs, boston. Andokc. Now i cant even think ho they gonna lose. I mean doesnt matter how close thegame is, theybstill won in the end. Its like during indiana lead or ot, i think ” nah, theyll make it somehow”

  • Feez_22

    What people fail to realize is that psycho T came in for hibbert. Did you see who psycho T was switched up on when ray allen set the fake screen for bosh? ya… he switched on RAY ALLEN. If that were hibbert and he’d left ray allen, lebron would have taken the ball and would have passed to ray allen for a wide open 3. If hibbert ran to guard ray allen, the paint is STILL WIDE OPEN. if hibbert stays in the paint and doesn’t move, ray allen is what? wide open.

    Now… ray was a putrid 1-8 in this game and a team like the pacers would definitely accept a ray allen open corner 3 over a lebron open layup (ray shot the best % from the corner 3 last yr and i think was close to it this yr but lebron shoots 80% on layups) but this isn’t as clear cut as people may think. Bosh isn’t the one that would be open for a jumper (which is what many foolish media members think is the tradeoff). Just look at the play again… it would be RAY ALLEN that would be open bc there is no goddamn way that hibbert is fast enough to rotate to ray allen.

    IMO, this was just an awesome play design by spoelstra. I’m no heat fan but if you look at how the heat used to play at end of games, it was just 1 on 1 iso with NO movement. This time, EVERYONE moved. Cole ran a nice curl from the baseline to the top of the right key. ray allen came from the right side of the court to set a fake screen and curled all the way to the left corner 3. Bosh used that screen to clear out to the right baseline. The entire pacers team was spread out to guard shooters. Lebron gets the ball and since paul george overplays his strong side (imo paul george is the most at fault for a wide open layup there) lebron gets a wide open lane to the basket with sam young being late recovering from bosh. The only thing sam could have done there was foul. As i said before, hibbert would NOT have been on bosh in that situation and if he were that’s a WIDE OPEN ray allen corner 3. Just a great play design and shows the improvement of the heat’s coach.

  • Stinka

    I honestly think LeBron was going to get to rim no matter what. 6’8 or 9, 260-270, he’s getting there.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    If you are playing a man defense, taking Hibbert out was the right play.