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Mike Woodson Asks For Himself To Be Blamed for Knicks’ Struggles, Not JR Smith

Predictably, New York Knicks head coach Mike Woodson went to bat for his embattled shooting guard. Instead of fans and media ripping Smith, Woodson is happy to shoulder the blame for the Knicks’ epic struggles (and baffling decision-making) in the second round of the NBA Playoffs. Per the NY Post: “Mike Woodson, trying to deflect attention from J.R. Smith, said the buck stops with him and he’s the first one to blame for the Knicks’ 3-1 series hole and potential downfall. Following Tuesday night’s Game 4 loss, Smith, amid a horrendous shooting slump, said in the visitor’s locker room that he’s the reason for the team’s woes. When asked about Smith’s bold declaration, Woodson said, ‘It’s not about all of that. Again, I’m the head coach. Blame it on me. I don’t look at it in that light. The bottom line is we’re all trying to do the right things to win basketball games. If we don’t have the slippage to start the series, we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves. But right now our backs are against the wall and my job is to get us out of this hole.’”

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  • pposse

    Well this MIke Woodson hiring might not have been such a good idea; someone should ask Jason Kidd the coach killer what he thinks. Just look at MIke Woodson’s playoff record; it can’t be good. Right now he’s on par to do exactly what Scott Skiles would have probably done with this same team. Its still 3-1, the Knicks can potentially right the ship.

  • shockexchange

    Breaking News! Roy Hibbert, Paul George, George Hill, et. al. have asked the public to blame them for the Knicks’ loss.

  • danpowers

    the knicks missed too many open shots, defensive rotations and even layups to blame it on the pacers. indiana is playing great, but this knicks team is more beating itself rather than being outplayed.

  • RayJr

    The struggles are a team effort. Just overall turrible.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez


  • shockexchange

    That dog ain’t never caught a rabbit … that dog don’t hunt.

  • danpowers

    they wont use it as an excuse but the real problem right now is health, obviously.

    smith is in a slump, lately knicks players not named carmelo anthony couldnt hit an open jumper if their life depended on it. chandler, martin, smith, kidd, amare, now shump, too are all either banged up, ill or not 100% healthy.

    i know tht i just made myself vulnerable for a sh*t storm as if i would try to make excuses, but what i do is just stating the obvious. in game 1 and 3 indiana was clearly better, they outplayed the knicks.

    in game 4 the knicks moved the ball much better and the defense was good enough, but they just werent able to make shots, they clanged too many open ones. they wouldve even lost to the bobcats with shooting like that.

    then anytime they got close, jr smith made sure his slump would affect the whole team with some shots which were stupid as f*ck even by his standards.

    one could argue woodson should have played kidd less, pablo, copeland and novak more but nobody gives us a guarantee that they wouldve done better. and i think that these decisions were minor factors in the losses.

  • Max

    You said
    “They clanged too many open ones. They wouldve even lost to the Bobcats with shooting like that.”
    And before you said health was the issue.
    No it’s not, it’s them missing easy shots.

  • Max

    Oh and btw,

  • Max

    Lol, and it looks like it’s heading right for New York.

  • http://twitter.com/EmmaWil45746430 Emma William

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  • danpowers


  • danpowers

    having guys not being able to do and trying to do what they are normally capable of distracts a teams rythm on offense. maybe not if its just one guy out there, but when you play big parts of a game with at least two out there not being physically at 100% will mess up your offense big time. if youre shaky already, this just makes everything worse.
    basketball is a complex sport tho, normally its never just one thing that lets you win or lose. i just mean that health is their major issue and causes and / or feuls the bad shooting.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    this spamming b!tch

  • shockexchange

    His dander is rising …

  • The Seed

    I blame Melo and the Phil Jackson is coming. BOOK IT!!

  • Max

    Not buying it.

  • danpowers

    play ill or hurt. then play healthy. tell me how you did healthy and how you did ill or hurt. you might buy it then ;)

  • Max

    I play hurt all the time because my ankle is f*cked up.
    The first three game the Knicks were healthy right?

  • danpowers

    then u should know what i mean. or wouldnt u be better with a healthy ankle?

    more or less, yes. the knicks have a roster that can bring you great success but on a high risk as they hired too many old guys. i think younger teams are able to overcome injuries easier than that knicks retirement center. that makes the pacers a better team right now, they seem to be not as prone to injuries as the knicks. the knicks can beat the pacers but for that they would need to be healthy.

    which they are unfortunately not. i think the biggest mess for them also during the first 3 games is that chandler is far from being 100% to have a chance. he isnt able to do anything against hibbert down low, just look at his numbers, even against boston. that guy is not himself.

    there are also many other tangibles like the pacers great play or distractions like the smith farce. but as a long time observer i see that this team is clearly not at full strenght. at least not important parts like chandler, martin or smith. i think that was so far just too much going wrong for the knicks to be able to compete against this pacers team.