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Luol Deng Has Lost 15 Pounds Since Spinal Tap

Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng still doesn’t know when he’ll be able to play again. Now out of the hospital after a week-long stay, Deng says he’s lost 15 pounds since a spinal tap was performed, and is still feeling very weak. (Oh, and Luol also revealed a previously unreported thumb fracture from earlier this season.) Per the Chicago Tribune: “Deng is adamant he will play even five minutes if he is able. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, of course, calls Deng day to day. But the stark reality remains: It’s possible, if not likely, that Deng, who can’t even endure exertion without headaches, will miss the remainder of these Eastern Conference semifinals against the Heat. And if that’s not enough, Kirk Hinrich remains doubtful with his severely bruised left calf. Hinrich underwent treatment and did some rehabilitation work in a pool Thursday after undergoing a second MRI exam, which a source said showed similar damage to muscle fibers that the first test indicated. ‘It’s just not progressing the way we had hoped,’ Hinrich said. [...] ‘I did the spinal tap and, after that, I just didn’t respond well,’ Deng said. ‘I started having severe headaches, was struggling to walk. I started feeling really weak. I started throwing up, (had) constant diarrhea. I couldn’t control my body really. Because of that, I lost a lot of weight. And I still don’t feel right. I was really scared. I’ve never been through anything like that my whole life. It was scary for me, scary for everyone around me.’ Even on Thursday, eight days after the spinal tap, Deng said he felt unable to engage in basketball activity. He said is trying to hydrate and eat as much as possible to increase his stamina. ‘I want to play, but I don’t know what I can do,’ he said. ‘I haven’t done anything. It really sucks. I’m weak and I have headaches. When I’m moving around a lot, my headaches increase. I tried to shoot a little bit and I struggled. I couldn’t do it.’ Deng hasn’t played since Game 5 of the Nets series and said watching from afar in Chicago while his teammates split the first two games in Miami hurt him in a different manner. ‘It’s hard, man,’ Deng said. ‘We’ve had a long season. I’ve played with a lot of injuries. I’ve gone through the torn ligament in the wrist. I had a fractured thumb earlier this year. I played with it. I went through all that to be able to play. I didn’t think something besides an injury would keep me out. And that’s what makes it really hard. I don’t know what you can do.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    the anti muscle watch (TM)

    jokes aside, get better, that sounds like some really scary stuff

  • http://twitter.com/thursti_tyht Thurstian Tsui

    I still dont exactly get what he siffered. Cam someone elaborate?

  • huami

    it is.

  • Fat Lever

    This dude’s a warrior man. It’s scary when you don’t know what’s wrong with you, and even scarier when doctor’s don’t. Hope everything’s ok with him.

  • pposse

    i dont think the initial diagnosis was ever revealed; the doctors thought it was meningiitis and tested for it, but they never confirmed if that is what it was.

  • Max

    Holy shiit.

  • http://twitter.com/apowellAdvocate Allen Powell II

    Two things jump out at me.
    1. The Bulls doctors love giving the green light to players.
    2. Tom Thibodeau is either the greatest motivator in the history of basketball, or he’s coaching players with the greatest levels of motivation we’ve seen in a while. Everyone knew this was a lost season and these guys were still willing to go this hard? Amazing

  • robb

    there’s no point in forcing injured or ill players to compete at this point. If the possibility of a championship was real it would make sense but that’s not gonna happen. DRose and Luol should stay out of the series, get 100% healthy and comeback at full force next year. I admire their will but gotta be smart here.

  • davidR

    if it’s the latter, i’m not surprised considering noah and nate are on the squad

  • Lloyd

    Meningitis. They performed a spinal tap, and there were “complications” with the procedure. This nausea and weakness is a result of that. No details on the “complications”.

  • http://twitter.com/StinkaMN Stinka

    I when I first heard that Deng had the “stomach flu”, I was shocked that the medial folks went has far as giving him a spinal tap, after he was only sick for a couple of days.. I thought that procedure would be the last resort.

  • sammyb96

    It goes to eleven