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Paul Pierce Not Ready to Retire

Tonight’s Game 5 in New York could be Paul Pierce’s last in a Boston Celtics uniform. About to enter the final year of his current deal, The Truth says he’s not ready to hang it up just yet. Per WEEI: “I’ve always been a guy who says things happen for a reason,’ Pierce said. ‘I was a No. 10 [overall] pick [in 1998]. I did not anticipate that. I just always feel like through my whole career things everything is going to fall into the right place for me. So, I really don’t give much thought until after the season. But I know, at the end of the day, whatever I do, whatever they do, it’s going to fall into the right place for me.’ Pierce is signed through next season for just over $15.3 million but it is not guaranteed. Pierce is aware that the team could trade him in the offseason if the Celtics want to clear space, and if another team acquires him and then dumps the contract. ‘I’ve always said that I want to end my career as a Celtic but they are the ones [who decide],’ Pierce said. ‘I have a year contract for next year but it’s not guaranteed so the decision is in their hands. But, whatever they decision they make… Maybe if they trade me somewhere or I end up somewhere else, maybe it could be a situation where I come back for a one-day deal and retire as a Celtic. Right now, it’s just year-by-year. I expect to play another year next year and then evaluate after that.’”

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  • Coyne

    Speaks the Truth

  • KoloradoKobe

    He still plays at a high level. He deserves to go out a Celtic. PP is a first ballot Hall of Famer whenever he retires. He’s also been a good ambassador for the game and for Boston. I hope he sticks around as part of the Celtics organization when he hangs ‘em up for good.

  • danpowers

    he is on the decline but would be one hell of a sixth man or second scoring option on any team for at least 2 or 3 more years. it would be sad to see him retire anytime soon. i hope that his season ends tonight though

  • http://www.facebook.com/evan.boland Evan Boland

    Second scoring option, I don’t know. Not when you have Westbrooks and Wade’s as second scoring options in the L. 6th man for sure. That would be perfect. I think he could fit in nicely next year with Memphis, San Antonio, even OKC. But of course, I’d rather see him go out as a C.

  • danpowers

    me too. i mean, imagine him next to a “real” scorer. at the moment he is playing with the grandpa version of kg and a talented but inconsistent green. i dont see how boston would be able to aquire a topscorer in the offseason. even if they had the money to land a big name, the only guys (maybe) available would be dwight howard and (if healthy) andrew bynum and i dont know if they’d make a good fit as first scoring options with him. they would need a high scoring guard or wing next to pierce. thats not really likely to happen as it neither seems probable nor reasonable to move rondo. besides him they wouldnt have anyone to offer for a big name.

    and pierce should be untouchable, otherwise they’d put the same curse on them that the knicks caught when ewing “left” the big apple.

    thats quite sad as id love to see pierce for some more years on a contending celtics team, which we most likely wont see anymore.

  • nbahofer

    paul come fulfill ur childhood dreams n play for the lakers playa

  • JML-G

    i demand that he goes out as a Celtic!

  • Max

    PP on Memphis would be dope!

  • gukibupytew

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  • danpowers

    nah, the b*tch doesnt

  • Clos1881

    Rondo will be back green is there kg and Sullinger the c’s have one more run they are setup good to be able to compete and not have to blow up the team to do so they can make 1 or 2 small moves

  • playa

    And he absolutely should not, he is still top 5 sf in the league after all.

  • danpowers

    i dont doubt that they will put up a winning record with that team and maybe advance to the second round next season (if healthy) but that team is not a contender anymore and that was what i was talking about.
    anyway, i think that it would be better tho if they would let pierce and kg play in dignity until they retire and then start a clean rebuilding process or just hire some big names. i think boston should be a nice location with guys like rondo and green waiting and the rich culture of that organization.

    i still hope we bust these chumps on friday lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003246310246 Jason Carter

    I wouldnt like him either if I were you, he been a thorn in NYs flesh his whole career, first rd sweeps, all those daggers, the bowing in mid court, nate robinson jumpin on his back.. step back game winners over chandler, haha Lets go Celtics.

  • danpowers

    i directed that comment to “gukibupytew” n that spam mail not to pierce. that wouldnt make sense (see my other celtics comments in here)

    i wont talk sh*t on pierce. i hope he loses on friday n i hope the knicks will wipe the floor with his team but i respect him as a player as one of the games greatest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003246310246 Jason Carter

    coo, just makin sure, there are lots of PP haters out there thats why.

  • danpowers

    well i hate him indeed. but i still respect him for how good he is

  • Clos1881

    Lol I don’t know the Knicks aren’t a mentally tough team and with the age of the Knicks it’s gonna be rebuilding mode just as soon or faster than the celtics jr is about to be a free agent only valuable young guys you have is melo and Felton and shumpert amare looks like he’s done if I’m not mistaken y’all are the oldest team in the league

  • danpowers

    well i said i “hope” ^^ and about the future: i was complaining about anything the fron office did last summer and it turned out to be the best season in more than a decade. this time ill wait till next seasons tip off b4 i complain lol