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Jarrett Jack Hopes to Re-Sign With the Golden State Warriors

Soon-to-be free agent guard Jarrett Jack wants to keep the good times rolling in the Bay. The amazing run came to an end last night after the Golden State Warriors lost an emotional Game 6, Jack expressed his desire to return next season. Per the Mercury News: “Guard Jarrett Jack was on the verge of tears as he stood at his locker. He couldn’t find the words to truly express what he was feeling, so he let his attire do the talking for him. ‘Usually before I would do any media, I would make sure I was dressed a certain way. I brought one of my best suits. But looking down at this jersey, it’s just a sense of pride I don’t think I’ve ever felt as a professional. … Nothing in my closet is better than what I have on now.’ Perhaps it was the disappointing end to a magical run. Perhaps reality had hit him that he may have spent his last minutes in a Warriors uniform. And he didn’t want to take it off. [...] His future with the Warriors is uncertain. Jack, who made $5 million this season, will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. He played a pivotal role in the Warriors’ success as the back-up point guard and the late-game ball-handler. So much so, Golden State reached out for extension talks back in January, but Jack declined before talks could get going so he could focus on the season. Based on his performance with the Warriors, Jack is expected to get several opportunities and lots of money on the free agent market. Also complicating matters is the rise of rookie Harrison Barnes. [...] Jack was never more clear about for whom he wants to play: Golden State. ‘I hope so, man. Obviously there are other things that go into seeing if that works — we all know this is a business at the end of the day. If I could do it, if I could rearrange it, I would definitely be back at this same locker.’”

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    he dribble the ball way too much for under 2 mins.Curry and barnes will take more
    money elsewhere once they get themselves established this always happens in a small market team.

  • GSW Fan

    the San Francisco moves makes us a big market. Currys contract is 4 years, Barnes is here for a while. If we make the expected move in 2017 we’ll be a bigger market by the time their contracts are up

  • LeroyShonuff

    With Andres and Jefferson contract eating up so much cap space, it will be hard to resign Landry and Jack. Even tho Landry playing time was cut in the playoffs, he would seem to be harder to replace than Jack. The league and euro is filled with quality backup pgs. Not to many bigs who can get you 15-8 tho… But logic says they will resign Jack and let Landry go

  • koloradokobe

    Nah, Stars don’t always leave a small market team. As long as they winning & have a strong culture, stars often stay. See; OKC, San Antonio. Warriors built a good foundation this year to build on.

  • i_ball

    You won’t find many back pgs as good as Jack if any. He could start on several teams – Miami, Atlanta, Utah etc.

  • spit hot fiyah

    he should go to a new (jack) city

  • jayo

    Warriors blew their chance, jarret jack will move on & the warriors will go back to being a laughingstock


    good thing the warriors are moving to SF.oakland is a warzone smh
    after the game last night two warriors fans got shot..

  • TR

    They can’t amnesty one of those guys to make space?

  • kevkn

    The shooting was unrelated to the game or the warriors. Please check your facts before you blather out false rumors

  • Emerson

    He didn’t say that the game or the Warriors had anything to do with the shooting.

    He merely gave his opinion on the level of violence in the city of Oakland.

    Please understand what you read before you hit reply. You’re Welcome.

  • davidR

    they already amnestied charlie bell. they used on him cuz he got a dui. dubs ownership was still really bad at the time

  • RKJ92

    Andres Biendris, and Richard Jefferson are going to be free agents now.. why the f*ck would you amnesty them if they will be gone and you can sign Landry, and Jack back again… dur durrrrrr

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    bombed joke. nice try tho

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    haha thats the O man.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    ignore that uninformed square.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    you wont make it in the hood man. you’ll wont live for long

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    hope they keep jack aswel

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    thank goodness for expiring contracts

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Come to chi city

  • Middle

    I think the Warriors were afraid of playing w/o a backup center. They should have amnestied Biedrens.

  • Middle

    Because if you can get their contracts off the cap list, then you can resign someone w/o paying luxury tax. Unfortunately, that isn’t a choice now.

  • Middle

    They can sign them all as long as they are willing to go over the salary cap for one year. I’m hoping that that was their plan when they cut 2 players to go under the cap last year. It will mean that they won’t have to pay the multi-year penalty for going over the cap 2 years.